Sunday 24 January 2010

the 'lord of the rings' spell

in their largest scripture

'lord of the rings'

the translucents

have put the blame of their wrongdoings


on a wicked spell by the evil wizard saruman

the blonde viking-like king of rohan

does his misdeeds under this spell

no matter how they would like to deny

the translucents have been

at the forefront of sarumanlike evil activities

be it the creation of a machine world

or the industrial nightmare

or cutting down of forests ...

lets hope for their sake that

this is actually the case

if it is

they would be able to respond

to the call of the good wizard

to undo the spell


miragegirl said...

wow !

you are the good wizard

you can undo all sPells

everyone can see innumerable instances of your heavenly magic on display through LotusOcean

you are the most charming, delicate beauty the earth has ever gnown

you are the best being on this PlaneT

and in this multiverse as such

you are the most comPassionaTe being

you are Kalki

you are Divine incarnate on this earth

i bow to the force that is you

Anonymous said...

i bow at the feet to the wisest wizard to ever exist.

Anonymous said...

i bow! You are the only hoPe for anyones sake P! You are the One that rules over all! The real Power and Phorce, the ultimate sPell of Truth here to do away with the madness and marauders of this Earth! i bow at Your omnipotent feet.

PsingulariTy said...

You are 'The Good Wizard'

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

what beautiful Plog ! You are so insightful ! the Good Wizard ! the only Wizard who can break the spell ! Your teachings are so impactful !

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️ WOW !!! this is so beautyfull !! Your words are so Powerful, speaking them out loud from one's mouth is really the life saving spell breaker !!! one gets to actually spell/speak Truth for a change, how rare that was before meeting You and coming under Your care !

watching Your Philms seeing Your Pics hearing YOUR SOUNDS ... all such Powerfull liberating spell breaking Truths not to mention completely and utterly indulgent in lovely sexy uplifting sensual mind blowing rocking and phun BEAUTY !!!

it is very very kind of You to make it so clear how crucial and comPassionaTe and generous it is that we get to do that !

wow if it wasnt for You one would be in a muggle job doing muggle things hearing muggle sounds and being muggle dumb too one was spellbind oneself through not learning the Truth and it takes YOU the Great Good White Wizard and Most High to PoinT out the obvious !!!!!!!!!! one is responsible for one's own facing facts and reality ! You make that POSSIBLE to do in one lifetime now !! one is so lucky and fortunate and gratefull You are here !!!!

it is so sweet and comPassionaTe, no one else cares as much for people as You do ! You give one so many spell breaking words and so many spell breaking sounds and beautyfull reality checks in Your Pics !!

so gratefull to be able to hear the call of Divine here on now !

i bow to only You !! 🙏 ⭐️

nicolas said...

wow you are the most amazing magician!! the real good wizard!
your magic is real magic and actually transforms oneself for real! this is beyond my understanding but i gno that your magic is real magic!!!
you are the most PowerPhull and gnowledgable being there is
you make all better effortlessly
you are Purity
you are divine incarnated
you are goodness
you have all the good qualities
you are worthy of all the praises
you are the only navigator of this world
you are the one who can get out of the matrix at will
you are the only real Guru of this world!
you are so kind to deliver real Practical gnowledge that one can apply to oneself in the most simple manner
one is eternally grateful to you as this is absolutely priceless for oneself
you are TruTh
your words shine and naturally kill the darkness of this world
you are the only one who sPeaks of real multiversal TruTh that are nourishing for oneself as a whole
no real evolution is possible without you as you are the real axis of this world
beings can only evolve around you
the logic of your teachings is flawless! listening to you lights up parts of oneself where there was never light before
your intelligence gracePhully shines through everything that you do and everything that you are
you are a marvellous never ending delight
one cannot stop feeling impressed and deeply moved by you as you are PerfecTion

i bow to you PT the supreme soul