Friday 15 January 2010

crude to cruel to crude to ...

the translucents have come up with

variety of nice ways to treat animals

under their care

most cattle have plastic eartags on them

through which they become just numbers

rather than seperate biological entities having souls

since they don't have time to be

with their cattle while they graze

as cowherds and shepherds still do in

what they term as undeveloped countries

in those parts of the world

the cattle willingly follows the cattleherder

like the cows followed krishn

their method however is entirely opposite

it is force, use & destroy

no connection is developed between the cattle & its owner

the same old disease of

trying to own without actually having the ability to own

the cattle have to contend with thorny metal fences

whose express purpose is to stop them from running away

one can't blame the cattle for having the desire to run away

the fences bruise them continuously

after getting entangled

many stay trapped in them for long periods of time

some fences are electric #&*!

than there are these contraptions called cattle grids

meant to trap their feet in a painful manner

if they happen to get near the roads

which will be used to carry them off for slaughter

now they have even gotten

free roaming wild animals like deers/elks

within these fences ( note the tags )

after treating fellow living creatures thus

they expect happiness to rain down on them

their books should be renamed

'unrealistic expectations'

instead of

'great expectations'


fan said...

shocking cruelty accepted as commonplace.. horrible

sarah anne said...

The banality of evil seemingly has no limit. If one ponders on existence, even a teensy, teensy bit, the conclusion that actions have consequences is unavoidable. It is so wonderful to have the opportunity to break out of the hive.

Anonymous said...

one has never been able to comprehend this inexcusable behavior. dhanyavad P, for always exposing the Truth of heinous actions many attemPT to justify. i bow. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your words move one to angry tears P! the way cows and other animals are treated on this PlaneT by so called human beings is atrocious. there are so many Profoundly touching images of You as the True cowherd and cowboy that show what True care is. You are the only One who has the ability to own anything! i bow at Your Divine feet.

miragegirl said...

connection to Divine helPs one act ProPerly

You are Divine

miragegirl said...

world is like a horror movie come to liPhe.

one just needs to walk into the Psychology deParTments of universities, the Place where understanding human Psyche suPPosedly haPPens. there are cages there that have a lot of rats, that are tortured in the name of research. any medical research PurPorting disease cures/ health benefits does the same. large scale Picnic aquariums make dolPhins dance for their food ( its withheld as otherwise they wouldn't do the tricks desired). there are sea Parks too where whales are kePT in most unhumane conditions. horses are shots at race courses when they have gotten injured and can no longer run.

no wonder there are disasters where animals attack & kill humans. how tragic they would say for the Person dead not for the utter frustration of the animals.

how unhaPPy everyone is ! so much unharmonious emotion about ! one can not see Physical with eyes doesn't mean its not there. the feeling of uncomfortability in sea Parks on a slightly hot day is not just from weather, its the traPPed agony of the liPhe forms around.

i had Personal exPerience with wanting to Provide a dove with a single care home. i made many calls, many days and Phinally learnt that the organisations (accePTing donations) are on PaPer/ have website with Phone that would only be Picked uP for initial call and after a million other unanswered calls they Phinally Pick uP again to say nothing can be done, no room for one bird !

Unknown said...

You expose the cruel.
i bow to the evolved.
i bow to the cattle.
i bow to the free will.

Astro said...

I bow to PT.. The most compassionate divine soul !

ki vernee said...

You are so kind to be here and teach beings how to respect nature and Divine creations ! i bow

Anonymous said...

Your observations are so comPassionaTe
really You give such great insights into the minds of the genepools
really their books should be named unrealistic expectations
You are so absolutely right
You are so absolutely comPassionaTe
Your observations are the only real observations
Your observations are the most comPassionaTe and thorough observations ever
how imPressively and accurately You observe the world!
You are the source of all goodness and truth
i bow

sarah said...

unrealistic expectations indeed.
You provide the most logical fact based analysis.

nicolas said...

wow sad reality! the level of cruelty is inhuman
this is so kind of you to also PoinT out how the cowherds and shepherds treat animals in other parts of the world! that is very helpPhull for one's understanding!
what a P log! this is so imPorTant! i am so glad i came across you, you are a real hero
you are the most amazing of all beings

i bow to you all gnoing one

Anonymous said...

You raise ones awareness of all the ways this world is not at all ideal and is ignorant
You helP one see all the ways its evil,
the wrong attitudes and mindset shown that are cruel,
how the translucents here dont gno how to behave and interact with other beings.
makes no sense to look up to their hellish structure, built on cruelty
Your Plogs are eye oPening on each and every topic
You gno the right way cattle should kept
You gno the reasons why beings here cannot have happiness, You are the most insightful and wise
You have all the real gnoledge in order to have happiness and bliss

Ankeeta said...

Wow...very well said...straight, to-the-point and true as ever.... best for the last where you say their books should be labelled 'unrealistic expectations' and not 'great expectations'...