Monday 4 January 2010


the most prevalent greeting

of what is now called 'the west'


pronounced 'haai'

is the same as a

hindi/urdu term 'हाय '

which means 'a call in/of distress'

makes sense


that this is an actual reflection of their state

things have a way of giving themselves away

even if it is not intended that way

or are they trying to say

that the person they are addressing is


or higher than them

if that is the case

their body language doesn't suggest

any such intent


Shahid said...

Very true PTji.

What is the best way/words to greet each other then?

Anonymous said...

Lol. OMP! i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. You are too funny P! The west is filled with nothing but distress call after distress call! You have the PerfecT most keen observations! You see everything as it Truly is always!
'things have a way of giving themselves away even if it is not intended that way'
You see things in others and this world all are oblivious too excePT You. one can only become aware after You PoinT it out! You bring so much awareness to ones own ignorant state and the state of others in this world constantly. You are the most brilliant teacher, the most gracious guide, shining and illuminating all the problems that exist in this world and Providing the only REAL solution and change! i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P! Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

wow ! another great observational truth from PT !

PsingulariTy said...

You are caPTain PT
to Hail in Praise

Hail the caPTain, The Wictorious
Hail the caPTain, The glorious
sailing safe every turn

Hail the caPTain, The PresTigeous
Hail the caPTain, The conscious
sailing safe every turn

Aye aye caPTain
sailing safe every turn

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so smart ! i bow

Unknown said...

Oh PT!!! You are the Master of Satire :D
Your etymological observations makes one learn the correct meaning and at the same time it makes one giggle!! :D

Please accept my humble Pranaam Guruji🙏

I BOW..aeioum🙏🙏

nicolas said...

wow beauTiPhull P log! i love your words!
you are the best that walks the Earth
i bow to you supreme lord

Anonymous said...

everybody is in great distress in the world, thats the total Truth
You are the only One who is issueless, always carefree with no problems (and those who follow You are closer to that)
You are relaxed and serene
correct body language is required when addressing a Higher Being
You are so kind to Provide insights about right behavior with the body, especially in dealing with the Higher
You are so PosiTive to tell that it can be learned