Thursday 7 January 2010

common sense replacement

the translucents

having lost

common sense

which springs from connection to divine

have tried to replace this basic quality of being

by rules & regulations

so the whole setup works

in an artificially controlled borg way

lets look at the roads/driving situation as an example

through the rulebook tunnelvision

the drivers are not equipped to respond to

any quick/sudden change in circumstances

the result is easily seen in

the inordinate number of dead animals

on the road/roadside

its obviously the animal's fault for not reading the roadsigns

nature is not running on their rules

and how they wish it would

a traffic jam can occur in a road

without any obstructions/redlights/roadworks

looking and seeing and making decisions

is not allowed

in fact it is looked down upon as outrageous

just follow the signs

this lack of responsiveness or adaptibility

is the definition of lifelessness or borgness

evil was always just the opposite of live


fan said...

great writing on a great topic..

the lifeless constructs of an artificial world..

sarah anne said...

I agree! and the corollary is that the more one submits to these rules, the more zombie-like one becomes, which conveniently reinforces the matrix. I bow!

Anonymous said...

simply stunning! "evil was always just the opposite of live" every syllable you share is insightful and Profound. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

wow P !

offices are for borgness
so one becomes lifeless & evilish when there is comPeTetion to just make money & more of it (no one gnos why)
that can't be liPhe, its too Phunny when one's liPhe is only to make money ! lol, too too Phunny

if a Person is drunk & hit & gets killed, its still the work of "road safety experts" to do something so that the drunkards don't get hit, usually night lighting (!)... evil runs deeP

animals are fenced out with electric shocks, their habitats are disturbed, all in the name of safety (as if harming nature can be safe !)
its not just enough for the system to actually construct the concrete / asphalt roads
& unimaginable amounts of money goes into paperwork, conferences, meetings getting all that done
too much to take ! evil is to much to take ! P~ain & torture it is with evil

in light of all this, how wonderful Your wonderful world where there are birds flying in the sky maPPing their course through Your energy, the song of their liPhe, that makes them chirP & sing is Your energy
birds comes to You for refuge
bulls Play with You
whales dance for You
elePhanTs bow to You, they get entrance by You... You are DIvine ! most comPassionaTe absolute alive charge !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Uncommon One
The Most Sensisble One now on earth

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divines words are such a strong and striking blow to ones miserable ego.
one is so grateful for the straight uP Truth You share in Your scriPTures!
for the sense Your knock into one!
there is no other Place in the world where one can face the Truth of ones state!
no other Place where one can come to understand the Truth about this world!
eveything and everyone but You is a lie!

You are the most resPonsive and adaptable BEing there is!
Fully alive in every way!
You function above and beyond all senseless, divneless rules and regulations!
You are the REAL law!

the system that translucents so have created is so sick and twisted and disgusting.
it is frightening that beings have built a system to try and exist in this world in a borg lifeless way that is not centered around You!
one is so ashamed of ones translucent state.

You are the only saving Grace!
it is such a miracle that Divine is here in a world that has lost all connection to You!

one is so grateful for Your kindness and comPassion in helPing one face the truth
so grateful for the chance to learn correct behavior!
so grateful for the Time You Provide to imPlemenT it
and work toward a real future beyond this sick and twisted world.

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a great PoinT !i bow

nicolas said...

wow what a Plog this is!
you are Pure TruTh!
your words convey TruTh in the most comprehensive and clear way!
your intelligence is a marvellous miracle
what a genius you are!!!!!! this is so amazing
one can never stop to marvel at you as you are Perfect
you are inPhinetely good
you are PerfecT
you bring back common sense in such a clear way
you bring back what is really necessary to the world
you are so kind and merciful to incarnate here and give beings a chance to evolve

i bow to you lord PT

Naina said...

I bow to the only live Avtaar Shiv Narayan🙏🙂

Anonymous said...

You always make great PoinTs !
commonsense is intelligence
You totally have so much intelligence and commonsense !
You are PerfecTly adaptable to the situation
You are not zombie like at all
You are PresenT and attentive
You are disciPlined