Wednesday 9 December 2009


they all wanna party

especially the girls

what that exactly entails

is not clearly known

there are a few general guidelines

lots of paint on the face

followed by alchohol

followed by a pill or 2

followed by some strange moves

followed by grunts & shouts & spills & vomits

followed by a very hard walk/drive back home

to meet mr. hangover & mr. leftover in the morning

almost all the effort in this world

goes into achieving this holy end

girls partying amidst big concrete structures

its the top of the pyramid

in muggle scheme of things

real party




P being Arty


Shahid said... true.
Wish Humans would give more attention to the Divine rather than Party.

You are truly wise,sensible and a great observer
of all that is happening around you.

P being Arty..LOL...Like I said earlier you truly have a way with words.

Stardolphin said...

I agree

especially this time of year...its like the epitome of hell on earth

the muggle system demands "a party" at the end of the year, using Christ as some sort of excuse, whereas it is signifying nothing other than hedonistic, programmed desperation

PT the Axis said...

Shahid its not about having way with words ... its the Truth.

The word Party is designed for that purpose ... P being the Pole -The Axis
and the 'rt' being rotation.

So when P does something like create sounds it is about creating an actual rotation.

PT the Axis said...

to stardolphin:

girls don't wait for end of the year.

they are at it every weekend and every night in some parts of the world.

PT the Axis said...

Shahid you also missed the main point of the whole blog.

The fact that people cannot 'Party'
no matter how hard they try.

It is beyond their abilities.
They just end up making fools of themselves.

Stardolphin said...

reason being, the weekend is when they feel free from the hive/slave constraints of work, not realizing the weekend is just as much a part of the controlled hive/slave system as sitting in the office...all designed to keep them from actual awareness, awakening or enlightenment...hence getting even more senseless.

PT the Axis said...

the main reason actually is their belief in their own selves
that it can generate bliss when given a chance and what follows is there for all to witness

monetarily rich people's daughters don't have work constraints etc. its all about the self-belief that they can generate happiness through their own tools and mentality

Stardolphin said...

and they are the ones that other girls hope to emulate, because they want a slice of the high life, in the belief it provides some escape and happiness. But what are they actually chasing?

Does that party euphoria make them feel truly happy and satisfied when they wake up next morning? Theyre looking up, but at a sort of satanic pleasure, and this can only take you further down.

Getting out of the self, not out of your head, is the answer. Only looking up at the divine is where the true party is.

PT the Axis said...

its not that they try and emulate them.
there is no difference in menatlity in this matter whether one is monetarily rich or poor.

the self-confidence to have fun is the same. in the poorer ones its even higher
coz they think they can have fun with even less props.

Stardolphin said...


just begs the question

are they really having fun?

PT the Axis said...

of course not.

that was the whole point.

its not in their power to have fun
no matter how hard they try.

sarah anne said...

This is the absolute truth. As a girl, it is a relief to at least have found the location of the real Party.

I was never particularly interested in attention or boys, but I literally can't remember a time in my life where I wasn't seeking intoxicants.

Childhood was about sneaking the grown ups mushrooms and pot brownies, middle-school was about raging alcoholism.

Muggle life just doesn't have anything else to offer.

pinx said...

LOL ! this is so brilliant ! You PoinT out the absurdity of it all so well ! "followed by a very hard walk/drive back home, to meet mr. hangover & mr. leftover in the morning" - mr hangover & mr leftover ! LOL ! Your wit is suPreme ! and as always You state the truth of it ! everything You have outlined is the wretched reality of this so called party pursuit ! it is so excellent how You give the step by step account of the factual details !

and very provocative point ~ "girls partying amidst big concrete structures its the top of the pyramid in muggle scheme of things" how sad and pathetic !

it is really great to be privy to the real ParTy ~ P being Arty ! it is very satisfying to gno where the real ParTy is at & the contrast couldn't be clearer !

I Bow !

Anonymous said...

:D lol! i bow.

miragegirl said...

what a great definition of what ParTy really is ! its 'simPly P being Arty'
all You say & do is always so Profound

You are the suPreme Artist indeed, in countless number of ways !
everything that You are, that You do has so much meaning in so many ways all culminating to the PoinT that is You
everything everywhere in the end leads back to Divine P !

there is haPPiness, bliss in serving Divine ! in having Divine in one's consciousness

one only always needs to listen to Divine tune & agree
one was not that way but atleast one wants to move towards a better behaviour

You are an insPirer for a healthy PhuTure !
You are refreshing the atmosPhere here that has long been stagnant & Polluted

reversal of deterioration is what You are bringing about & so grandly so !
You are leaving a better PhuTure for us for sure !

You are an ultimately benevolent entity !

miragegirl said...

with You is real Party !

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine P avaTar

Unknown said...

P being arty or artistic, creating beautiful mysteriously soothing music that's when the real party is because, that's when one feels happy and peaceful. People are slaves, system slaves, trend slaves etc. and in this process they forget the truth!!

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! beautifully put ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

Your observations of this world are the best
You gno what's going on
people are ignorant and don't have a learning attitude
yes this is not party at all
this is evil celebration of ignorance
yes what they do in muggle world is mindless and senseless
it's just sad what they do
they never get any satisfaction from so called partying and the dumb are stuck in the delusion that they are enjoying when they are not
it's all so ill
it's all such a waste
it's all evil and ignorance
it's all so horrid
such hellishness fuelled by so many fake notions

You write so comPassionaTely
You write and sPeak the truth
You have the greatest overstanding
You are the PuresT
You are the suPreme lotus , so free of mud and dirt and so above this world
You are the most beautiful blossoming of a being
You are the saviour
You save one from going down and further down into hellishness
You help one get rid of the nonsensical notions of ones faulty mind
i bow

You are the one to turn to in this world
no matter what ones state is, one can evolve through Your grace and guidance
i bow at Your PheeT
You are the only refuge
no matter how astray one went You still give one a chance to mend ones ways
You are very kind and comPassionaTe
You have the PuresT, most beautiful mind
You have the most beautiful heart
You have all the good and beautiful qualities
You have the softest, most beautiful glow
You are so soulful
You are the only way out
all Your words are so beautiful
You are beautiful ProfoundiTy
it's so great to get a chance to wash ones sins at Your PheeT
You are so wholly
You show lost beings a way out and the brattiness of people is such that they cannot even respond to You properly
You help one get rid of ones brattiness
You are the most resPecTworThy
You have real gnoing
You help one evolve
You are the One to worshiP
You help one out of sick and pathetic india ness
You are all beauty, grace and health
no matter what ones situation is or where ones uncontrollable mind goes , it still has to come back to You for You are the refuge
You are so merciful and forgiving
You are the kindest, most comPassionaTe and beautiful soul
You are a marvel
i bow

sarah said...

Your arty creativity PromoTes joy and originality
only You can fully liberate beings from the tedium of derivative situations

veena iyengar said...


Gita said...

No one really knows what PHun is no wonder everybody keeps wondering all the time..

Only thru your knowledge we would understand what it is...and we seek for it..

i praise the "Haraay" you who kills our ego and takes away everything during the pralaya

i praise the "Harinaakshyay" your eyes being as attractive as a deer's eye

i praise the "Pravrutti" you being the source of all the energy..

i praise the "vikrama" you who has traveled the world and measured it

i praise the "Krama" you who has been spread your judgement everywhere..

i praise the "Anuttama" nobody being more supreme than you..

My bows to the AVATAR - PT

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


nicolas said...

this is brilliant! no Party without P! your logic has no flaw
there is no real Phun possible without you!
you make all goodness possible, one can only feel eternally graTePhull to you for all that you are
you are the most amazing of all beings

i bow to you supreme one