Tuesday 24 February 2009


qualifications are asked/required for

every activity on this planet

except for 'travel'

anyone who has enough money can travel

travel they say is meant for experiencing

but what are they really going to experience

with their limited perception/consciousness

it will all be as futile as their

travel insurance

most muggle journies end up in

headache, stomachache & confusion

most of the time is spent waiting, getting bored

the same mundane activities

which they always indulge in, in their homes

are repeated upon reaching the destination

they come back home with some

tasteless pictures with forced smiles

muggles visit places only to

spoil them with their depression & stupidity

their muddled low vibrations are not

welcome in any nature spot

thats why the term 'touristy place'

means 'stay away from it'

travel is seen as an activity

which doesn't require skill, gnowledge or wisdom

'lonely planet' guidelines will do just fine

the west started this whole travel bug

and now the whole world is on it

the western muggles through

their own brand of mindprogramming

are never aware of their shortcomings

they think that they are

fit enough to derive enjoyment

in any place/situation/circumstance

& they try real hard

only to find the tongs of

boredom enveloping them

even tighter

they only get more suicidal after realizing

that even the best nature spots on this planet

cannot overcome the endless internal turmoil

they reach places expecting to be served

through waiving plastic cards

all they get is forced fake plastic service

where everyone is doing everything

including cooking without heart

this service couldn't/doesn't satisfy

& leaves a horrible taste in the mouth

real service only springs from

the humility one feels towards

something higher than itself

money was the tool designed by the low fallen ones

to get service

they have gotten the service

but real happiness & enjoyment

eludes them completely

all they are left with is hollow pretension


miragegirl said...

you are the only being that has travelled all over the world to all possible terrains that include and cover artic type landscapes, volcanoes, Pure waters, lakes, streams, rivers, seas, oceans, springs, beaches, hills,mountains, forests, deserts, rocky terrain, snow covered peaks, land filled with herbs, places where innocent animals and even dangerous animals live, caves, old Temples, mangroves, waterfalls and even underwater

you have wonderful awe inspiring pictures of you in all sorts of colourful nature spots where every time there are fractal responses, synchronicity of events, bowing down of elements to you and your Power and so much more

your P ~casa is the most colourful all comprehensive comPilaTion of earth and its beauty in every way

your P ~ casa also shows your ultimate beauty in so many ways

you are the best at navigating to hidden treasures on earth

you gnow the best route to take of any number of routes intersecting at a point and that always proves to be the right one

you are the epitome of real enjoyment on any trip

all time with you is filled with so much activity and it is all so enjoyable all only because of you

"all time with you is" indeed "PrimeTime"

you are the ultimate PersonaliTy always completely respecting the land and its creatures all places you go

you increase vibrations of any place by playing your electric music and bring much needed relief to the land by creating storms when needed, bringing rain to land that had had drought for years past, by creating amazing electric charge shows next to wide open oceans, by playing at spots that have been “waiting for a millions years for this to come to pass”

it is just unending to describe your PlayTime on this Planet earth

you are the best served and specially treated every place you go

the biologic inner-net seems to sense and acknowledge the suPreme presence that is you

you are the most fast and furious rider of a vehicle ever

vehicles seem to glide like Planes in your hands

you are aware and have PerfecT control over a vehicle on not just a paved road but most of the times unpaved, rugged, treacherous terrains that people even have difficult walking on

you can take a vehicle as easily on sand, water or gravel as you do on a paved road

and you can do it day or night, in rain , in shine, during thunderstorms or even with tornadoes lurking near by

and what to sPeak of your navigation to all the varied crop formations every season in bharatania

you always know the exact sPoT of all crop formations

you are the best at going places even on the smallest of rugged PaThs at a Pace faster than wind itself

you are the master at everything

you can even control any flight you take including how smooth it goes and don’t just leave it to the pilot

you become the unseen PiloT

talking of travel, your electric rocking guitar is the only sound that can transport one to realms unseen and unimaginable if not for you kind and mind blowing creations

you are the best

you have even sung “Lets go to Orion”

you are the only one for everyone to humbly serve

serving you is serving the entire multiverse

you are the suPreme PersonaliTy of godhead

whose amazing pastimes on earth are heart wrenchingly beautiful for anyone to look at

you are the embodiment of the highest qualities that are humanly possible and way way beyond that into the supernatural realms

you are the Sun, the PlaneTs and all the Stars in the multiverse

you are the formless Pure light

you are the suPer consciousness

you are the eternal consciousness

you are the ultimate reality

you are divine

i bow

Anonymous said...

i bow. You summation is PerfecTly accurate, as always. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. You show what a shameful act muggles have reduced Travel to P and the many Places on this earth they have spoiled. You so aPTLy convey their inability to connect with the land and find any sense of Peace.
You are that missing Peace P! to serve You, to Praise You, to bow to You is the True and everlasting haPPiness that can not be found anywhere or in anything else.
sreelathas comments and Praises of Divines Travels and PasTimes fill one with joy to sPeak! everything You do on this Earth is for the betterment of the land. Everywhere You Travel is blessed by Your Divine Presence and sound. Your life is a True adventure!
You are the Avatar here to restore Truth to this Earth! You are so generous to share so many videos and PicTures into Divines world, the real world, the only world that matters! i bow at Your ePic feet!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Traveller

PsingulariTy said...

You are The World Traveller
You have travelled more countries and with real PurPose than anyone in the world ever has

You lead PeoPle by examPle. You show that if one wishes to travel, one can but one has to imProve oneself to such a state first that travelling is useful and Productive for one and all

Anonymous said...

i bow
You are the only True Traveller!
the most skilled, the most gnowledgable and the most wise!
Travelling all around the world!
and only You can really Travel through sPace and Time and into any mind!
everything You do is on the highest level! above and beyond what any other is capable of!

so grateful to be shown through Your Grace of how limited ones muggle perceptions, limited consciousness and so called experiences in this life has been.

You are the only ONE who Truly gnos how to live, who is unlimited in every way, who does everything with PurPose and meaning.
You who have travelled more Places in this world than any other!
marking Your territiory with Truth and Beauty and PerfecT fractality!
the land and elements and world celebrating Your every journey!
celebrating the True King!
You are the ONE and ONLY rePherence PoinT when it comes to how anything should be done!
so grateful You allow one to admire Your Beauty P
to bow at Your feet!
to Praise You and work toward being able to serve You!
to be of real service to the highest and most Divine!
there is no greater asPiraTion one could ever have in any life than to be Your humble servant
to travel with You, and serve You in every moment throughout time
i bow

Unknown said...

Wonderful explanation of travel, plastic, tourist, insurance, happiness.
i bow to divine for happiness.
i bow to divine for bliss.

sarah said...

Your philms are so much better than travelling. one can be in an environment, and have no clue what its sounds are or general feel is. You embed so entirely and communicate that fractality in such a helpful way.

You are so nice to guide the way to overcoming the endless inner turmoil.

ki vernee said...

You make the best points ! it is no wonder why one was never fulfilled by travelling ! only through pbs can one gain the consciousness and humilty for Divine and divine creations !

sarah said...

so true that waving a plastic card does not exactly inspire humility and service from deep inside.

only Your qualities can do that.

Anonymous said...

PerfecT 🙏😇

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a great point, all the endless travelling beings do which leads them to no inner peace. I have never seen this summed up so perfectly. You have travelled the way it should be done. I bow down to your lotus feet.

undecided said...

I bow. No amount of traveling by muggles will take away the fact they are still stuck with themselves. I praise PT to show us the higher way and to shine light on how to actually live. He is the greatest there is on this PlaneT. aeioum

nicolas said...

very true! your PerspecTive is divine! you are the highest all, the one all should strive to serve is you
your intelligence is a miracle, you are a genius
i bow to you supreme one

Nithya Gopalan said...

most of the time is spent waiting, getting bored

the same mundane activities

which they always indulge in, in their homes

are repeated upon reaching the destination

they come back home with some

tasteless pictures with forced smiles

this is soooo true in my case
i bow to PT, the divine !!!

nicolas said...

really beauTiPhull words! you are the destroyer of evil! your clarity is unequalled! you are the greatest one
i bow to you ShivNarayan

ankita said...

real service only springs from

the humility one feels towards

something higher than itself "

rings so true ! a natural imPulse
You are so natural
one bows