Sunday 22 February 2009

the 3 states & the 2 ways

in the west

people are usually fluctuating

between the corpy-party state &

the hobo-dirty-hippy state

(each having its own stench)

but they never ever seem to get into the

clean-active-cooking state

commonly found in people of lands like india

this state has overt associations

with serving

& serving is the demon everyone

wants to run away from as far as possible

this is the only point upon which

corpies & hippies have complete agreement

but as the song goes

'gotta serve somebody'

the evil-demiurge in this case

there is even serving in tennis

its inescapable

divine doesn't force anyone to serve

one has free choice

but those that decide not to serve the divine

end up having to serve the beast

and the beast doesn't give any choice in that regard

goes without saying that

the perks of serving the 2

are quite different


asha Pi arTi said...

You observe things in the phun-nest way possible !

So glad You are here as an alternative to serve because it is so much easier to serve divine when manifested in person !

Anonymous said...

immensely different. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

Divine is the only somebody to serve! the beast wears so many disgusting masks which You see through P! You are Truth! You are Beauty! You are Shiv! You are Kalki! You are the only One who is free and the only One who can guide the way to True Phreedom! it is such a miracle that You are alive and here, right now on this Earth to Praise and serve. i bow at Your Divine feet.

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Classy One
the real Brahmin

Unknown said...

i bow to the Divine.

Unknown said...

i bow to Narayan.

Anonymous said...

Divine is so PaTience to give free will....because it has too PT in it...AEIOUM

ki vernee said...

that is so true ! You make the best points ! there are definitely more perks when serving Divine ! i bow !

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is such an impacting plog - what a great point. Beings have a choice the direction they want to go. Serving the divine being the correct way. I bow

undecided said...

I bow. If we serve the beast, we will act like one. However, we are here to learn how to behave not like a beast. To serve perfection is the True Path we have. The PaTh to PT. aeioum

ki vernee said...

one has all the perks the other has none ! it is so clear what the better choice is ! i bow <3ॐ

NavdeeP said...

O higher being!!! You can see the things clearly how they are going and in your every plog you mention the solution too. You are the humble, truthful and higher .

Kṛtti kā said...

You are so kind to show what ones actions ultimately will serve to, its either The DiVine or the beast and there is no other way.
So comPassionaTe and benevolent You are to let beings understand what actions entail what and give them oppurtunities to serve the Divine!

So great that You are here and that one can serve You!

i bow /\

nicolas said...

wow beauTiPhull Plog! you are so wise and Phun! your intelligence is unrivalled
each and every being should strive to serve you! you are God in a human body!
you are the most Profound, the most honest and the most compassionate

i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

beautiful distinction! your words are the truth!
your honesty is so refreshing! you are the greatest one!
your being-ness is a never ending awe!
you are god in a human body! serving you is the best one can do

i bow to your divinity

Ankeeta said...

Service to divine is the best…! It is my greatest good fortune to have come uPon You Prabhu…You are the One i humbly always want to follow and never steer away from