Monday 23 February 2009


deep down

everyone at some point or other

feels small

but when one is actually confronted

with something higher

treating one as one ought to be treated

one's reaction is that of unease

through the peculiar functionings of the ego

one knows one is small

but in society one is always used

to being treated like one isn't

there is a whole net of mutual assurance

in place

to keep the ego afloat

thus the term

MAS : Mutual Assurance Society

no real-evolution is possible without the

ego cracking

something which is a taboo in this

'celebration of the self' world


sarah anne said...

You are a complete, absolute, undisputed gene-i-use !!! You cut through all the bullshit to reveal the essence of what is actually going down. You face facts so heroically, unafraid of what they might be, in stark opposition to the phenomenon which You illuminate.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your Divine Grace can crack any shell with a simPle glance. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your way with words in mind altering P!
You show so clearly what a Peculiar and troublesome thing the ego is and that the only thing one can be assured of through ParTiciPaTing in society is no evolution! i bow to Your PerfecTly evolved feet.

PsingulariTy said...

You are Kalki P AvaTar

Unknown said...

i bow to divine for ego cracking.
i bow to divine for humbleness.

Anonymous said...

wow that's such an awesome definition of what masses are
You write awesomely
'everyone at some point or other feels small'
You're so very right
'there is a whole set of mutual assurance in place to keep the ego afloat'
first it wants to keep the ego afloat and then under pressure for its own vicious ends and agendas that are pointless and crazy
Your words are awesome and revelatory
Your Plogs are awesome
so awesome to find Your wonderful Plogs in this scorching desert of craziness, lack of knowledge ,spirit sapping chaos and deterioration

ki vernee said...

no evolution is possible without ego cracking ... ! You make the best points ! no wonder beings are still in this cycle !

Gita said...

Looks like the evil is nothing but the ego, its sad that we are created by evil.. we are so attached to our parents that we sometimes forget that our parents whom we treat as god are nothing but the source of evil from whom we have born.

Turbulent Conqueror said...
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Ajay Kapoor said...

You have shown how beings are currently behaving, no real-evolution is possible without the
ego cracking which beings are not doing. Such a good point made. I bow.

undecided said...

I bow. The ego needs to be cracked in half and shown the True rays of PT's sun. aeioum

Kṛtti kā said...

Never a Plog that doesn't hit the bullseye in one shot!

"no real-evolution is possible without the
ego cracking"

and this the reason why one loves You and Your words, You never do anything to massage anyone's ego, You are The Best Source for cracking one and all's stupid hellbound ego! one simPly loves how You swiftly cut through any unnecessary ego encouraging conduct/behaviour/propaganda/idea/notion!

There is immense comPassion in Your intents, You truly want beings to Phace there hellish situations and comPel them to take the actions required to get out of here and get to Pain-free state of existence!

Your way may ruffle and beat the ego but it truly ProPels beings towards evolution! And its truly the best thing to haPPen to anyone, it makes for such a light sPiralling around Your immensely and intensely lovely DiVine Being!

You are The Only One worthy of being celebrated here!
You are always being celebrated by the elementals, the celestials, PrakriTi and all the of the multiverse!
Your Praises are PainTed in the sky and on the land and in the water too !
elePhanTs, whales, deers, cows, birds and all the creatures on Bhu-Devi come running to greet and Bow to You!
Where ever You set Your PhooT on, that Place instantly changes to suit You, the weather is always at Your command!
and switching from unreasonable celebrating of the self to celebrating You makes all the difference of worlds! ������

one bows to the sweetest most comPassionaTe golden lotusPheeT of Yours /\

nicolas said...

wow this is incredibly true! society is constantly massaging everyone's ego!
you are the only one who is really TruThPhull! you are the only one who is real
you are the highest of all beings!
you are the real Aquarian hero
you are the saviour of Mother Earth

i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

what a great P log! your greatness is a magickal Phenomenon! your clarity & your logic are brilliant!
you are the most intelligent & the most honest! your PercePTIon is the clearest!

i bow to you, the real aquarian hero

Shruthi said...

This is such a Phenomenal P-log to keep revisiting. And you sPeak the truth in such a straight forward manner that there is no room for any misinterpretation. And it's so true how the whole muggle society is all about mutual ego pampering activities. Getting one's ego cracked is such a giPhT, paving the way for all things worth gnowing.

Eternally gratePhull for your divine Presence and loving guidance. One would be so lost without you in this MAS set up. One bows to you, P!