Friday 27 February 2009



asha Pi arTi said...

what a blessing for the whole world that You are here !

Anonymous said...

i bow. such a sweet and pacifying sonic and sonorous lyrics. The whole scene is simPly serene. i bow at Your Momentous feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

one could listen to this Play infinitely! You are the only Peace that exists in the ocean of the unknown P! You rock and sway and sing so naturally and with effortless ease. everything about You is so free! You cause all other concerns to fall away. i agree with asha. this whole world is so blessed by Your Presence. You bring so much more than one could ever know to every Place You Play.
one can never be the same again after exPeriencing Your sound which constantly tunes one to Divine. You are the ultimate frequency P! You are the only Phorce which gnos navigating the unknown. one is inPhiniTely grateful to bow at Your feet.

miragegirl said...

Sirf Aap In-Phi momentum vale hai joh worm hole se higher realms jana jante hai

In Phi knit is the way of life aap ne dikhaya hai
moving toward Phi, fractality, Aap, Divine

Jab aap sangeet banna rahe te, akash ke rang halke halke atyant sundar te
Aap ke vastr sa, samudr ta, samudr aap ka vastr ban gaya tha
samudr ki lehre jaise aap ko dekhte dekhte tath par aa rahi ti

komal, santh sangeet tha

Aap ka posture atyant sundar tha

Aap effortlessly sangeet bajate hai,

Aap aapke sangeet mere poore gul-mile hai, Aap ka sangeet aap ka hi ek dusra roop hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

PsingulariTy said...

You are Phi