Wednesday 25 February 2009


its now commonplace

to speak of money & lakshmi

in the same breath

equating lakshmi with money is

akin to equating

the divine with evil

the modern money system

has nothing to do with laksmi

even the western 'lux-me' version

means 'bathe me in light'

lux = light

root of lux-fer etc.

to set the record straight

'lakshmi' or 'sri'

is perfect fractality


in narayan's (the multiversal overseer) heart


asha Pi arTi said...

no one with any sense will reduce such a high divine frequency of being to such dead inanimate objects like money after reading this !

Your words are golden words ... laxmi clearly resides in Your heart where every meaningful compassionate word emits from.

sarah anne said...

Another fun thing to learn! I read that Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth, but had no idea what that actually meant. I bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your golden feet, Your golden heart and Your golden mind! Only You gno the Truth and can easily dismiss all the ridiculous lies and traditions that are not Divinely oriented and set the record straight! everything one learned and regurgitated was a lie! this world of full of it! dhanyavad for overseeing this multiverse and generously offering a real education through the Lotus Ocean lens. ones eyes can never see things the same again. You are the highest and most Divine. i bow at Your remarkable feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

the hoteling system today PrePares food for its "customers" that is too horrible
the evil intent behind being that beings should not be satisfied eating what they are served, which would mean less resources consumed
they think the money obtained by them (as one has to definitely eat, its basic need) doing so would be more

they do not understand that the same feeling that they gave others, their 'more money' would bring them back

evilish intents reign in this evilish world

You are a refreshing delight to behold
You are the One to whom evil is anti
All that is You is not it
You are grand !
most benine & beautiful !

Anonymous said...

You are most benign & beautiful !

miragegirl said...

talk about eating on a Poor man's PlaTter. it may actually quench the hunger for food than wearing suit and boot at a restaurant and pretentious living to ones own death. lol

no one who serves Divine can be Poor. their needs are all met.

PeoPle in thinking about monetary benefit lose eyes to see that Divine's ways are charming, that Divine is most benevolent to them. Monetary short term benefit is not much of a benefit.

same with Your Presence here. PeoPle do not have eyes.

if one serves You in good style, goodness comes back into their liPhe or reverse can be seen as well. all is connected.

Anonymous said...

i bow

'' lakshmi' or 'sri'
is perfect fractality
in narayan's (the multiversal overseer) heart'

it's really amazing that the multiversal overseer, Divine, Narayan, PT is here exPosing every lie and sharing the Truth!
i bow in shame for how far from You, from the Truth, from Divine one has strayed
i bow in shame for how much time one has wasted in this life in the fruitless fuitle persuit of money, of evil.
rather than Persuing You! rather than Persuing Truth!
Persuing a real life! a real education! a real goal! a real PhuTure!
You are wealth beyond anything mortals could ever imagine!
You are the greatest Treasure there is!
there is no thing in this world worth it but YOU!
so grateful You are here setting the record straight P!
for Your PerfecT FracTality! for all the ways You freely share for beings here to admire the True Gold!
You are the ONE to bow down to! You are the ONE to Praise! You are the ONE to serve!
so grateful for the chance to stop being a kindergartener slave to evil and its money!
for the chance You Provide for one to choose to Serve Divine!
to align with the Truth
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow to you for setting the record straight.
i bow to your perfect fractility.
i bow to your knowledge.

sarah said...

You are so beautiful, fractal, and PoeTic

ki vernee said...

what beautiful points ! You are the most phractal Being ! the only Being who gnows the roots of words bringing all english 'teachers' to shame !

Unknown said...

You are Shree Narayan's manifestation here and Shree Lakshmi clearly resides in your heart :)
You exPlain everything with such great clarity , restoring the truth in every way!
You are PerfecT PhractaliTy in every way! You are the Avatar that everyone thinks is yet to come in another million years so that people remain ignorant and immersed in the lies and their foolish pride, but here you are unleashing every falsity, every misconception, restoring and regenerating all that needs to be, sanctiPhying mother earth!
So glad one could come to gnow the truth that the avatar has already come, breaking all the delusions one has!
You are AWESOME!
I bow at your suPreme feet! I bow!

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have beautifully summed up Lakshmi
"'lakshmi' or 'sri' is perfect fractality residing in narayan's (the multiversal overseer) heart"
No being after reading this should fall low and equate the two. Thank you for showing the truth. I bow down to your lotus feet.

undecided said...

I bow. I've seen what money does to people...I have seen the richest still be unhappy and suicidal. This makes it obvious no matter how much one gets, there is something missing. That missing piece comes back when one realizes PBS is the way to True bliss and happiness. aeioum

Kṛtti kā said...

Such a beautyPhull event it is to have one's luck oPen to witness Your beautyPhull ShivNarayan maniPhesTation here !

Shri truly resides in Your heart, Most beautyPhull heart of gold You have, most PhracTal heart Yours is which can be easily seen through Your words, Your music, Your Presence, Your PassTimes, Your suPreme Being and everything thing that You do... Your PhracTality is all Pervading !

All the Phorce resides in You ! All the real light emanates from Your suPreme golden soulshine! what an oPPortuniTy to get to Praise and bow and serve You while You grace this Plane, what a great oPPorTuniTy to bask in Your Divine light!

You are the real wealth, You are the real gnowledge and You are the real Phorce !

one bows to Your most comPassionaTe most beautyPhull, glowing golden lotusPheeT /\

nicolas said...

that is magnificent! your words are the best words!
your heart is of gold! you are the wisest of all beings
your Phractality is Perfect
you are a real hero

i bow to you supreme lord

Nithya Gopalan said...

If not PT, who can explain about Lakshmi!!!

PT as always, broke one of the biggest misconceptions in this country ...

i bow to PT's feet..

nicolas said...

really beautiPhull! your words are the best words
Phractal Light resides in your heart! you are divine!
there is no one like you! you are the greatest one!

i bow and surrender at your lotus Pheet