Tuesday 29 December 2015

the Absolutely Rarest thing ...

having surveyed

this world

and its inhabitants

Lotus Ocean

has found

that the

Rarest thing here


not Gold or Diamonds

or Uranium ...

the Rarest thing

( insert drum rolls and all ... )


( inser tloud guitars and all ... )




Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow
You are SO rock and roll P!
You have the coolest ways of researching and stating the PhacTs!
You show again and again what a Rare and valuable Treasure Your Presence is on this PlaneT!
Your Divine qualities are inPhiniTe.
You have the Purest Personality and best attitude always.
You are the most learned BEing that exists!
You are always Learning and overstanding it all!
so grateful You and LotusOcean are here
so grateful that there is ONE who can guide one to develop and cultivate a ProPer Learning Attitude.
You cause one to want to unlearn all the lies and really learn P!
You cause one to want to learn to be humble, to gno humility and be it.
You cause one to want to understand and live by Pure PrinciPles
You cause one to want to resPecT Divine at all times
You cause one to want to learn real disciPline
You cause one to want to learn real love and devotion
You cause one to want to learn to be a True Human being in service to Divine at all times.
there is so much Real desire You insPire in one P!
so grateful You are here to admire and learn to learn from
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow

You are the Best Teacher !

love how You identify the problem and give the solution always !

Your Blazing Beautyfull Truths are like Phireworks that liberate one and celebrate The Truth !

so gratefull You are here !

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow

You always have the Best sense of humour about it all P ! You make it so phun to learn the Truth even if its excrutiating at first to face... PhacTs are always better than fiction !!

i bow

Shahid said...

Your words are the truth.

Jai Sri PT Avatar <3

missmriggy said...

All Praise to the most humble and greatest Teacher of all

Anonymous said...

We need to Learn in order to know Divine. And Divine is you so in order to know you we need to start our learning from your Plogs.
People who say they know everything know nothing because they do not know who are you.. They need to know this by learning keeping aside their ego which is fragile.

Anonymous said...

Knowing will take us all out from this Hell and you are the one who will save us.

Unknown said...

Correct mindset is precious.

Astro said...

Learning aTTitude is very imPortant. I bow.

ujjwal sharma said...

we should have the learning atitude of a child to learn something about this multiverse.nowadays everyone wants to teach and give advises out of their baseless egos before learning anything themselves.
you are the only one to give us the real gnowlwdge because you are the only one who knows.you are the most intelligent being as you have third eye due to which you can easily point out the wrong behavior and wrong actions.
i bow to the divine PT avatar who is the guru of the world.

Unknown said...

You're totally defining the current scenario where most of tge ppl have perception (false) that we know it all

Data said...

����Real learning attitude! when one is in awe and wonderment of finding out what's really going on... an innocence!!! The release of the need to understand every nuance which is just the ego attempting to assert itself. Shri Ganeshaye Namah !!! Your inspiration and guidance are Priceless!!!.You are Love and one is humbled by your patience

sarah said...

Your voracious learning attitude is an insPiraTion.

Anonymous said...
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irisha said...

woow! woow! what a an observation i bow
You are absolutely right as always
you observe every detail and give very candid feedback <3 i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

absolutely ! You are so right ! there are so many videos about the rarest flower animal metal cat dog person etc. but no muggle has made a video on the absolute rarest thing in the world which is learning attitude ! You are so kind to inPhorm beings about what can get them out of hell overnight ! You have the most amazing learning attitude ! You are the PuresT Phorm of Lord Ganesh ! i bow respectfully <3ΰ₯

Gita said...

Your eyes are enough to invoke one to learn..

Your intellect is sooo high that one just keePs saying wow wow n wow..

Your sPeech jusT sParkles up the senses in me and one cant stoP lisTening to you..

You make one get back to the feet and keep it going

NavdeeP said...

O lord!!! The best thing to point out. You are higher being who pnows the truth. Which has to follow . I bow down to your lotus feet.

veena iyengar said...

i bow..

Anonymous said...

You are the rarest Being, Posessing the absolute rarest thing, learning attitude
You are the One with the most and best learning attitude
Your survey of the the world is so accurate, based on the actual actions and behavior patterns of the beings here
Your surveying and learning about this world is comPleTely natural and correct, it is what should be done and only You do so Properly
this world benefits so greatly from Your learning attitude
only You have written such amazing Plogs based on what Youve learned of the world, Plogs that make one aware of the wrong and change
learning attitude is key to change ones state, from hell pain and torture
learning Your teachings, teachings of Divine, multiversal truth, becomes the most imPorTant helPfull thing one can do right now
Your are so wise, You gno the imPorTance of learning attitude
Your way is the smartest way to be, to have learning attitude
its a shame not to develop ones learning attitude considering how much trouble ones gets in for ones ignorance
one wants to have learning attitude towards You, PBS, the truth and reality
You are so so kind to bring learning attitude to light through this Plog
You overstand the inhabitants here and give crucial teachings, without learning attitude it is indeed hell
You are the best examPle and Guide
You gno all the right attitudes to have and You have them
You are constantly learning, You are such an intelligent PerfecT being, always in the direction of evolution
i bow

Anonymous said...

Yes, so True PT.πŸ‘

You are the only one who has the learning attitude. πŸ™πŸ™‚

You are Lord Ganesh. πŸ™

You have all the rare skills and qualities which are simPly incomParable.πŸ˜ŽπŸ™πŸ™‡

i bow to you.πŸ™‡πŸ™

nicolas said...

So clear! You are so great and kind to explain this to the world!
You know everything and you share so generously in a Phun manner. Your kindness is unequalled!
i bow to you, all gnowing one

ankita said...

You are the One who has learnt it all
You are such a Precious Presence!
Your Presence is so PosiTive and insPiring! the ePicness of Your Plogs is enormous. .You are all the suPer coolness ever. ..love Your extremely cool style of relaying the truth!
You're so Phun!
yes its strange how no one really wants to learn anything and even one was stuck in nonsensical beliefs and craziness before one came across You. ..You can see everything so clearly. ..You are free of the clutches of mind and wrong notions and so You can always move forward in real learning of everything around You...You have the right attitude and You share the truth so comPassionaTely wuthout forcing anything on anyone. ..You are so Powerful and gnowledgable. ..
You are so kind to helP beings develoP intelligence
one bows

ankita said...

really it's only Your intelligence that has helPed one understand that beings reach these stop points where they just want to have status and position in the society or they just want to attract the other gender. ..they just do that much learning to get what they want ...they don't care about anything else or wanting to learn anything further than that. ..most people here are content to learn how to have a one up on others or how to put others down and play petty politics in the society. ...and so kind of You to helP one understand that this is not learning of any kind ...this is just time waste. ..real learning PerTains to how to get to Physical well being and centredness in order to go towards real haPPiness and freedom ...like You have clariPhed earlier it's not about learning the patterns on snakes back and the difdernt species of crabs that exist ...its about learning the right way of being first so that one can get to PoinTful actions ..it makes no sense to keep on doing secondary and tertiary things and keep learning about the various kind of insects here if one hasn't done the basic work of aligning ones being to nature and Divine. ..ut makes sense that a building cannit be built without the base. ...Youre so kind to show a way out of PoinTlessness
You are the real learner and also the one and only real Guru
one bows to Your Divine coherence!