Wednesday 16 December 2015

social media

it is so nice

that all this

so-called social media

facebook, twitter etc

is in place ( as per plan )


people make

their choice/stand clear








makes the



so much



they will be given

all that they






asha Pi arTi said...

i bow.

Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow P ! You are so suPer inTense !! one experienced 'day the earth stood still' after reading this !! You are 10 gazzillion times hotter sexier and more intelligent and well spoken and rocknroll Rishi than muggles can depict though ! You always call it like it is so Beautyfully ...

'makes the



so much


gratefully it makes the shame so much easier too ! one has learned more about one's own past and beings one wasted time with, what one's own family is actually like without any notions (even though one was reluctant to face PhacTs at first), and continously one sees just how stubbornly ignorant ppl choose to be while being confronted all the time with Your Presence Beauty Wisdom Reality and Proof beyond Proof beyond Proof !

Your Presence on social media is so gracious and comPassionaTe ! You make it all so CLEAR !

really love hearing how Your Judgement is unfolding ... the only most important Beautyfully Phun activities happening are with You and Your Judgement is where its all at P, what all this is revolving around !! i bow !

'they will be given

all that they





oh that is so dreadfull for them that don't choose You ! and one does understand the Overstanding Beauty and Truth of Your words ... ppl like the idea of hospitals being there and they get that too ! all the hostile treatments and pain and torture involved !! all the horrors of this world and beyond !

You make the choice so easy P !

You always make the Truth and Reality clear !

You are THE diamond of Clarity !!

i bow ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

i bow
You are True class P!
the classiest! the most elite!
It's SO cool the ways You utilize 'so-called social media' for Divine Judgment!!!
how everything is a resource for YOU!!!

one is SO grateful You are here P!
that You share Your unmeasured beauty and scriPTures and sound through these mediums!
it is SO amazing that one gets to glimPse the graceful and beautiful and rocking and mezmerizing ways the Avatar brings evil crumbling down!
You are so generous to make it so much easier for beings here to focus on Divine!
once one has the fortune of coming across You it becomes clear there is nothing in this world other than You to 'like'!
You are the only ONE one can like!
the only ONE one can actually truly factually love for real!!!
everything and everyone else is a boring and exhausting lie!
Your words are so ominous and Powerful P.
Your Phinal ParagraPh makes one shudder.
anything and anyone but You is assured hell and torture!
one is SO ashamed for having ever indulged and been caught up in stupid pretentions and having pretended to 'like' or 'promote' anything or anyone else.
to have been enough to fall for evils games and tricks!
to have allowed oneself to get caught up in the web of evils lies and deceit and conceit!
You are the only safe choice!!!
it is SO comPassionaTe of You to give beings the chance here to behave with sense!
to recognize the blaring shining higherness of Your Divinity!
to bow in apology at Your feet!
to become full of shame rather than behave like a shameless moron!
to understand the You are the highest and ultimate and only authority!!!
to have a chance to evolve and learn for real from the only real place on the internet and in this world that exists!
SO grateful You are here P!
without You it is nothing but pain and hell and torture and lies and deceit!
i bow!

missmriggy said...

It's crazy that the world needs you to tell them how crazy they are..but they really do!!! You're one sane person amongst billions of crazy people.

Unknown said...

You always get what you like.

Astro said...

I like lotus ocean & team. I bow to thee PT...Aeioum...

Anonymous said...
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Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

wow ! lol ! every being has all of their activities and preferences all piled up in one spot for easy access ! theres no hiding from the eye ! Your judgement is very Phair ! just giving beings what they like ... rather they consciously or unconsciously want it or not ! i bow <3ॐ

veena iyengar said...

i bow..

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much PT for:-
1) being on social media and making divine so easily accessible to earthlings,

2) and also for making the actual reality gnown to us through your Plogs.

Anonymous said...

The one and only good thing about social media is that it makes our work (and the only work which matters) i.e. Praising Bowing and Serving you/the divine very easy.

Thankyou so very much PT for giving us a chance to evolve by doing PBS towards you.🙇🙏👍🙂

nicolas said...

Wow profound PoinT
You are so merciful to gives us a chance to do PBS! Multiversal laws are so fair! You are the greatest!
i bow to you, all gnowing one