Saturday 12 December 2015

tolerant intolerant

the sold-out media

on this planet

would like to make

people here believe

that they are an intolerant bunch


they need to get more tolerant

LotusOcean says

quite the opposite


beings here are

way too tolerant


they are being kept trapped in a cage

fed nothing but lies & poisons from day 1 of their existence

made to go round and round

with weights on their back

in a meaningless 9-5 groundhog day

saying any Fact & Truth of any kind

is not allowed

every kind of shit 

they are supposed to just take lying down


its way way worse than 'planet of the apes' scenario


hardly anyone even squeaks

a highly tolerant bunch


on a personal as well as public level


which keeps them in hell here


will send them to one hereafter

where they can show

even more tolerance

& than be recycled back to this hell

to continue increasing their tolerance



should be added

that this tolerance is selective

after all their programming

of tolerating all the torture & madness

they are

quite intolerant of

truth & higher & divine



si said...

i bow ! You say it as it is ! it is so true !
what suPerior PerspecTive !

yes, beings here have a whole lot of tolerance - as You PoinT out so brilliantly ! one couldn't say it any more strikingly, Your words really hit the sPoT !

highly tolerant of hell & its intolerable implications, and highly intolerant of truth & higher & divine !

and that tolerance is so devoluting and bad for everyone too - if everyone puts up with each other's bad manners, annoying brattiness, PoinTless speech, deliberate ignorant dumbness there is no motivation to learn, improve and strive for a better state either.

it's so great that You are so intolerant of the lowly wrong ways beings have, that You PoinT them out as being wrong, thus helPing one to evolve out of one's intolerable, lowly state which keeps one trapped in hell !

its so logical too that the tolerance for hell will lead to intolerance of truth & higher & divine. You give a real wake-up call, making one reconsider what one is 'fine' with.

You P-logs are the absolute truth, You really hold the mirror to this PlaneT as it is right now, You give the ultimate wake-up call !

asha Pi arTi said...
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pinx said...

EPIC P-SPECTIVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your words are the absolute truth !!

it really is so true what You say ! beings here are seriously way too tolerant indeed ! tolerant of nonsense that is ! and yes highly selective tolerance indeed ! quite intolerant of truth & higher & divine as can be witnessed by the reactions to You by the beings here ! to quote quasiluminous "it's crazy people!"

what is so great about You, one of the many great things about You is just how intolerant You are of nonsense, hell, hellish situations, ludicrous anti Divine ways and behaviours etc etc !! one has never met another like YOU !!! you always say NO to crap/trap/hell !! it is so admirable and respectworthy !!!! You are uncompromising and unrelenting !! You will never be found in a compromising, debilitating, retarded, hellish situation EVER ! there is so much to learn from Your example !! how You could never be seduced by the lure of money, and thus never ended up in a stupid 9-5 or worse ! as just one example !
You have no ego weaknesses that can be exploited as another example, Your mind is not susceptible to any programming from the media as another example. one could just go on and on about how UNLIKE the trapped mad bunch YOU are ! it is so great P !!! so great ! so great to meet YOU !!! to meet a Divine being in the flesh !!!
You never shy away from straight shooting it to a person, You don't care how many You offend or how unpopular it makes You - You are always going to state the TRUTH - unequivocally !!!! that is just so great ! even though it might not always appear that way when one is on the receiving end ;)- but it is nevertheless so great how unrelentingly truthful You always are ! so admirable !!!!!

and it truly is shameworthy how tolerant one has been of nonsense, whether within or without. one definitely wants to get one's tolerance/intolerance polarity sorted out !! it really is a matter of urgency ! one's future is at stake !

I bow to You P !!!

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! Praising You is the most honest thing one can do to break phree from these muggle ways !

i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! You are just so kind to write this !! Divine is clearly extremely intolerant of nonsense !! Your words are such a testimony to Your fearless Real Phorce !!

You are so comprehensive P ! and one is so ashamed to have shown any tolerance to muggledom and muggles and been a muggle oneself for so long and to have shown intolerance towards You, Nature, Pure Principles, anything Real and warning one to Change !! !! its totally shame inducing... i bow !

its such a concentration camp out there already, and on a personal level there is way too much tolerance for sure !! one ignores half of what one sees and turns a blind eye to the rest in order to carry on in the slave state and tending towards the praise- whoring moron muggles are !

no one ever says anything for what it is, no straightness or honesty ever. it is more allowed now due to Your Grace Presence here and making the technology and mediums to what they are now ... You clearly have no problem stating things and care not what foolish tolerant muggle sheeple think ! Your Judgement is so Clear, so Phinal !!

You are the Real Nada from They Live, You are the One with the Eyes to see things for what they are !!

i bow !! so gratefull You are here and allow one more time to Change & use one's mouth properly now !

miragegirl said...
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miragegirl said...
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sarah said...

it is fascinating how Your zero tolerance policy translates into the opposite reactions that most have.

You never act like a victorian era broad, clutching the pearls, or fainting on the couch, or like a modern broad with histrionic personality disorder, at anything no matter how challenging or grotesque, You take things in stride, rationally, logically and PragmaTically. it is something that can be admired about You time and time again.

maybe those who tolerate the most, are the most easily threatened ?

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You are SO amazing P!
Your words are the straight uP Truth!!!
Divines words carry SO much weight! SO much Power! SO much sense!
Your words are real weaPons!
it is SO mindblowing to be able to read and sPeak nothing but the Truth!
to read and sPeak others Praises of You!
to read words that have real meaning and PurPose!
it is amazing that there is ONE one can Turn to and safely not question! (not safe for ones miserable muggleness and ego)!!!
only You can and do see the Truth of what this Place is!
only You see through the lies of the evil programming!
only You stand above it all! You are the only One with the full PersPecTive!
only You have the comPleTe view!
Only You have broken free of the cage!
it is SO inexPlicably comPassionaTe that You chose to take birth here P!
You are Divine incarnate! The Avatar! the Real jc!
and inPhiniTely cooler, more sexy, intelligent and Powerful than any jz or media molded muggle celebrity.
You are SO much more imPorTant than anyone else alive or who has ever lived!!!
it is SO amazing and generous that You have created LotusOcean! That You share Your Plogs!
Your life is the most amazing event to ever take Place!
everything You do and say is more valuable beyond measure!
You are every Hero!! for REAL!!
it's unbelievable that You give beings here the chance to unknow all the lies and programming and work to gno You, to serve You, to break free for real rather than work to remain a slave in hell!
You are the only voice of True logic, reason, sense and Truth!
The only real refuge in this sea of total madness.
this hellish world is the most frightening place, from birth to grave and the hells in between!
it is nothing but pain, torture and misery!
You have the coolest matter of fact way of stating the Truth of what this life is P!
one is so ashamed by all the ways one allowed oneself to be programmed by it
to be fed its poisons and pills
to have fed oneself poisons and pills!!!
and even more ashamed for the wrong choices and actions one made in ones feeble self attempts to unprogram
one is so ashamed to have ever trusted evil and those under its spell
to have fallen for its many lies over and over again!
to have been a willing sick and tired victim for so long!
to have ever trusted ones self! a self that clearly does not gno!
so ashamed for all the lies and bullshit inside and outside of one one tolerated!
for all the things in oneself and others one ungnowingly continues to tolerate!
one becomes more and more grateful every moment for the ways You simPly do not, can not, will not tolerate lies and bullshit P!
only You can PoinT them out and helP one change!
so grateful for all the ways You helP one see the Truth of how low and incoherent one is
so grateful for Your kindness and mercy to helP one become full of shame and stop thinking and behaving in ways that only reinforce ones bondage in this cage.
It is such a relief to gno that there is a real way out!
and that You give all the chance to come to Your feet, to bow, to surrender ones lower, lesser self to Truth, to Higher, to Divine.
that there is a meaningful way to use this life.
i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !

it is really Phun to read others comments here, there is always so much to learn at LotusOcean, in Your ark P ... one is so fortunate to be allowed a chance to hear You, the Phorce speak Directly and hear/read from others who Preach !

*no where else in this world is safe except LotusOcean* its so clear from all the lies deceit and wake-up-call Divine wrath insuing out there !!

i bow !

sarah said...

You have such clarity about terms like 'sold out'. Your quest for truth is so brilliant. Your divine truth that You state clearly actually shows that You have the best intentions, unless one can comprehend ones shortcomings, one cannot start getting better. You are so resistant to the programming, it is really impressive. You are the only One who can show the way towards substantive meaning.

Anonymous said...

Truth was a dead word. You seem to have breathed life into it. I bow

Unknown said...

Masses can be programmed.

Anonymous said...

wow Your words are so awesome
You write awesomely
You are Phenomenal
Your words have so much meaning
so awesome of You to show one the way
what a wonderful being You are

Anonymous said...

You are a real revolutionary
Your words are heroic and revolutionary
Your words Possess groundbreaking awesomeness
what an awesome Plog this is
what a wonderful and awesome being You are
You are incredible

Astro said...

So True.. I bow..

ujjwal sharma said...

these Plogs are very true.they give a very clear picture of a madhouse this world has become.your words are like swords of truth.
i bow to the divine PT are the guru of the world and The lord of the third eye.

Anonymous said...

Your words are totally ePic!
You write with such legendary style
You make the greatest PoinTs ever and with such a great humorous touch
only You gno what's going on
You are so absolutely right
beings here are so ridiculously tolerant
You make such great observations of what's really going on in this world
You sPeak the truth!

which keeps them in hell here and
will send them to one hereafter where they can show
even more tolerance
& then be recycled back to this hell to continue increasing their tolerance

You reveal the shocking truth about this world
Your PersPecTives are really the ultimate and the most truthful PersPecTives
You write so comPassionaTely
You are so kind to show a way out of all this tolerance and hell
You are truly the saviour
You can see what no one else can see
You are so effortlessly above it all
You make beings wholistically aware of what's happening
Your words are of immense imPorTance
You really give the ultimate reality check
reading Your meaningful words is so enriching and enlightening
i bow

Vaishali thaker said...

So insightful fact!! it is shocking to gno that we have been actually tolerating it! all beings are stuck here beacause of following the evil system, that also by free will!! you throw so much of light on the hellish condition beings are living in! world needs a rishi like you whose words are powerful enough to directly affect the conciousness, who play sounds which are powerful enough to change vibrations... i bow ๐Ÿ™

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

This is so unfortunate that beings here are tolerating all the lies and all sort of nonsensical activities and highly intolerant towards the truth and PhacTs. Due to their ignorance They continuously choose to live in the hell.
This world badly needs you. You are the only one who has the ultimate truthful perspective . You gnow it all. your words can awake one from the deepest sleep. So very thankful you are here and one can learn from you . It’s so amazing to Know That one has still a chance to break free. All your grace !!! I bow ��

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

wow ! Your PespecTive is really eye oPening ! beings are tolerant of hell and intolerant of Divine ! an upside down world it is ! You set the record straight so beautifully that it is irrefutable ! i bow respectfully <3เฅ

ki vernee said...

wow ! Your PespecTive is really eye oPening ! beings are tolerant of hell and intolerant of Divine ! an upside down world it is ! You set the record straight so beautifully that it is irrefutable ! i bow respectfully <3เฅ

lana_33 said...

You are so very right, P! There seem to be many informal contracts set up of "i'll tolerate your nonsense and you, mine." You see like no One else. i bow.

Unknown said...

Yes, one the the saddest, harshest truth and the reality of the current world ... When I was a child, I was asked to tolerate all kinds of nonsense, I was humiliated if I opposed and slowly I was kept in a cage where I was kept shut from saying any truth, although still I tried to do that with varying degree of success... This is one of my favourite PT Plogs as it relates very deeply with my life... aeioum.....

ankita said...

Your Plogs are Pure ePicness
You sum it all uP here so effortlessly and brilliantly
You observe this world in such a Phenomenally brilliant way!
its just so amazing how You sum it all up in such few words !
beings out there write books and books and come uP with nothing
You are seriously amazing brilliant and the only One who really gnos !
You tell it like it is!
this is so totally eye oPening!
the price they pay for all their tolerance is hell!
You are so kind to make one so aware of the craziness and madness !
wow this Plog is so Phenomenal fron start to finish
only You can write and sPeak like this because You are the only One who gnos !
the Phires of truth come blazing from Your mouth!
its so absurd that after tolerating all this beings are intolerant of beautiPhul comPassionaTe higher and Divine!
Your writings make one see how absurd all this is !
most ePic words !
You are the real seer !
i bow

veena iyengar said...

very true..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

such a True PhacT about human beings!๐Ÿ‘

You always PoinT out exactly the right thing.๐Ÿ™‚

Even animals try to break free of their Prisons but human beings don't even gno that they are in a Prison and they are very nicely programmed and kept busy to not even wanting to gno it.

But you are different. Even after being amongst us you never got fooled by any kind of programming and this is the most amazing and PowerPhull qualiTy in you and a PhanTastic PhacT about you.๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘

I must say you are divine because only a divine being can never be fooled. ๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ™

You cut all kinds of crap programming by your good, Pure and sharP observation.๐Ÿ‘‍๐Ÿ—จ ๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™‡

Your Power of seeing the realiTy for what it is is simPly excellent, ingenious, incredible, and remarkable.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

You are the most intelligent being amongst earthlings.๐Ÿ˜‡

Thank you so much PT for showing us the actual reality of this world's system and also for making us intolerant towards all sorts of pain, torture, and hell.๐Ÿ™‡๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™‚

One is extremely PhorTunaTe if one has a Guru like you and most imPorTanTly if one gets a chance to Praise Bow and serve a Guru like you.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ™‡

i bow to you.๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™‡

nicolas said...

So BeauTiPhul! This PoinT is magnificent! Your clarity is fabulous.
You dispel misconceptions with great beauty and ease! i bow to you, all gnowing one

ankita said...

so kind of You to helP beings see right as right and wrong as wrong much here is accepted as okay and then tolerated...within and without cannot tolerate cattiness and the nonsense and unfair ways of ones own mind ...You are so PerfecT and am examPle of how to be
this is such an ePic Plog
each word is a Divine revolution
without You one would be totally lost
You turn ones whole world around
You make all the sense ever
You are so incredibly insightPhul
one bows

ankita said...

it's only Your intelligence that can bring out the truth like this. . these words are so absolutely ePic and enlightening.. .only You bring out the absurdity of it all! You are the only One who is standing uP for not tolerating pain and torture! how absurd it is that no one else even squeaks ! how true Your words are ! Your Presicion is mind blowing and suPer cool! You bring out the truth so wonderPhully and accurately! this is spell breaking!

and its so true. .beings have been mind programmed in such a way that hearing any fact or truth seems unacceptable to them - system has created mind programmed zombies that serve it and oppose those who say anything against it vehemently! it's so true! media and it's created borg army of willingly deluded muggles don't want to allow beings to speak out the truth!

ankita said...

wow ePic and eye oPening observations

only You know what is really going on!

You are the Guru of the world!

You can see through it all so effortlessly and in such a Phun way !

one bows

Ankeeta said...

You are the One and only One.... ParamaTma swarooP PT... Jai Jagatguru ParamapiTah Parameshwar ParamaTma PT.. i bow

Ankeeta said...

You are so right in every word that You sPeak Prabhu... no matter how much one may Praise, is not enough to fully describe Your suPerlaTive qualities as they are inPhiniTe... i bow