Tuesday 29 December 2015

Position and Place














stuck in






Vintish said...

I bow

Anonymous said...

i bow
bowing to You
bowing to Divine
is the only PosiTion to seek!
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow

You are the Only PosiTion to pay attention to ... gratefully Higher than One always and forever !

so gratefull to be under Your command P, under Your wings is the Only Place to be and that happens only through Bowing Praising and Serving no matter what all ppl try otherwise !

i bow

Shahid said...

Perfect divine being with the Perfect Blog posts.

Jai Sri PT Avatar <3

missmriggy said...

we are all cripples only.. we can only marvel at P Perfect Divine Grace

Astro said...

Chasing positions in hell as slaves is really soul destroying...

I bow to thee Divine PT. Aeioum.

Anonymous said...

Position i just a mere illusion because if we do not know you our purpose of life will be to serve the hell and we all should get out of it by surrendering to you. Because you are the divine taking us all out of this hell. Freeing us from our slavery. And no matter how much we bow to you it will be always less.

Unknown said...

Same place has same positions.

sarah said...

this P-log is the ultimate PerspecTive to clarify that which cannot be made clear in any other way. when any explanation of how someone got their position is patently nonsense, it is so illuminating to be reminded of the bigger PicTure.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...
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irisha said...

woow, ShivNarayan!
totally agreed ..beings here cant even tell whats heaven n hell
You so graciously help them realise their relity *stuck in hell * and also show them the way out ..You are the only saviour ..new light lightening all beings LiPhe ..its great delight that you are here <3 <3 i bow

Unknown said...

The only PosiTion to pay attention is the higher and divine, which can ultimately take us to the higher state. I bow down to your lotus feet !!! 🙏

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

thats so Phunny but so true ! it is very strange ! everyone looking for positions but are all in the same place ... hell ! You are the only way out ! the exit door ! the Axis ! neti neti to hell ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

NavdeeP said...

O higher being!!! You know the truth. I bow down to your feet.

veena iyengar said...

very true..
i bow..

Anonymous said...
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Gita said...

Yes every being here is stuck in hell but yet the beings distinguish themselves intensely..
P You are the only higher being here to help us get out of this frustrating hell..
P only You can take us out of this realm..
One bows to Your Power one bows to Your suPremacy 💛 💛 💛

nicolas said...

very True! such a beauTiPhul distinction!
you are in the highest Place in the world! The real emperor of the PlaneT

i bow to you, Avatar of divine

ankita said...

reading this Plog makes one immediately want to bow because this is so true!
You sPeak all the ePicness in such few words!
one bows

ankita said...

Your observations are so accurate

You are the best observer

You are so right

You are the real revolution ...You helP beings get to re - evolution

You are such a Pure soul and everything You say comes from that PuriTy and real goodness

You make all the sense ever

when beings are aware what kind of hell they have created and that they are in it, they wouldn't seek position and place in this temporary plane of existence where they have created hell instead of utilising it to get to PermanenT and painless Planes of existence

You are suPremely eye oPening and each word You sPeak is a suPremely Precious giPhT to this world

one bows

Ankeeta said...

Wow... as always, You set the record absolutely straight Prabhu... You are the One i humbly always want to follow and never steer away from... i bow...