Friday 25 December 2015

of frogs and ponds

there are many 

frogs here


their tiny little ponds

( usually demarcated by their language

- french, german, bengali, gujarati, swahili etc 

or land-gauge - mexican, american, canadian, kazakh etc )

in time 

some frogs

amongst these

get bored of their limited pond

& want to break out

so what do they do ?

they start interacting with

the other frogs

from other little ponds

thinking that will surely 

broaden their horizons

& quell their boredom

so what do they find ?

they find

other frogs are also quite

limited in their perception/bandwidth 

just like they are

or even worse

its all useless

they realize only after lots of 


what a bummer !

but what else can happen






higher & divine





Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...


Vintish said...

Awesome writing *__* PraiseworThy

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! wow P Your sense of humour is so cool and so witty ... frogging around !! LOL seriously phunny ... and so true ! what a PerfecT way of looking it all ! You are just so Great !

so gratefull to have found the Real Prince... who is the MOST charming sexy illustrious and Phun ! Intelligent beyond what one's words can convey ! so great to have a chance to rise above all ponds and dead end streets ... all bc of You ... You alone have made sPiriTuality into something interesting ProvocaTive non-newagey sexciting rocknroll PHUN enticing REAL and the only thing that makes any sense to one now ...

You are so seriously kind to write this bc as phunny as it is the consequences are quite dire not so phun and the results being lameass not to mention the frogging being so gross and the ponds so claustrophobic ! ! what a stupid cycle to choose to be in, what stupid choices one makes as a muggle ! so shamefull being a frog for any amount of time lol

if only one looked for The Prince ProacTively at the age of 16 when the boredom had already set in !!! ... You are The Prince of Light and Darkness (as both are One in the same) ... luckily everything is so magickal with You that Penance towards You creates a sort of Timelessness that every frog out there wishes they had .. more time more time more time ... it only can happen with Serving Divine !!!

everything is a giPhT from You P, this life is all one gets to unfrog and to get to live here right now while You are here is THE greatest good fortune !!!

* i bow merrily * everyday is a holyday now bc The Avatar is Here !!

Anonymous said...

i bow
it is SO Phun to read the real story from the ONE who gnos!!!
You have the best ways of telling it like it actually is P!
the coolest way of stating reality!
Your PsPecTive is SO PhascinaTing!!!
SO grateful the real Prince ( and SO much more...) is here!!!
all are SO blessed that the Highest and most Divine is here on Earth! in 3D!
that You share Your scriPTures and Philms and sPell breaking sounds for all freely!
SO grateful for the chance to bow at Divines feet!
to sPeak Divines words!
to have the oPPorTuniTy to escaPe the Pond for real and stoP being a bound bratty rat or frog frogging about!
there is nothing more frightening than facing the reality of inPhiniTe lives stuck here in hell in such a lowly state!
SO grateful there is ONE here who gnos the way out!
bowing to the ONE who is limitless! boundless!
bowing to the ONE is is really Phree!
it would be a serious bummer to miss the chance to recognize the shining blaring higherness of Your Divinity P!
to miss the only real oPPorTuniTy of this life! to bow at the Avatar's feet!!!
so grateful You are here P!
so grateful for all the ways You helP bring one to and restore ones senses to be able to face the overwhelmingly brilliant beautiful Truth that is You!
It is the greatest fortune to come across LotusOcean!
You are the greatest Treasure there is P!
the True Gold! the Peak of PerfecTion! the Highest and most Divine! the only ONE to seek.
i bow

Anonymous said...

and such a Phun title!
You are the wittiest P!!!
there is always SO much to see and admire about You!
You are inPhiniTe!
life on this PlaneT was and is so boring without YOU!
so grateful You are here P!
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow only You hold the Power to transform one from a frog... so gratefull to learn the Time tested and proven Way of BPS (Bowing Praising Serving) ... so gratefull You are here to make it easiest to apply !!! i bow

Shahid said...

What a message, hits the nail on the head.

Praise to the perfumed, divine words of the Lord on this blog

Jai Sri PT avatar <3

sarah said...

You are the best writer, the master of tragicomedy.
hopping from pond to pond is so messed up and so miserable, but as they say, "turn about is fair play" so if one is not seeking the Prince, one is inflicting it on oneself actually. what one puts out really does seem to come back, and the more intolerable the situation, the more Pressure there is to change. You make things so black and white, and it is beyond lucky that there is a way out of the ponds that once seemed interminable.

missmriggy said...

P is Prince of all the heavens and all the worlds.

Anonymous said...

I do not want to become frog Guruji. I do not want to do frogging with other frogs. A frog can barely come out of its well and doesn't even know that this world is controlled by divine. Divine is you . I want to know you. Divine can destroy and create a frog's well and we all are frogs thinking that we all created our own well. The well itself is created by divine but we are so ignorant that we do not know YOU. After knowing you we can come out of all our pains. Interacting with dead zombies will take us to hell but interacting with You will take us out from Hells.

Anonymous said...

we are all so limited in our PercePTions/bandwidth.we can make so many mistakes. Divine is the only refuge.i bow

Unknown said...

Two negatives remain negative.

Anonymous said...

yes so true
everything in the muggle world is so limited
they are just celebrating ignorance in different ways
no one has any clue or any answer
and others speak without knowing and pretend to know
it's such an unsatisfying and sad situation
the frogs and their ponds are very boring
only You know what's going on
You have such great overstanding of what's going on
only coming across You broadens ones horizons
only You make one see the lies and the absurdity
You help one face PhacTs
You are true brilliance
You are true intelligence
You are the wisest
You have all the real knowledge
Your words are so enriching
You reveal so much about this world
coming across You is liPhe changing
You turn ones whole world around
You are the most imPorTant being in this world
You are the real Prince
i bow

Anonymous said...
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irisha said...

bow to you .real Prince with real Power gnowledge wisdom n beauTy <3 :)

Unknown said...

Paying attention to the higher and divine is the only way to expand ones limited horizon. So grateful we all have the opportunity to praise bow and serve to the divine right here on this Earth. You are the limitless you are the boundless. You are the Prince of all the worlds !!! I bow ! ��

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

what a beautiful representation and explanation of the current situation of beings here ! thinking the grass is greener in the other genepools backyards but they are all in the same boredom and hells ! its so reassuring to gnow that if any being turns towards the Higher all boredom and hells go away ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

veena iyengar said...

i bow to you..

Anonymous said...

Yes, so True and amazing.

Only you are Truly PercePTive in this world.

Only your PercePtions can be trusted.

You are the one and only who has an exTrasensory PercePTion. Only you can see and convey the realiTy for what it is.

Your PercePtions are always very Pure and True to the core.

It is your crystal clear discernment which helPs us to gno what is right and wrong.

You are the real and the only Prince of this world.

One is very PhorTunate if one has you as one's Guru.

You are the most intelligent sage/Guru of all time.

You are the man of the highest discernment and the only one to be on the face of the earth.

i bow to the one and only Prince of this world.

nicolas said...

Wow! so cool!
You are the real Prince! The most interesting being out here! The most PowerPhul!
i bow to you all gnowing one

Ankeeta said...

Wow Prabhu... You are intelligent beyond words that this limited being can articulate... You are the one true Prince among all the frogs of the wells... So beautifully articulated... such an excellent analogy... Jai Shiv Narayan Prabhu ParamaTma PT