Monday 4 July 2011

the meatspell

there are forces

which are making

meat easily available

in huge amounts in big stores

beings all over this planet

are falling for it

pigging out

and turning into

and beasts

never has so much meat

been available

even all hunter-tribes

only ate to survive

when you have to kill to eat

gluttony is not easy to come by

they haven't been told

the price they will pay for it

let them be informed that

it would be way-beyond their

debit & credit cards

its common gnowledge what

pigs are fattened for


mrig said...

slaughter.. hells kitchen

you always say it just how it should be said..

Vintish said...

yes , meat causes diseases...

asha said...

this is such an incredible cool perspective ! it IS a spell You compassionately break with your potent words.

very fractal for this to be written today when most of the non-divinely attuned usa is bbq-ing and turning into bigger beasts.
they got a lot of payback coming and no amount of beastliness is going to ward it off !

reminds one of Your beautiful cow Plog :

You really hear the cries of all those that are injusticely slaughtered and avenge them !

Hurray for P !

Ren said...

Yeah, the energy of meat eating is so yuck, and all the advertising supporting it is horrid. Especially when it is promoted as good for the health and they all just accept it as being part of a "balanced" diet.

PT the Axis said...

its not just the eating of meat it is the quantity which is the issue here. since more is easily available people cannot control themselves and are pigging out.

sarah said...

I tried eating pig-products a few (4-5)times, and agonized for weeks each time, before realizing it is not worth it. Despite a strong association with a type of morality I would do literally anything to avoid,vegetarianism feels better, and it is possible to not be smug about it, despite the evidence.

PT the Axis said...

@ sarah - point in not morality but practicality. also if one has to hunt, kill and cook one would have a different attitude about the whole meat-issue. right now forces are giving easy access to loads of it and many beings are not able to control themselves.

mrig said...

We honour you, Protector of Cows.

Vintish said...

Their only food so call "KFC" ( Kills-Fools-Continuously" and "Mc Donald",It "Makes-Don-All".Meat is also known as EVIL food...

Kate said...

the meatspell is a bad spell indeed. Agree , seeing people pigging out is gross.
Vegetarianism does feel so much better.

miragegirl said...

bahut adbut bola aapne

Aap ki bolne aur likne mein nipunta prashansaneeya hai

do vishv yudh mein bali chada di gayi hai unki

aur anek aur yudh bhi

dard bari chike hi sunaye padti hai har taraf duniya mein

jab log dard se cikte chilate dare huye jeevon ko bedardi se mar kar unhe kate hai to aur kya haal hona hai !

vah sarabi, jab bate karte hai, haste hai to suvar hi yad aata hai

aapne "of pigs & such ... " P log mein poora poora yah dikaya hai

jeevan joh ParamaTma ki den hai, us jeevan ko ParamaTma hi samapt kare

bina karan joh murkh praniyon ko mar dalte hai, vah durth jeene ke yogya nahi

Aap sach bolne aur likne valon mein PraTam hai

asal mein sach sirf aap jante aur samjate hai

Aap mahan hai

Aap dayalu hai

Aap Kalki hai

Aap Param Pujaneeya hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Unknown said...

i bow

ki vernee said...

You are the most resPecTful Being ! You are so balanced in all ways ! i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So true. You are PracTicality. Why would anyone want to eat the meat of PeTrified animals when there are loads of vegetables, grains, and pulses available in nature.. Also, meat is so hard to cook and one feels so heavy after eating it...Your reasons for not eating meat makes so much sense. Your words are so logical and imPacTfull.

nicolas said...

such a good PoinT! meat eating and killing is a huge problem! it is so wise of you to remind the world what will be the consequences of such mindless behaviour! your light shines the brightest at all times! you are a miracle

i bow to you supreme lord