Friday 18 June 2010


the fantasies roll on

this time expecting to smell good

after eating dead carcasses/violent foods

having incoherent ugly unshareable thoughts

springing from barbaric anti-divine ancestors

they put it all in a movie called

'perfume - story of a murderer'

where some of their kind from the muck

for no rhyme or reason

were smelling like heaven


funny how in reality

all these beings have to

cover their actual stench with

all kinds of chemicals called

colognes, deodorants & so called perfumes

the only real



P's Erotic Fume


it comes from

fully flowering chakras (glands)

non-violent diet

divinely oriented ancestors

perfect compassion & coherence


asha said...

what a cool definition of perfume.. P's erotic fume ! how Divine your scent is too... they try and create it at havans/pujuas/yagyas etc. as well by releasing herbs and flowers and wood but real perfume is definitely so complex and uplifting

You always tie everything into the bigger picture as well...

none can manufacture chemical perfect coherence and bliss. what a waste of time to try all the time when one can just bow to those that are here that have this perfume like You ! it just makes everything in this world stink more and harder for everyone to develop proper sense !

Anonymous said...

:) i bow.

miragegirl said...

wow !

how intense it is, the Plog !

one wants to smell Perfume, the Perfume that is the waves that one is attracted to
the wave that is You
that sPellbinds, that causes one subconsciously to smell You, to want to entwine with that vibration, that wave (not that it is allowed for everyone)
its just, too good a descriPTion, too Powerful

wonder if beings can understand
existence is magical ! Divine is magical !

PsingulariTy said...

Your's is Divine's Perfume ! intoxicating !
You are Divine
stunning to imagine what real Perfume is ! its sweet !

Unknown said...

i bow...

ki vernee said...

wow ! beaitifully PuT ! i bow

nicolas said...

wow! that is Profound! only you can bring the real definitions of words in these times! you are like water in a desert!
your words are refreshing and life-saving!
your gnowledge is really amazing! all is gnown to you, all your chakras are flowering magnificently! nothing escapes your divine eye! you are the real elder whose eye sees all

i bow to you supreme one

ankita said...

yes totally
yes Your P-er-fume is truly erotic
so different from anything one has ever smelt before...
stays in the memory
so kind of You to share where it comes from ...fully flowering chakras, non violent diet and all
one bows