Thursday 24 June 2010

fawlty towers

its not just 'basil fawlty'

in the english comic tv series 'fawlty towers'

who is faulty

majority of this planet's population

is carrying a faulty machine inside them

their own genetics and

all the thoughts/processes emanating from it

are faulty

only those who realize this fact clearly

have any chance at evolution

the funny bit is that

they keep on using this faulty machine

as if it were completely perfect

despite very clear signs showing otherwise

they expect this fawlty machine to

figure it all out ( including me )

make sense of everything here & beyond

which makes for a whole lot of comedy

but sadly no evolution

in fact a descent into deeper hells


JC said...

'I' agree 'we' are faulty machines...Maybe some appear more faulty than others thanks to the design related with Time: repetition of yugas 1080 times in one day in the life of eternal Brahma of over four and a half billion years!

PT the Axis said...

faultiness comes not from yuga's but one's own attitude/actions and attitude/actions of one's ancestors.

JC said...

I think you haven't heard of Mahakaal who is the designer who itself is formless being related with time and space zero and also called Naadbindu, whose images 'we' the faulty machines are that reflect different properties depending on time generated through our solar system, 100% efficiency at the beginning of Satyug, reducing to 0% at the end of Kaliyug, which actually is the beginning of evolution of the solar system that gained permanency (near) thanks to Moon ie Indu providing the nectar, somrus, or moonlight (vide story related to 'churning of milky-ocean')!
And, so on...

JC said...

Then you haven't also heard of 'Maya' that is illusion!
You wish others to see your videos, while maya indicates life itself as a video! Projected by the Third Eye, that is responsible for projection of dreams in human as well as 'inferior animal' forms, since time immemorial...whereas man learnt to record and project films only recently :)

"Hari anant / Hari katha ananta..."

PT the Axis said...

JC no need to waste time in writing 'blah blah'on lotusocean blog like you do on amruta's blog. it won't get published here. you use word 'hindu' in your comment on 'divine defined' without gnoing even the origin of the term. it is not in hindu ( a term coined by anglosaxons ) but vedic traditions where 'vishnu' is seen as the creator & vish is not poison . its branching as in a 'V' or a 'Y'. the very same branching which is there in the brain and lung structures. any branching away from divine (phi ratio) is poisonous. there is a reason why why the term 'wish' is spoken the same way as 'vish'. vishnu/narayan carries a conch to highlight the golden mean spiral symmetry which is the order of this multiverse and root of the term divine. divine just means 'branching in phi ratio'.

PT the Axis said...

lot of presumption here that i haven't heard of or gno of Mahakaal :) what time and lords of time are is a scientific concept now. just using words like 'naadbindu' doesn't mean any real gnowledge or experience of it. timewormholes/3rd eye/rudras/mahakaal are all connected in neat geometry & i have actual experience of it . all devolution happens from turning away from divine. the 'faultiness' is not there as a result of solar system progression. highlighted by many beings like budh etc who go beyond faulty by connecting with the divine source. rishi's are not subject to galactic or dimensional time-shifts as they keep their level above it through continuos practise.

JC said...

Ha! ha! Ha!

I am not interested to be seen in your blog! Because there is no point in wasting time with one who is not open to discussion and is like Trishanku, happy in his own state of neither being here not there!
Every spider has its own web!

All the very best dear Prashant!

PT the Axis said...

surely i haven't herad of maya either. i was born yesterday :) you must be an expert on maya & 3rd eye projections.

lotusocean films are different from life which people live. surely different from your life. life is not an all encompassing term which will can be applied same for everybody.

life depends on level of perception.

people who see lotusocean films see them because they want to see them. not because i want them to see them.

yes it is in anant ... but it follows multiversal rules. all leela does.
'there is no begining and there is no end' is a line from my song 'this snake doesn't bite'.

PT the Axis said...

discussion or shastrarth happens when both side are talking coherent sense. if one side is a random word generator there is no point of discussion. you surely have no idea of how little you gno. gnowledge is gained from bowing to higher/divine not discussions.

you live your life by what you gno.

i live it by what i gno.

we'll see where it takes us here and beyond.

it seems you are free from all webs spiderwebs or otherwise :)

you might even call 'krishn' a spider with 'mahabharat' being his 'web' ...

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow! This is such a remarkably imPorTant Plog with so many brilliant resPonses from You containing so much valuable gnowing! for one to recognize ones genetics as the faulty machine it is and do the do to change is crucial! You are so sweet to Phind humor in all the faulty minds who attemPT to figure You out and afront You P. the flawed machines need realize all that does is embed one deePer in the hell one is already in. You are so comPassionate and so generous to Provide the way for one to evolve P. i bow at Your PerfecT feet. dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divine is most kind to PoinT out how faulty one is!
to helP one realize the Truth and give one a chance to evolve! to stoP using ones faulty machine!
Divine is so kind to resPond to the incoherent comments here! Your comments are Plogs! every word You say is so inexPlicably imPorTanT!
i bow at the feet of the only One who gnos!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
this Plog and the resPonses are such a PotenT reminder that one's genetics and mind are faulty and not to be trusted and used. Divine is SO kind to further exPlain where this faultiness comes from!
It is really magnanimous of Divine to make this PhacT gnown and give one a chance at evolution!!
You are the One with PerfecT genetics which have been fully activated! It is You who contain unbounded gnowledge within your DNA and have accessed it! It is YOU who are the Pinnacle of evolution! Divine incarnate! The Real saviour! how humorously interesting that the one questioning Divine in the comments here uses the initials JC when the real JC is PT!!!
it is really horrifying to see the way some beings here choose to resPond to Divine! the way they treat and affront the only being who is beyond fault! the only being who gnows Truth and sPeaks sense!
one is so ashamed to have once been so foolish! so blinded by denial, so dulled by ones awful actions and afraid to see the truth and extent of ones faults!
Divine's resPonses are so kind! So PracTical! So Sensical! It's clear that You are a being of the highest gnowledge. everything You do Provides the opportunity for one to recognize what a lesser being one is, how one doens't gno a thing worth gnoing and the need for one to resPond with resPecT and humility.
three lines in Divines comments above really stand out...

'you live your life by what you gno.
i live it by what i gno.
we'll see where it takes us here and beyond.'

You are the only One on this PlaneT who is here by choice! The only One who gnos how to navigate this Plane and beyond! You make it clear where those are headed who are not devoted to Divine! That You are the only being here who does not need to fear death!
Your Grace is the only One who can liPhT one above the heaviness of the eons of evil that have taken Place here! The only one who can free one of the evil that exists inside of one! The only One who can guide one in how to break out rather than face an inPhiniTe future in the hells of this world and beyond!
You are Divine maniPhesT on earth! To not acknowledge and resPecT You is the most harmful thing one can do to oneself. You are comPleTely unaffected by beings here. it is so generous that while Divine is here Divine provides the chance for beings to imProve their state through humbly Praising and serving Divine! SO kind of Divine to make it clear that anything else in this life is futile!
i bow!

miragegirl said...

Praise of Divine helPs eliminate all faults
You are Divine
You are grand !

PsingulariTy said...

You are P, The Axis
You are the Force that crumbles evil to nothingness

Unknown said...

i bow...

ki vernee said...

so true ! You always makes the most impactful points ! the only way one can get out of hell is to admit to ones situation and faulty machine !

Anonymous said...

Your Plog is such a stabilising and beautiful Place to come to away from the uncertainty and madness of the world..

Anonymous said...

You are so right.
our haywire state of being so clearly suggests that something is faulty about our machine and we want to keep using this faulty machine to keep figuring things out without attemPTing to repair it or give it a break..sure there's something wrong with one
what an awesome Plog by such a wonderful's so awesome to be reading Your wonderful Plogs
it's such a beautiful thing to be alive and reading Your rare words of wisdom and actually getting to comment on all this beauty. You are too good
i bow

ujjwal sharma said...

i think our faulty towers can only be corrected by aligning ourselves to PT the axis.
i bow to the divine PT avatar.

ki vernee said...

You are so right ! i bow

Anonymous said...

Your rePlies are so PhascinaTing
You have such PhascinaTing gnowledge
You are full of gnowledge and creativity
Your Plogs and rePlies are so much Phun
You are so comPassionaTe, so intelligent and so benevolent
You are a suPer being
only You teach everything worth learning
You are suPer duper cool
You are so imPressive
You are amazing
You are new
You are so ancient and so modern at the same time
You are unique
You are Vedic
You are PhascinaTing
You are suPer interesting
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️ WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EPIC POINT, so glad to read this again bc its so important !!!

what an amazing phind Your comments here are !
You are incredibly patient and kind to explain what the problem is ...
that is really comPassionaTe actually, just like Your Being here is

You did not need to Avatar here to a lower realm full of morons that
would rather point fingers at You and disrespect You than experience
the Truth of Your words ... You are so comPassionaTe to do so !!

Nature only responds to You and Nature does not lie, only responds to Truth !

Your Truth wave is unstoppable !! You are so invincible !!

You are the TRUE TIMELORD HERE !!!!!! You are Mahakaal !!!!!!!!!

there is no proper resPecT of true elder or rishi let alone an Avatar of Divine here,
You are so kind to allow one to learn how to show resPecT truely and fully outside
of the faulty machine of the genetics
which through Your Grace, can so easily be reprogrammed by a few basics !!!

Your perception and kindness to teach what those basics are is so kindly
conveyed here in these beautyfull scriPTures for NOW !!!!!!!!!

You are such an awesome Teacher P !
You are the best !
its such a Privilege to learn from You !

I bow 🙏⭐️

asha Pi arTi said...

⭐️ so grateful one has the choice of You now
there was a time before You were here that would not have been possible
without much so much difficulty and probably lifetimes of mistakes
and phinding things out the very very hard way !!!!
one would not have had access to so much enlightenment and Truth
and one does now through Your Grace

so clear that Sudarshan Chakra and Time are Your weapons !

Your sound and light alone have raised so many vibrations
Your Presence is accelerating beyond any technology they can make
You are the Truth Wave here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and so outside of all the fawlty towers one can not even fathom Your expanse !!!

You are so EPIC !

I bow ⭐️

Anonymous said...

You are very kind to expose the fakeness and the egoistic attitudes of beings ..
one used to think sometimes that one can decide what's right and wrong with ones faulty and dumb brain that cannot see the truth and along with truck loads of non learning attitude one sometimes thought one knew what right and wrong is just because some fraudie dumb being is saying so!
You are the PuresT wisdom and knowledge
You sPeak the PuresT truth
You make beings see what's right in front of them
one had eyes but one couldn't see!
You make one look at PhacTs
You simPlify things!
You make total sense
beings don't even give time and attention to Your blog and start deciding and judging with their faulty brains
You sPeak the PuresT truth in the simPlesT and most beautiful way
You are the most beautiful and PuresT being
You are so effortlessly above it all
You are so Pure
You are so innocent
You have the PuresT, most beautiful soul
You are the most comPassionaTe
You are so kind to even be here to help beings out and yet beings start using their own faulty machines regarding You, who is so beautifully Pure, comPassionaTe and beyond them
one is so so ashamed
You save beings from the sickest state of mind
You are very kind to deal with beings who are not innocent at all
You are all wisdom, innocence, kindness and comPassion
You are the PuresT form of wisdom, innocence, Playfulness and comPassion
You are so Pure and out of this world
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

So true and so are Your mind-blowing comments! You are MahaKaal! You only sPeak the truth! one has faulty machination and only because of You can one work and correct it now !
i bow /\

nicolas said...

O Lord!
your words are the best words! you are so kind to share the real TruTh with the world! you are the most amazing one! no being is like you, you are magnificent
your replies to comments are so educative and fascinating! you are a divine genius
your gnowledge is so Profound and always impressive
one can never get enough of your words!

"majority of this planet's population
is carrying a faulty machine inside them
their own genetics and
all the thoughts/processes emanating from it
are faulty

only those who realize this fact clearly
have any chance at evolution"

you are the real light without which evolution is not possible! you are simply the best! nothing truly good is possible without you!
you are all that is good in this world and beyond
you are TruTh

i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

wow.. that is so true.. it's so imPorarant t realise that all the thoughts Processes emanating from the machine are faulty ..You are beyond the faulty machine.. things cannot be questioned by a malfunctioning machine...You and the multiverse is so vast and suPerior that its laughable to keep on keeping ones questions and doubts in front of it..when learning haPPens through bowing and not using ones faulty mind that can take one to deepest hells ..You are the One with the PerfecT mind.. and Your Presence is so Precious
i 🙇 bow

Naina said...

Those who disagree with PT phacts,for sure have no real perception & experience of this prison like life where the freedom & bliss word is just used for the sake of it and has no real meaning in it.

The real enlightenment comes from PT phacts,

The practicality comes from PT phacts,

The coherance shall come from PT's coherant phacts,

I bow to PT, the real guru, the only Avtaar, 🙏🙂