Tuesday 23 March 2010

हृदयम् (hRithayam) - the Root of Rhythm

there is a widespread notion

that AfriKa

is somehow the

Root of Rhythm

the Real Root of Rhythm

literally & figuratively


the Sanskrit word for Heart



a fractal heart


Proper Rhyth(u)m



Anonymous said...

PhacTual. PhracTal. PracTical. PhoneTic. Phucking awesome! i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!

You show how comPleTely wrong widespread notions are! it is really sickening how far from Truth, from Divine, from the Real root this world has strayed! how far one has strayed! You are the True rhythm!

it is SO amazing that Divine is here, right now, setting the record straight and Providing the chance to turn to, bow down and surrender Truth!

i bow!

miragegirl said...

wow wow ! what a great Plog !

the ultimate level of Your PersonaliTy can be seen by the way You are in blissful state when You say the word 'Hriday'

how charming You are ! how ultimately Pure You are !

You have a golden PhracTal heart ! how beautiful...

PsingulariTy said...

wow ! wow ! what a rhythmic heart You have

Your 'Black n Gold' recent youtube vid PhracTally matches to what You are wearing in the
hRithayam vid. 'Black n Gold' PhracTality !

both great sonics ! heart ThumPers !

You are The Rhythm, Man
The Rhythm Man

miragegirl said...

everything is rhythmical around You
games & ...

Unknown said...

i bow

sarah said...

wow !!!!!!!!! You are the most Phenomenal, rocking, rhythmmic Being !!!!

Anonymous said...

You are such a beautiful fractal heart..You create such awesome rhythm

ki vernee said...

wow ! what great PoinT ! i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

You beautifully derive real meanings behind every word, teaching one in the best ways Possible!

Only Your heart generates proper rythm, Shri resides in Your heart... You are a PerfecTly PhracTal being.

So PhortunaTe one is to get to learn from You!

I bow /\

sarah said...

You are so gnowledgable, PhracTal, and rhythmic !!!

nicolas said...

wow your words are the most PowerPhull words!
only your hearT can generate ProPer rhythm! you are a miracle
your music is divine
your vibrations are so Profound! you make one better through your sounds
you are a real genius
you are the most important one! no being has your level of being-ness
your gnowledge is so impressive! you are the only real Guru
you are the one whose Phires of TruTh burns evil effortlessly
you are God in a human body

i bow to you all gnoing one

Naina said...

You are the phractality one, you are the golden heart. I bow to PT.

ankita said...

that's so beautiPhul Profound and true

...if a being has any liking for anything good, when they come across You they will be absolutely delighted ...because everything good can be traced back to You.. everything good beautiPhul true and Phun can be Phound in You in abundance. ..like rhythm ....what a magically beautiPhul and rhythmic being You are. ..rhythm just Phlows out of You...out of Your beautiPhul hridayam ...what You say, do and create is all so beautiPhul,rhythmic and Pure ...what You talk about,like Praising bowing and serving, it's all such an in tune, beaitiPhul rhythmic way of being ....gyan ganga keePs Phlowing out of You and its all such Pure PrisTine music. ..Your acts of comPassion and kindness are so great, beautiPhul and melodic. ..and anything out of it is seriously pervert! You are everything beautiPhul ,good and true ...one can really seParaTe what You are and what the world is. ..and it can be seen, felt and exPerienced that the lost world and its ways are like poison that take one towards deadness and Your truths, music and beauty are liPhe giving amrit ❤
one can Pheel that bowing is actually beautiPhul and rhythmic ...being bratty, audacious and silly is breaking that rhythm! not bowing is not rhythmic , it's anti music ...and one feels that when one compares the time one bowed to Your beauty to the time one did something silly ...You are so beautiPhul humble, Pure and good
the way comPassion Phlows out of You is real PoeTry and music. ..Your kindness, Your PaTience and Your virtue.. it's all real music and great rhythm . .You are the most beautiPhul timeless classic ...You have the most beautiPhul exPressions and sweet smiles ...You are gold and diamond. ..You are the rarest Precious gem. ..disciPline feels good, undiscipline feels like one has taken poison. ..making You rePeaT things if one doesnt behave actually does feel like poison ! You show the right way which is good for one, and its nothing complex or difficult because the difference disciPline, right attitudes and right way of being make can be seen and felt ..and what haPPens when one does a wrong action can be seen and felt too
You are truly the saviour and its such a good Pheeling to be able to voice that ...You are the redeemer ...the One with the most beautiPhul kind heart. ..the One who can clearly see things that one couldn't come uP in a hundred thousand million years ! and You are so kind to share with beings all the great gnowledge that You have worked for. .the gnowledge that will actually do them good ...and You gno so much. .You give beings what they need to evolve, You never download too many things onto them that they wouldn't be able to digest or that they wouldn't be able to assimilate ...You always take care that beings do not get lost the way they had done in the muggle world because of information overload. ..You are so PhracTal and PerfecT ...Your intentions are so Pure 🙏🙇