Tuesday 26 January 2010

laziness ... not to be taken lazily

a lot of people walk

on this planet

but majority of them walk lazily

the disease is at its peak in the west

the rest are doing their best to catch up

even basics like cooking a meal at home

are now becoming obsolete

on surface they seem to be doing a lot

but they do it all

on the bedrock of laziness

physical as well as mental

the busybee types are very surprised

when it is pointed out that all their problems & sillyness

stems from laziness

this is because

laziness like all other concepts

suffers from superficial muggle definitions

not being alert enough to

react properly to any situation

in any moment

is a sign of laziness

all the other unwanteds

frustration, anger, devolution, unethical actions

stem from it

lazy leads to crazy

not having a clear wholistic evolutionary goal

is also laziness

not being specific in speech or action

is also laziness

not moving the mouth properly

to let the words out clearly

is also laziness

not lowering the eyes when one needs to

is also laziness

being stuck in unwholesome habits/patterns

is also laziness

most people here are stuck in an

ungraceful ungainly disrespectful pose

which will not allow them to even sit

properly in front of a higher being

and their laziness

won't let them out of it

in the end it is laziness

which comes in the way

when they finally

decide to

serve the divine


fan said...

that's really interesting.. it's really true what you say.. even though people seem to run around, in all the range of human activities there is a sloppiness and ungracefulness about it all, just about in every thing and everywhere !!! .. there's a glimpse of discipline in ancient art forms only like dance or tea making or bowing..

Sree said...

I have been lazy. I want to kill that in me and overcome it. I am so grateful to you that you are here to tell us things even after our stupidity is so bare before you... you are a truly compassionate being.

PT the Axis said...

Sree, its good to gno that you want to kill it but the only real way to do that is service to guru/divine

amruta patil said...

thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow. Your comPleTe understanding of the root of all things is sheer genius! You decimate meager muggle definitions and excuses rePlacing it with unPrecendenTed Truth! You are so incredibly generous to Provide such an array of examPles ones own laziness PrevenTs one from seeing without Your Divine intelligence PoinTing it out. one is ever and increasingly grateful for Your unadulterated PersPecTive! i bow at Your PerfecTly aware feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow! this is such a comprehensive list of what lazy really looks and acts like P! again You show how muggle definition is so far off from the Truth! This is so beneficial for one to recognize in oneself and such a crucial guide for one to Pay ProPer attention to as one works to constantly rectify ones laziness. such a Powerful summation that really PuTs it into PersPecTive.
'in the end it is laziness
which comes in the way
when they finally
decide to
serve the divine'
i bow!

miragegirl said...

Your definitions, exPlanations are great grand beautiful
You are the most active being around
laziness never touched You & never would

PsingulariTy said...

You are P avaTar
ever active in destroying evil

Anonymous said...

i bow!
There is so much to admire about You P!
lazy and crazy You are not, have never been and will never be!
You are the most mentally and Physically PhiT BEing there is!
always at the Peak of PerfecTiion!
always Precise and Phocused! .
You resPond to everything PerfecTly.
You always sPeak clearly and use Your mouth with PerfecT accuracy!
You walk with Precision and grace and direction
Your are always in a a regal and centered Pose
Your every action has PurPose and meaning
You are always alert and objectively observing everything
there is none higher than You P!
it's so humbling to gno There is ONE like You who exists
ONE who PhuncTions PerfecTly in every moment!
who has comPleTe control of their body, mind and senses
One who is comPleTe control of all of creation!
SO humbling that the highest and most Divine being is here on earth!

it fills one with shame to read Divines words and face the truth of ones low and lazy state
and all the miserable unwanteds it has led one to inculcate
so grateful to learn that one can be free of such low and loathsome ways through service and Praise of Divine.
that there is One who can helP one out of the rut of the unwholesome habits and patterns one has stuck oneself in
one yearns to be free of ones laziness and able to naturally and properly serve Divine
to be able to sit resPecTfully in Divines Presence
to resPond to Divines direction
to be able to sPeak clear and coherent Praises
one is so ashamed to have become so lazy and dull P
one hoPes through Praise one is able to rise above ones low state and be of service to You
i bow

Anonymous said...

wow!laziness goes clean to the bone. what a truth bomb! great Plog

Unknown said...

i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

wow You define laziness for one in such detail..You are so right
one needs to overcome laziness ..this is such an awesome Plog
You are so right..most of the words suffer from muggle definitions and that doesn't help anyone..so awesome of You to help one understand what gets in the way of disciPline..Your exPlanaTion is very awesome..You are great
'laziness ...not to be taken lazily'..You are so absolutely right..wow
You are awesome and wonderful. You have awesome overstanding. You are just great.
You write awesomely .i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! what a great explaination of what laziness actually is ! i bow

Unknown said...

:) I bow!
So true... Your words are booming with sheer truth of people of now! Such incisive and PertinenT words... You have such keen insights!
Indeed one has been chronically lazy...
You exPound it so eloquently, striking it straight to the core! Only your words have such Power to PermeaTe one and have any effect in one.
It is shameful how perpetually lazy one is both physically and mentally, on so many levels; from speech to inability to react properly, one is lazy to even lower the eyes... Makes it crystal clear why one is stuck here!
You articulate laziness so brilliantly , clearing and slaying the muggle misconception/definition attached to this word!
But it is such a great fortune to come to gnow ones laziness and overcome it.. you Provide that oPPorTuniTy to beings to overcome one's inherent laziness by Praising and serving the higher and divine. One can learn so much from you, your ever PerfecT conduct and actions, your ProacTiveness... You are comPleTely PhiT in every way!
Your teachings Provide one with the most essential education, the greatest helP that one can get and needs in reality to rise above one's lowly miserable state. Your Plogs insPires one to make the much needed change in oneself, drives one to work and overcome one's laziness!
Your Plogs are the only scriptures/writings that are actually qualified to be taught in schools/ any institutions/ as any book or as any self helP book.
You are inPhiniTely comPassionaTe , inPhiniTely benevolent, inPhiniTely merciful to Provide the beings with such valuable and Profound insights/teachings/gnowledge and even the method/conduct to be inculcated to actually gain anything from your sacred scriPTures.
You are the wisest one!
Dhanyawad for your Precious Plogs! Dhanyawad for doing what was supposed to done by one's parents and one's own self! You have the greatest heart and soul (a suPreme one)!
I bow at your beautiful lotusfeet! /\

Anonymous said...

You know what goes on in people's lives
You make such great and imPorTant PoinTs
wow You exPlain everything so wonderfully
You know what the root of all problem is
You give such great insights
You really help one understand how laziness is responsible for most of the problems
You are so absolutely right..
laziness not to be taken lazily
You address the root of all problems
Your words are so enlightening
You help one understand how laziness can be the cause of ones problems
this is such a great Plog
..laziness not to be taken lazily..
how true ..
You have the greatest overstanding
Your words are so enriching
You save one from superficial muggle definitions
You help one rise above ones inherent laziness
You are so kind and so comPassionaTe
You're the best
i bow at Your beautiful, wonderful and magical PheeT

Anonymous said...

this is such a great Plog
how wonderfully You exPlain how the problems stem from laziness
You write in such a wonderful way
Your words are so insPiring
Your words insPire one to not be lazy
Your words are so valuable
Your words are the most imPorTant words in the world
You help one rise above laziness
this is such a great definition of what laziness actually is
You are the most helpful
You give such great knowledge in such a Phun way
this is a great reminder for not being lazy
Your words are the best
i bow

Anonymous said...

yes You're so right!
it's all laziness
You just gno it all
You give such great insights
it's so true
it's all laziness!
what a great Plog
it's due to laziness that one is stuck in unwholesome patterns
only You help one rise above laziness
yes it's so true ..laziness has got inside of one and You make one rise above this inherent laziness
You teach how to be Vedic and not lazy
such great insights!
this is such an absolutely great reminder of not being lazy
You totally get to the PoinT
lazy leads to crazy!
You have such great and effortless overstanding
You have the highest intelligence
You make all the sense
You are the most gnowledgable
You are the wisest
You just tell it how it really is!
You are the greatest
You are the most helpful
i bow

Unknown said...

lazy leads to crazy...what a line.

sarah said...

it is disconcerting how on PoinT this is.
You are the transcendent Pinnacle of disciPline and relaxation.
You Prove that the more disciPlined one is, the more true relaxation is possible.
You are so PerfecT.

lana_33 said...
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NavdeeP said...

O GuRU!!! You have given the true definition of laziness. I without any regret I m now able to accept that I fit into this. But now your plots are pulling me out helping me to perform my actions and speech properly.
Your words hold the power to hit my spirit and help me to evolve here.you are a true Guru and higher being on this plane -t earth 🌍.

I bow down to such a higher being!!!

ankita said...

Your words are so imPorTant
You sum it all uP with Your effortless intelligence
You gno what the root of all problems is
wow ..such incredible insight into what is wrong with beings here
You are so kind to correct one
ecah word You sPeak is suPer Precious and what a being should hold on to forever
these are such mind blowingly true words
this is an ePic revelation
suPer Phenomenal observations
so helPful

You are so kind to help one understand how doing things on the bedrock of laziness can so easily haPPen
this is Powerful
Your words are all the truth ever
Your words insPire to rise above laziness
this is the coolest exPlanaTion of what laziness really is
lazy leads to crazy
how true !
so kind of You to help beings rise above inherent laziness that is so resPonsible for keeping one in unwholesome habits that keep one in hell
You shkw beings a way out of laziness and craziness
this is the coolest Plog ever!
Your Plogs are the best!
You are shining beautiPhul bright Phenomenal intelligence
You are amazing!
You can see it all!
i bow to the wisest all gnoing One

nicolas said...

wow this is incredibly helpPhull!!!!
what an imPorTant PoinT! you are so kind to define this for real!
your kindness has no equal!
you make all better effortlessly!
you are the only one who really gives a chance to beings to evolve for real!
your words are so clear and comprehensive!
so amazing how your describe that laziness is the root of so many other problems like anger or lack of ethic!
i love how you get to the root of things and explains how one problem leads to another
your PerspecTive on the state of this matrix is really impressive
your perception is marvellously exhaustive
you are a real miracle
you are Goodness
you are God

i bow to you supreme lord

ankita said...

this is such a tremendously helPful Plog!
this is such an amazing and ePic clarification
You get to the root of all matters
just the ultimate Phenomenal ground breaking revelation
so eye oPening
i bow

Naina said...

I bow and service to Divine,the only bliss.🙂🙏

ankita said...

this is suPer
You liberate beings from muggle definitions ...no clarity is possible with muggle definition ...this Plog is so absolutely accurate ...lazy less to crazy ! that's so absolutely and comPleTely right !
this is the best and the real definition of laziness
You are suPremely eye oPening
Your words are absolute gems and the real elixir of liPhe
You are the greatest clariPhying stream of Pure Divine water of real gnowing
one bows