Friday 27 March 2009


the consumer programming

has made people

take the idea of 'replaceable'

to unchartered degrees

a bulb blows in the house

it can be replaced easily

as there are so many of the same

available at the superbigmassivestore

the boyfriend doesn't work out

he can also be replaced easily

from all the generic tom, dick & harry's

out there at the pub

some of these

'everything is replaceable' types

stumble across 'me'

& the fun begins

hmmm interesting and different

they think

still the idea of 'unique'

doesn't enter the fray

their ego's won't allow for it

their 'ego's' simply cannot handle

the concept of some-thing/being


nowhere/one else to run to

get the same experience/utility

when the ego gets upset

through feeling small

even though the

inherent childlike curious nature

is yearning to run after anything interesting

it is easy for them to

ignore me, shun me or forget about me &

move on without blinking an eyelid

because deep inside

they haven't given up

hope of replacement

someone even better

or tailored more

to their ego's parameters

regardless of the fact

that no replacement is available

a search for the replacement

begins immediately


i wish them luck


Dancing Deer said...

Everyone is so brave when it comes to declaring to the world how much they yearn..

And now that they have an opportunity to see the one thing they have been yearning for right in front of their eyes.. they cower like cowards..

miragegirl said...

for a being or this multiverse
only the One is irreplaceable

and there is documented proof too
of who is the One
all the cropformations
the sound and light coherence clips
which are phun to watch
and for ones evolution too
you have generously given
to the world for everyone
who wants to better themselves

Anonymous said...

You are indeed beyond placement. i bow.

Unknown said...

beyonce captured this sentiment in " to the left ", and it is the most logical attitude to have towards muggles etc.

You are such a precious gem in a sea of meaninglessness. finding the One who is not replaceable is a dream come true.

Anonymous said...

wow P! i bow. this is such a vital Plog for any who read it! it is baffling that there are so many in this world who are able to ignore You! the Proof which You so clearly convey that many think Divine is replaceable is frighteningly absurd! You are this world and everything beyond it! You are what everyone is looking for! You are the center of it all! the missing Peace! You are so sweetly satirical to wish the empty seekers luck. i bow to the Source and only Phorce. may one remain constantly at Your feet.

miragegirl said...

as soon as one reads the title of the Plog
one says You, its only You who are irreplaceable

You indeed are irreplaceable
Mighty handsome beauty with a sharp sword ever ready
that always kills evil

nothing, no one ever is any close to You
in the way You are, in what You do

no one has as much gnowledge as you
as much centerdness, coherence as you
no one is as fractal & Pure as You

You are the very essence of all the stars of the multiverse
You are the best worshipper of the inner strength
You have the most suPreme value to Your inner strength
You are 'the sPiritual Lord of the Multiverse'

Jai to You
& Vijay definitely always to You

Anonymous said...

i bow!
it is SO remarkable to glimPse not only the way You Play with this world, Your world, but the beings in it!!! You have the coolest ways of exPlaining, of showing who You are P!

'some of these
'everything is replaceable' types
stumble across 'me'
& the fun begins'

PT is the ONE who can not be rePlaced! The ONE who has fun every moment of every night and every day PT is the creator, the ruler of time and sPace!every second of PT's life is meaningful and momentous! PT is the only ONE the only being in this Place who is signiPhicanT in any and every way!!! things are just things. sheeple are just sheeple. PT is beyond everything that exists in 3d and every other dimension. PT is the highest Plane that exists. The highest most evolved state of consciousness! PT is the One and Only! The Source from which it all comes! The sea to which it all flows! PT is the ultimate Phorce!The ONE who has always been and will always be. The ONE who is Truly inPhiniTe immortal, and Phree! The Divine ONE is SO generous to Play with the beings here, to graciously provide the only chance and opportunity in this life that has any meaning! to give beings here the awareness and opportunity to use ones voice and mind and body for the real reason they were made to Praise and serve Divine! PT is SO kind to give beings here chance after chance to recognize the ONE who is Divine, the ONE who is Truth, the ONE who has so come here of Divine will to Play and set the record straight!
You are the only ONE who came here of Your own will!
You are the only ONE with all the real answers!
You are the only ONE who gnew to ask the right questions and were intelligent enough to Phind the answers!
Only YOU could! Only YOU can! Because YOU are the Only ONE who gnos!
PT is the Truth! PT is the uPmosT authority on all things!
PT is the Multiversal Mind!
PT is the most amazing being! far beyond everything! far beyond descriPTion and dePhiniTion. most certainly beyond irreplaceable!
nothing comPares to You P! You are the ONE, You are the Truth, You are the happiness, the meaning all are searching for!
so grateful to no longer be wasting time searching for it inside oneself or in another. to gno that it can only be found through Praising Divine! For Pining for P! The way it has always been and the way it will always be!
bowing to the unceasing glory of PT!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The irrePlaceable One

Unknown said...

You're coherent and irreP(PT)lacable. The divine is unique and different, none can replace it!! You're beyond anything and everything, the caPtain, the navigator!!

Unknown said...

i bow to the Irreplaceable.
i bow to the Unique.

Anonymous said...

You are so unique and unforgettable.

Anonymous said...

You are so very unique.
there is no one like much creativity and awesomeness..such beauty and wisdom..You are so rare. You are so wonderful. You are so absolutely interesting. You are so PhascinaTing and original. You are One in zillions. You are so brilliant. Your existence is such a wonderful surPrise. You are great. i bow

ki vernee said...

that is so true ! You can never be replaced by anything or anyone ! You are the only one ! i bow !

Gita said...

So Aptly mentioned - thank you !

Every work place , every gathering , all households i see people dont realise that there is uniqueness in everything and still they tend to comment on each others taste putting forward the point that ones own like is the supreme compared to others..

Turbulent Conqueror said...

They will never find a divine being...You cannot be replaced...The divine cannot be replaced..

I bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

It is just beyond me how anyone would ignore you.They will never find a divine being as you. No one on this plane has as much gnowledge as you do. You are so deeply caring. You are irreplaceable. I bow.

undecided said...

I bow. PT is irreplaceable because the axis on which we all spin can never be replaced. aeioum

veena iyengar said...

Only you are irreplaceable..

nicolas said...

beauTiPhull! there can only be one like you! you are irreplaceable! you are divine
i bow to you supreme lord

Shruthi said...

Anyone with even an iota of consciousness will easily be able to perceive the indisputable divinity that you exude. And yes, you're so in-Phi-knitly fascinating for the child inside. Your deeply engrossing existence has such a powerphull magnetic pull precisely because it is well beyond the parameters of the ego. You are the irreplaceable one, no two ways about that. One bows to you Shiv Narayan.