Tuesday 10 March 2009

happy & haPPy

from an outsider's perspective

this looks like a very happy planet

happiness from latest car models,

clubbing, dating, tv shows, festivals,

friends, chats, movies, magazines ... the list goes on

the genesnakes are happy with their long

drawn out crawl on this plane

& the wondrous thing is that they

in their infinite optimism

expect it all

the whole system, supermarkets & sodapops included

to last forever

even those completely bored out of their minds

tell me that they are happy

it immediately brings a smile

gnoing that they don't need any help

happy = satisfied = requiring no change in state

they may confess of their 'eternal boredom'

to others but never me

it is as if they are trying really hard to prove

to something out there that

they are doing fine without 'it'

with this attitude

they will never ever get

to the real



miragegirl said...

aap ke bina koyee kaise sache roop se haPPy ho sakta hai

voh to bas mazak hai

bahut meeta bolte hai app

"even those completely bored out of their minds

tell me that they are happy

it immediately brings a smile

gnoing that they don't need any help"

aap ka helP hi sab ko bacha sakta hai

aap par dyan rakna hi jeevan ka sacha marg hai

aap ki Prashansa hi is brahmand ke sach ko svikarna hai

ParamaTma hai

aap hai

aap adbut hai

aap har yug darti par avatarit hote hai

aur dharm ki stapna karte hai

pranion ko sirf aap is sansar ke maya jaal se mukt kara sakte hai

aap PT the Axis hai

aap ki "calling all souls" play adbut hai

"the call is now embedded

into the earth &

should reverberate throughout"

aap dayalu hai

aap Kalki hai

aap ko mera Pranam

sarah anne said...

The whole situation is so absurd one wonders why the higher has allowed it to go on for so long, instead of only creating beings who are in harmony with the divine will. I love the perspective and attitude.

Anonymous said...

:D lol! i bow.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
wow it always just as You say P!

it is only logical and honest to admit of ones misery and that one is not happy. especially to You, the only One who can guide one to real haPPiness! The One who is haPPiness!

it so obvious to see in the faces all around that people are not happy, pretending they are, searching for it in meaningless and mindless distractions. 'fake it till you make it' was a motto pushed and practiced in ones sick society.
one is so relieved to no longer be caught up in denial and lies thinking one can find happiness in this world or in ones own limited self due to Your Divine Grace.
it is only You who can helP one change ones state. There is no haPPiness without You P!
i bow at Your Divine feet.

PsingulariTy said...

You are the haPPy One

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !! You word everything so clearly and Precisely ..its impressive how someone who has never wasted a moment partaking in such nonsense can describe it all so well... You Truely Overstand everything through Your Beautyfull Innerstanding ! the haPPiness of You defintes for one what is comPleTely Blissfull !! You are so rooted in reality and right actions ...You are the only example to follow if one wants haPPiness or Bliss or escape from boredom

it is really shameinducing how much time one has spent in one's life pursuing false notions of happiness through a complete lack of intelligence and not even trying to do anything to increase one's intelligence when the attempts led to utter disappointment and unhappiness and total boredom with oneself and one's surroundings and especially the ppl one was around too... it is so shameinducing how hesitant one is to do anything truely good for oneself yet so embracing of detrimental ways of being ! so gratefull for a chance to Change this now !

one is very fortunate to have more time now to Truely delve into the scriPTures and learn from You P. one really needs You and one is not happy (or even sane) without You. so so glad You are here !

so gratefull to be in such a safe and conducive environment for learning bc of You !! truely appreciate the Beautyfull Vedic way of life You make possible !!

i bow !! !!

Unknown said...

i bow to the Divine Bliss.
i bow to the P.
i bow to the Phorce.

Anonymous said...

wow You bring such PosiTive news that it's Possible to get to the real haPPy.You are awesome.i bow

ki vernee said...

that is so true ! You make the best points ! it is pretty insane that even still beings are trying to keep up their happy fronts !

Anonymous said...

yes happiness seems like an impossibility
one keeps going down and down in this hellish world till there's no trace of either happiness or joy
one just has to do the do to escape this world
You're so kind to tell the PracTical way of escaping a world where joy is not possible
the bad qualities are so encouraged in this world that one becomes lifeless

You are the saviour
You are so full of liPhe and joy
there is nothing right to do in this world except put ones attention on Your glorious beauty and wisdom
i bow

Gita said...

It surprises me how ppls thinking changes wen they are not aware / not wanting to know wats there on the other side of the wall...

Is it only wen the sodas , pops etc etc go out of stock will they really want to discover wats happening on the other side ? Or should they be given a hint / taste of the real happiness so that they know yes this is real happiness and not what i was doing till now...

We are glad that you are there for us to lead us into the real world of happiness :) and help us get out of this mess :(

Ajay Kapoor said...

You have made such a great point. These beings have such a wrong attitude to happiness their egos do not let them see past their mundane activities which they believe make them happy. If they place attention / praise the higher and divine they will realise true haPPiness. I bow

undecided said...

i bow. You're the only one who really knows how to have Phun in this world! you're never bored. Learning from you never lets one be bored. aeioum

Kṛtti kā said...

No, one is not doing fine at all and one is not happy for sure! None of what this world provides as a means of their so called happy is helpful or worthwhile.
But grateful to be shown how to move towards the real haPPy , to change ones attitude, to be with 'it'.
Your words are the best and You are the best of the bests, The Bestest!
i bow /\

nicolas said...

so true! beauTiPhully explained! people are chasing fake happiness! only you are haPPy as you are Perfect
your state is the highest, you make beings haPPier! you are divine

i bow to you supreme lord

nicolas said...

your words are so great! you are a magickal being!
your Presence is so enlightening! you are the most gnowledgable being!
your divinity shines through all that you do! you are an endless miracle

i bow to your suPreme greatness

Shruthi said...

Denial of the situation and reality at hand can never lead to any sort of real emotions. You are so kind to PoinT the obvious. Yes, people would agree to go to any lengths to disagree and PreTend everything is Phine but it all crumbles down at the slightest disturbance. So glad that you are here and you are so kind to show the way to real haPPiness. i bow