Friday 27 March 2009

shaping the future


amruta patil said...


Dancing Deer said...

Sattwa... Shuddha Sattwa!!!!!!!!

miragegirl said...

'you shape the future as you will'
a very good message

Anonymous said...

i bow. simPly sTunning. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

miragegirl said...

What an amazing video !

You give a new meaning to the vedic puranic stories

You were so sweetly playing turtle chasing in the sea

Your smile is otherworldy, innocent, heartening to behold

You gnow the most pure joy
it fills one with haPPiness to see you enjoy yourself in nature

what you say is always profound
one has little gnowledge so one doesn't understand

In between Blue & green Narayan Dreams
in between Sky & earth Narayan Dreams

all Your sounds are so memorable
one so gets into them, remembers them & sings them
because they are so addictive

You do shape the future as You will & so gloriously well

How from birth you have had crop formation responses, have started lotusocean manifestations for all
have shown classy way of living as a precursor to life in Age of Aquarius
You show what resPect is to Ocean
You show Ocean as a sacred entity

You show the sacredness & sanctity of things

You are the most resPectworthy elder teaching us all what being resPectful really is

Your's was Kurma avatar suPPorting the search & obtaining of ocean treasures

You always fractally match every scene, its not like you are carrying a suitcase with you filled with choice items for that lol!!!

Your mind & its gnowing, the Power of your Mind, the PuriTy, the connectedness with nature & elementals is inexhaustive, is Ultimate, is Oceanic

You are Grand, the benefactor of all

You are The Elder

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Architect
of everyone's future