Saturday 14 March 2009



Dancing Deer said...

you are like a rishi from a forgotten age... could not tell who was more happier... but i think it was the waterfall...

miragegirl said...

your singing is very eloquent
your music is sweet and soft

and the scenes in the video are similar
the waterfall feels very lively
with you around

Anonymous said...

This is filled with suPremely sweeT and soothing sounds and scenes. i bow at Your unlimited feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

You are so gorgeous and graceful P! what a sweet and intimate experience of Divine's world.
You make time disappear!
one could listen to and watch You endlessly!
i bow.

miragegirl said...

soft sweet intense such a tremendous beauty You are

all time is long & all time is short

all time without you is long

what you say is always most profound, everything you do and the way you are is intense
in nature

Your emotions are intense, galactic, Your interactions are galactic, atomic, at all levels
beyond ones imagination, beyond what ordinary mortals can see or explain

no one has caused beings here to notice death and that it occurs and to think about it
because it is ultimate truth, it is the end that is near, to be here for one, one day for sure

You have told this to us all

'this day will come again just a matter of when'

for sure, i want this day again, when you are here again
when i would be around you again, to looks at and be near Divine
and move closer to You

filled with wrath at the evil here, You kill it
You kill the evil beings with you sharp sword and you are riding
the majestic white horse every year in a procession lasting for days for many to see

You are Kalki

Killer of evil for Kaliyug

You are the calm center of the storm
You are the Golden Tornadoe Angle Swirl as well

nothing bothers you in the fight for evil
You are fearless
Evil on the otherhand is fearful

You do not forget or forgive the evil
the dumbing down of vibrations unnecessarily
You are the true upholder of the functionings of the multiverse

You are extremely benevolent
You are straight forward in showing one how to scale the highest of mountains
you give strength to walk upon unsurpassable mountains
being fearless you are the best Hero
You helP one understand that one should be aimful

You are the best archer, You never lose your mark on what you aim at

death of self is the ultimate aim

Your Plogs show one that
You show one that

life is to gnow about its opposite, the death
both are one with another, life with death

the real high tech is that which the mind produces,
the opposite of mundane technology
Your PT sPeaks tell one that

looking at things, extreme activity is needed for most here
to understand You & properly move toward You Divine

i am one of them too, i am atleast haPPy that i gnow that now and
i walk that PaTh now

You are the most generous, intense, greatest profound Male on the PlaneT
You are an Avatar
no one else can be like You or do all you do

only You have unlimited time & energy
You are the unlimited time & energy

You are Divine

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
You have 'unlimited time & energy'

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such great divine music, you are so divine. I bow down to your lotus pheet