Sunday 8 March 2009

high definition

since the advent of HD tv's &

HD cable channels

the promos are getting more & more hilarious

the same old cryptkeeper's creepy cold tone voice exclaims

'now you can watch charlton heston in high definition

he has never looked so good'

surely one must have definitive interest

in counting the number of bumps, mounds & crevices

on the plateau that is his facescape

once you are done with his crystal clear closeups

why not try good ole clint & sean in HD too

feast for the eyes, aint it ?!

they have to be really confident of their hypnosis

to reveal these creatures in HD &

expect the praise to keep flowing ...


Dancing Deer said...


give me u anyday

miragegirl said...

you have great wit

sarah anne said...

gross looking=character, or so I was informed in acting class, and what i used to think before learning, through your grace, that what is on the outside is merely a reflection of the inside.

that knowledge makes their hideousness so much more scary

Anonymous said...

Lol. i bow. Your exposés are more entertaining than the entire entertainment industry! and Truly educational. i bow. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

it really is baffling what the masses are programmed to find attractive!
Your natural beauty shines from within! every Photo and video of You is the most Praise worthy Phlawless Proof!
You are the highest definition of PerfecTion P!
i bow at Your PrisTine feet!

miragegirl said...

that is a very funny promo indeed

you always say words, sentences ... that helP one smile & laugh in simple joy

its your amazing wit, its most intelligent helP to a being so the stressed, distressed, angry DNA gets repaired

your effort in improving one is constant

you are a tireless benefactor

a true benefactor

PsingulariTy said...

You are Divine
Praise unlimiTed can only flow for You

Unknown said...

i bow to the Higher.
i bow to the Divine.

ki vernee said...

laughs out loud ! You are so phunny and so right ! only You can remain so youthful and healthy !

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so phunny. These so called celebrities are not worthy of being praised. You are the only true higher being that is worthy of praise. I bow.

ki vernee said...

lol ! You are too Phunny ! they really must be confident to show all that ugly in high definition ... ewww ! its hard to look at these beings ... it hurts even and triggers headaches and tears in the eyes ! only You look so beautiPhul and angelic on HD from 720 to 4k ... i bow respectfully

NavdeeP said...

Amazing!!!! how advanced you are .so true in HD channels they cannot hide enough. You are so Phunny and witty too.
You have declared this thing 10years ago and I am reading this now. How realistic it is for today's time.
It is going the same way you mentioned above.
You gnow everything. You are the source and end of everything.
You are talking real things which are not at all sugarcoated. I bow to you O the HIGHER ONE.

nicolas said...

lol so true! you are so right about this!
you are the one worthy of all the praises! you completely embody divinity
i bow to you supreme one

nicolas said...

that's so Phunny! you reveal how hilariously crazy muggles are!
you exPlain things in the most clear & witty way! your clarity is Priceless! your words are like water in the desert!
you are TruTh incarnated, your Presence can never be Praised enough! you are the greatest of all beings, PerfecTion in human form

i bow to you the lord of the lords