Wednesday 25 March 2009

quelling the beast

like everything else
psychologists never gets to the point
when it comes to
the various attempts at
'getting out of it'

alchohol, tobacco, gutka, pot, drugs
are nothing but
escape devices
but what exactly are they trying to escape

its simply
the beast within

this is not put here to
encourage johnny's praises
which some will be ever-ready to do

it is here as a confession note
of a desperate being

there are those
who for various reasons
don't even admit
to its existence within
which just allows it free reign
to do what it pleases
such folks are often referred to
as sane & happy folks

for those aware of its existence
and trying to sedate it
through substances or expression
here is the deal

the beast cannot be quelled
by anything
except surrender to the divine


because it was created out of
a rebellion with the divine


Dancing Deer said...

There must be thousands of biographies on Johnny Cash..maybe even taken years of sweat and toil to write..

Yet I don't think anyone has ever shown the real Johnny Cash until now...

simon said...

this is really an eyeopener...

sarah anne said...

Surrendering to the divine is the only way to not be a beast, it makes so much sense. Such a brilliant point, I bow!

Anonymous said...

i bow. Dhanyavad! Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your words Pierce ones heart in the most relieving way P!

'the beast cannot be quelled
by anything
except surrender to the divine


because it was created out of
a rebellion with the divine'

You give the answer
You are the answer
to the biggest Problem all in this life seek to find

i bow in sweet surrender at Your Divine feet!

miragegirl said...

a very important Plog for me
an especially beautiful Plog
killing the beast is my aim
through constant Praise to Divine

ignorance is a beast in itself
ego is another beast

Your magic quells it
Your sonic mind benders straighten it
Your hip & rock & roll pics crush it to death

You are the bestest being on the PlaneT
whose beauty is ultimately undescribable
as it is so intense & so vast & limitless

PsingulariTy said...

You are P avaTar

Unknown said...

Wow, your Plog(blogs)- PT logs are terrific, the word usage, the way of explaining eveyrthing in detail with clarity with a simplified manner and showing the truth!!

"the beast cannot be quelled
by anything
except surrender to the divine


because it was created out of
a rebellion with the divine"

Unknown said...

i bow to the Divine.
i bow to the Good.

ki vernee said...

amazing ! what a great point ! only surrendering to Divine can quell the beast within ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

wow You write the most Phenomenal words ever
Your words are the greatest and most beautiful revelations
one used to wonder what sane and happy folks are about
You bring the wondering to an end
You have all the answers
and what great answers given with such great style!
Your scriPTures are the only scriPTures
Your words are the best ever
You make learning so delightful
You save one from ghastliness and beastliness
You show one the only road to redemPTion
You are legendary
You are beyond legendary
You are suPreme
You are Pure greatness
i bow at Your beautiful, kind PheeT

Anonymous said...

Your words are so great and ePic

the beast cannot be quelled by anything except surrender to the Divine
wow such soothing words..
the beast can actually be quelled by surrender to the Divine ..
Your words are so relaxing and reassuring
anyone and everyone can evolve enough through Praise to be able to be fit to be in Divine's Presence someday
You give everyone a chance to have Your darshans
You are so kind and comPassionaTe
You are the only refuge
Your words of wisdom are such a refuge for the incoherent and sick mind
only Praise of You can make one mentally healthy enough to Praise You correctly and behave in front of You correctly
the beast cannot be quelled by escape devices
it can only be quelled by surrender to the Divine
You give such PosiTive news that it can be quelled
yes You have the key
You can show one how to get out of this prison
Your writings are so Profound
You are really the only refuge
Your teachings and words are the best
i bow

Ajay Kapoor said...

I bow, such a great Plog, only by surrendering to the divine a being can quell the beast within. Such a great example with Johnny cash. I bow.

undecided said...

I bow. The beast cannot be taken out by expressing the beast just so people can relate and glorify it like the johnnys. Surrender to divine is the only way to get rid of it. aeioum

Kṛtti kā said...

one can never reiterate it enough how much truthful and honest Your words are! You gnow the root of every tendency thoroughly! One is always amazed by Your laser sharP intellect and crystal clarity /\
So true, evil is inside.. the beast does reside inside and definitely it can't be quelled by any substance abuse or anything else except surrendering to divine, You make this PhacT clear and straight /\

one bows to Your Divine Presence in all ones humility /\

Kṛtti kā said...

ones lil heart always gets filled with awe and resPecT of Your lovely suPreme Being /\

Your words are such magical gems /\

Your words alone have such Power of a multiversal scale, like they say word is God and when words come from You, what an inPhikniTly immense Power they have for You are Divine incarnate /\

Your Presence here is such a boon /\

one bows in total admiration of You /\

nicolas said...

yes that is right! all nonsense arises from the disconnection from the divine! you are so kind and merciful to incarnate here on Earth and give us a chance to fix our nonsense
you are simply the best

i bow to you all gnoing one