Tuesday 17 March 2009

Plastic Eyes

just marvelling at

the multiple superpowers associated with a piece of plastic

stuck in front of one's eyes

once the plastic is on

chin is raised

mannerisms change

superhero status is acquired

proactively ready for anything & everything

they say they

serve as protective shield

against eyecontact with the

denizens of hells like night clubs

one must visit in

the unending quest for fun

they are also

an indispensible just-being-silly-for-the-hell-of-it totem

helping people being silly in general in

tribal gatherings like music festivals

a confidence boost in important outdoor activities

whether it be snorkeling or skiing

or shark chasing or whaling

an essential fashion accessory

enhancing ones looks

by covering

bloodshot, dopedout, cokedout or

assymetrical ( the norm ) eyes

aptly called shades as they are a must for being shady

staring at what you want to stare at

without getting caught out for it

its clear that 90% of the 'fun'

is dependent upon these amazing plastic contraptions

what would 'neo' be without those dark shades

and no

they don't make you look

buglike or insectoid

or shady or inhuman

or dumb or sold out

a plastic soul-less world

where the so-called

'soul artists' don the biggest ones


miragegirl said...

you have immense perspective
of the world as is
and say it out
for everyone's benefit as well

Anonymous said...

i bow. You make one see over and over again how ridiculous and nonsensical our habits, attire and reasoning really is. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your PersPecTive is the best P!
You PoinT out the absurd in the most hilarious way.
LotusOcean eyes are the only real eyes.
i bow!

miragegirl said...

wow ! what a blog
& what an amazing blog title

it is only a being with a high thought
that could have seen such a thing & described it so effectively

city people are all for those, atleast village folk would openly laugh out loud
atleast that was the trend

anyway, You are amazing, Your eyes are enticing, they are broad & deep & beautiful

You are a true environmentalist, in that you are against plastic outside & helping
people see their 'plastic soul-less' existence here

Everything that surrounds you is organic, you make it that way, you are a true being,
like a cow

or rather, cows imitate you in the way they are

cows are beautiful like you show they are, they are soft creatures, they spread energy that is sweet & soft
like how you do

and their eyes are most beautiful like yours

your physical form has lotus attributes
your fingers are like lotus petals
your eyes are like lotus petals
you are soft & beautiful like a lotus

You are charming !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Lotus eyed One

Unknown said...

i bow to the Sol.
i bow to the Charge.
i bow to the Symmetry.
i bow to the Phractal.
i bow to the Phun.
i bow to the Hopi.
i bow to Shiv.
i bow to Shakti.

Astro said...

True.. I can relate very much to all your P logs! I bow to thee PT.. :)

ki vernee said...

laughs out loud ! You are so phunny and so right ! one is definitely guilty of wearing these plastic eyes to boost ones ego ! one is so fortunate not to have to do that anymore ! one can just focus on Divine and rise above the ego !

Ajay Kapoor said...

This is so true, how ridiculous some of the habits of beings have become. I bow.

nicolas said...

so true! this is a plastic world out there! you PoinT out all the TruThs that no one else would PoinT out! your integrity is a divine inspiration
you are the kindest of all beings
i bow to you all gnoing one

nicolas said...

your honesty is so refreshing in this fake world! you are the greatest of all beings!
your words are like water in the desert!

i bow to you ShivNarayan