Saturday 21 March 2009

inferiority complex ain't that complex

in its rebellion against the divine

one particular race

has now reached

a state

where it has to run around polluted jungles

holding various bugs, lizards & snakes

screaming ' what a beauty '

in its deepseated phobia of the 'higher'

arising out of

a stubborn unwillingness to acknowledge

something 'higher' than itself

it is now stooping to the lowest in the

animal kingdom

to lavish its praise

having already exhausted

the lower races, amazonian tribals etc

it is still continously on the lookout

for something uglier

and more beastly than itself

to elevate

no wonder than that the term

'inferiority complex'

was coined in the west

they were the only ones to feel that way

in other cultures it was a non-issue

by praising/serving the higher

one raised oneself

by praising the lower

one lowered oneself

not an option

until you were totally OK with torture


sarah anne said...

One is so brainwashed to think that by praising the lower, you are helping it get it together to raise itself up, and the bonus is you get to congratulate yourself for being a nice person.

The information that it is actually damaging is invaluable.

Anonymous said...

i bow. its frightenening how totally ok with torture many in the west have become, willingly seeking it out and paying for it in a variety of ways. dhanyavad for setting the record straight. i bow at Your Divine feet. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your Plogs are so educational!
Your observations of the gene pools reveal so much about their functioning and their state which
only becomes evident through Your words.
You show how upside this world is and why it is that way!
It is so amazing to have the highest being here to Praise and learn from.
i bow at Your Divine feet!

miragegirl said...

i wish to Praise you divine
there is so much unlimited extensive reservoir of qualities
to see & praise related to Divine
it is joyful indeed
like quenching ones thirst with water

You are the thirst quencher for the sPiriT
Your Praise releases the stress of life here
if it weren't for You, there would not be a single
ray of hope in this suffocating prison cell

You scorch away our evil with your benevolent intense Purifying light

Raam You are
providing aaraam

and vishram for this life and death cycle
if one is actively Praising you,
causing death of self in activating the birdbrain
& ascension to higher realms ultimately

if not in this life, eventually
as long as one keeps Praising you
one is walking on and on toward the aim
one day one would surely reach it

Your avatar on earth is much appreciated
needed, can be totally seen now
(my opinion, and if not the opinion of others, 'to hell' with them)

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You always gno P! the Divine One sees and comPrehends everything!
Divines clariPhicaTions helP one see more and more how incredibly crazy the race one comes from is!!!
Divine shows that it's inferiority dePhiniTely 'ain't that comPlex'!
acknowledging the higher! acknowledging Your suPerioriTy is only natural!
so brilliant the way Divine exPlains that in every other culture Praising and serving the higher is a non/issue!
that it's gnown it's how one raises oneself!
that it's only natural for one to do!
it really is shameful all the ways this race misbahves and how deep seated the phobia is!
how white spread the pretentious pretending has become!
so ashamed to see that ones whole life has been nothing but a series of typical bratty harkee behavior!
Divine is SO kind to helP one see the truth of ones state, ones dna, and do the real do to change rather than jumping on a plane to pay for hallucinatory pain and make false claims that one is healing ones dna. what a sick joke! such bullshit!
only Divine helPs one see how Phunny it is that it's all the craze of this particular race! and that all this does is lower ones already low state!
It's SO admirable the way Divine sits regal and rePhined above it all and laughs!
so kind that Divine shares invaluable scriPTures to PoinT out the comPleTe idiocy of the beings here and the state of this world!
That Divine freely offers the only real PerspecTive there is!
Divine is SO comPassionaTe to share all that Divine does! to share Truth in a world filled with nothing but lies and delusions!
Divines PerfecTion is imPossible for one to fully comPrehend!
the more one realizes the truth of ones state one becomes more ashamed for the ways one has misbehaved
grateful toDivine recognize the ways one still does so one can change through Praise
and SO grateful to Divine for all the ways Divine gives it to one straight!
for oPening ones eyes to see how nonsensical and hellish this Place is!
a Place where Divines True and real status is acknowledged and accePTed only by a few!
The PaTience and kindness Divine has exPressed to have let the game go on as long as it has
to have Provided and continue to Provide guidance and warnings
to give beings a chance to stop being dumb asses! to start moving toward You instead of lower themselves!
to helP one see how much more imProvemenT one need constantly do as one learns what it means to Truly resPecT and honor Divine
at all times!
You are the Highest and most sublime!
i bow at Your suPreme feet!
so grateful for the Avatar PT!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The suPerior
The Best

Unknown said...

i bow to the Divine.
i bow to the Higher.
i bow to the Hopi.

Anonymous said...

You have such an awesome sense of humour with which You convey Your knowledge. You have such an awesome way of exPlaining. so nice to learn that inferiority complex was a non-issue in other cultures as one could raise oneself by Praising and serving the higher. Your Plogs are so helPful and comforting. You write so beautifully. Pranam

ki vernee said...

wow ! that is so true ! You make the best points ! 'by praising/serving the higher one raised oneself... by praising the lower one lowered oneself' ! You are so logical ! i bow !

Anonymous said...

You write so beautifully
Your words are so soothing
one doesn't have to worry about ones bad qualities and lowliness
one just has to do the do
Your teachings are so stabilising
it's not that there is no way out for a being who is fickle and lowly
You tell one that there is a way out and everyone can rise above their own nonsense through following the multiversal laws
You give one hoPe
anyone and everyone can evolve
You give one a chance to imProve
everyone is inferior to You
You are the suPerior one
one just has to PuT ones attention on You
You make so much possible by being here

by Praising serving the higher one can raise oneself
there is no need for any inferiority complex
You know how the multiverse functions
one can rise to align with the Divine
one doesn't have to worry that one doesn't have the qualities for just has to do the work required for evolution and align with You who is Divine
so kind of You to show the ProPer PracTical way
Your words are so stabilising
i bow

it's so great that one just has to do the do instead of indulging in who is superior and who is inferior and all that nonsense
it's so great and so beautiful to get to Praise beautiful and wonderful You
You are the sunshine
You are the beacon of hoPe
You take one away from all nonsense
You give one great tools and counter weaPons
You have so many beautiful and exalted qualities
it's so exciting to hear that Your qualities are unlimited
rishis could just immerse in Your beautiful Divine qualities
so much Phun they must be having Praising You !
celebrating You is so beautiful
Your words and Praises of You are so soothing
Your words are the resting Place for the mind
it's so great that one can just Praise You and not worry about anything else
i bow

sarah said...

i love Your clarity about this, the way You overstand harkies and how they put things on stage because those things don't threaten their ego. the way You get to the essence of any genepool is so imPressive.

Ajay Kapoor said...

Such a great observation by praising & serving the higher a being raised oneself. The opposite is true when praising/serving the lower. Such a great point. I bow

undecided said...

I bow. an amazing way you have put things into perspective. aeioum

nicolas said...

so beauTiPhull how you expose all the nonsense of the hellish matrix! your words are shedding the dying face of evil
you are the best that walks the Earth! you are the true avatar

i bow to you supreme one

ankita said...

You exPose it all so effortlessly