Saturday 9 July 2016

something is better than nothing ?!

'anything/something is better than nothing'

another misconception

arising from


beggar mentality

how is rotten food

( which makes one really sick )



no food

many here

spend their whole lifetime here

just repeating this misconception

as they get sicker and sicker

only time this applies


Praising Higher & Divine


once again

even in that

this attitude

will never get the desired results

like getting out of hell etc ...


Vintish said...

lol *__*

Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow

what a great PerspecTive P !!!!!!!

You are such a master at driving the POINT home !!

relentlessly tirelessly comPassionaTely reiterating
the basics with so much clarity ... wow !!!!!!!!!!!

speaking Your words out loud are such a refuge !!!

i bow !!!

InherentNow said...

I bow

Your teaching is helping us get out of the mentality which was inscribed in our minds through our education system.

Unknown said...

One has to go for whole or nothing.
One negative cancels all positives.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Summu said...

ki vernee said...

gosh ... this is what happens to beings who depend or their faulty machine ... it leads them straight into hells ! one would rather Praise bow and serve the Higher than have this senseless attitude ... i bow respectfully

Norlha said...

Wow , what an excellent point and everything you say always make so much sense and is so enlightening ���� We have been blind not to see and realize this .P blog is literally a live saving , it contain so much useful and valuable knowledgeable ��������‍♀️ ����❤️❤️
Very greatful for the ever blog you post P
With immense gratitude ����

veena iyengar said...

aeioum.. i bow..

Anonymous said...

greaT PoinT.

nicolas said...

Wow this is so true! You clear up misconceptions in such a clear way! i bow to you all gnowing one

Ankeeta said...

You never miss any imPorTant matter…Your observation and analyses is PerphecT

ankita said...

wow You are the most amazing Divine ePic Guru 🙏