Monday 11 July 2016

wording it as it is

people here

need to

word things

as they really are

'i have a right to jump into a one-night stand'

i have a right to jump into hell

'i am going to the pub'

i am going to hell

'i want to teach/write without gnoing anything'

i want to go to hell

etc etc.

if one still does it

that's upto one


the wording has to be clear

for one's own clarity


one will go to hell

and not even gno

how/why one got there



Vintish said...

Bahuut Sundar..

Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

You make the best POINT always P !!!!

if one was wording things like that one would definitely be more aware of the consequences of one's actions and one would be much better informed about what one is about to do before doing it too !!!!!

one has said so many times 'if only i gnew then what one gnos now' ... You take all the guesswork out of things and make it so clear why that hellish situation that was not preconcieved occured in the first place ... from the lack of facing facts and truth about things ... lack of having any future perspective at all !

so gratefull You are here making the OBVIOUS TRUTH so clear that it is irrefutable and undeniable to everything and anything !! how beautyfully You have always spoken and written the Truth here for ages now !!

everyone gets to learn from You how to avoid going to more hell without any of that dogmatic stuff getting in the way ...

Your words are quintessential reading ... totally crucial and necessary for avoiding any trouble in the Phuture and should definitely not be ignored !

pinx said...

that is brilliant !

that is really how it should be !

You are the best !

i bow !

InherentNow said...

What a simple way to explain the most important things of one's life. What you sow so shall you reap cannot be explained in a simpler way than this.

I bow,

Unknown said...

I also bow. please write more books to eradicate illusion from this world

Unknown said...

Words give clarity.

Anonymous said...

that's such a great PoinT

one will go to hell
and not even gno
how/why one got there

yes one enters more and more hellishness and one doesn't even know how one got there
everything in this world leads to low vibration
things keep on becoming messy and one doesn't even know why
one is so clueless without You
one is filled with a false sense of knowing
You bring real knowledge into ones life
You are so generously enlightening everyone all the time
You have the best of intentions
this is such a great Plog
Your scriPTures are the best ever
it's so much Phun to read Your words
i bow

Data said...

Your way of wording this made me smile:). Hell is hell no matter how 'normal' we think our actions are. Brilliantly stated and a most kind reminder of the way this multiverse really operates. All praise to you PT & i bow


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

hell is such a scary place
i don't want to go to hell
You are so kind to show a way out
You are the only lifeline
it's so crazy to not want to get out of hellish situations
You make beings aware of so much
You increase consciousness
You make beings face PhacTs
You are the most effortlessly intelligent and brilliant One
i bow

missmriggy said...

That is so logical!!! That seems to be the perfect thing to say to oneself before every action so that one knows what kind of action they are doing...we are all lost without Your Grace. You have brought Truth & Clarity into this world . All Glories to PT!!!!

Unknown said...

One has to be aware all the time so that they make conscious choices. Every action has its consequences. Be alert choose the words consciously. Thank you so much PT for educating us how this multiverse operates. I bow !!

ki vernee said...

You are the PerfecT leader and teacher ! You Provide beings with so much clarity ! only a Being who has helPed themselves can helP others ! putting attention on You will lead beings to make the right decisions ... i bow respectfully

Anonymous said...

it's just so stupid to go for ugliness when the most beautiful One is here
it's just so dumb to go for ignorance when the most gnowledgable One is here
it's so dumb to listen to the mind or others when the only One worth listening to is here
so kind of You to give beings a chance to make an informed decision
i bow

You're so kind to save beings from hellish actions that take one to hell
You're so kind to save beings from the hell of choosing ugliness, dumbness and ignorance
You're so kind to save beings from a downward spiral
You are the true and One and only saviour
You are the One that matters
i bow

NavdeeP said...

O HIGHER BEING!!!! You are the only being who can clearly point out the mistakes we are doing .
How clearly you have mentioned that this plane -t is not a place for enjoyment. If you want to be-have something one should learn the right behaviour as well as right actions.

Only you are the right being on this) plane -t 🌍 who can teach those higher quality things.
I bow down into your pheet for giving such a wonderful and true required teaching to us.

veena iyengar said...

very true..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

You always word it as it is. Your crystal clear clarity about everything is so amazing and beautiful.

sarah said...

You have the most Precise accurate wording

nicolas said...

Your wording is very clear and Perfect! Your accuracy has no equal! You are the BesT! I bow

Naina said...

I am gratephul to you for letting me know this phact and saving from going to hell.

ankita said...

wow absolutely beautiful Plogs

You truly want good for anyone

there is no doubt about just one thing ...and that You are always correct right and PerfecT in every way

You are a true soul and You want good for beings here with all Your golden heart

You have written the most kind caring words ever

one bows