Wednesday 20 July 2016





has a very different






what it has always

actually meant

from the




action for those

trapped in

mass muggle consciousness here

has nothing to do with







to them

is some

general whimsical


scattered disconnected

burst of energy called activity

which doesn't have to

last through time

do one

than do another

and so forth

no coherent context required

no sense of consequence

well such a
definition of


can only

lead  to

lowering of consciousness


descent into deeper hellishness


what do we see all around

here ...


asha Pi arTi said...

i bow

it is so impressive and comPassionaTe of You to define these words for one ...


i bow

Vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

wow P !!! this really clarifies a whole lot for one !
You are so amazing ! You provide the most profound insights which are so helpful and so crucial to understand !!

Your insightful words really explain why one has gone fundamentally wrong so many times ! so great to have the proper definition of action now !!!

'consequences' 'continuity' 'coherence'
You really nail it !!! these are the missing ingredients which one urgently requires !

You are just so helpful !!!!!!!!!!!! where would we be without PT !?! (sung to the tune of THC theme song)

i bow !

sarah said...

You are the most insPiring coherent Being. You are the most Phenomenal example of how to be and what to do. You are the only One who is extremely accomplished and successful at living life.

InherentNow said...

Beautiful words, "no coherent context required, no sense of consequence"

I bow to your knowledge,

Unknown said...

Action is continuous and has reaction.

sarah said...

such a great PoinT. action should be about continuity and coherence ! Your actions all make sense and go together in a meaningful way ! You are such an examPle of how to do actions that further a goal and have a purpose.

Anonymous said...

wow You so awesomely highlight the imPorTance of right and meaningful action
You write so beautifully..You are great
how awesomely You exPlain why there's so much deterioration around
wow You are so full of awesomeness
You so awesomely exPlain what lowers the consciousness. wow
You are One great being.
You are so awesomely PersPicacious

sarah said...

such imPorTant PoinTs that the "actions" which are instigating more hell lack continuity and coherence and are unworthy of the term 'action'

Anonymous said...

action is related to continuity and coherence
..Your Plogs are so insightful
You give one the real definition of action ..
action is not just a meaningless scattered disconnected burst of energy ..
Your words are the most imPorTant ever
so great to know that action is something related to continuity and coherence ..
only You know what action is
You make the best observations and the best PoinTs ever..
Your Plogs are so enriching
i bow

ki vernee said...

wow ! You are so action oriented ... Your actions are always coherent and continuous and always aligned with the multiversal laws ! just goes to show what happens when beings do not have any diction and move away from tne Higher ! hells after hells ! i bow respectfully

Unknown said...

Yes, people do many activities one after another without any context and gnowledge which leads to lowering of consciousness ......

One must do action with proper gnowledge and in the right context for a sustained period to achieve some lasting and fruitful results therby leading to evolution.... aeioum.....

Anonymous said...

You sum it all up so beautifully
such great and legendary observations!
You say so much in such few words!
for the first time one gets to understand what action really means
Your Plogs are eye oPening
You have suPreme real gnowledge
You are so kind to save beings from this totally deteriorating situation where one didn't even gno what action means!
Your words are so enlightening
Your words are real gems
Your words are the real treasure
Your words are invaluable
Your words are so imPorTant !

so kind of You to help one understand what action means
so kind of You to save beings from meaningless scattered disconnected burst of energy
You help beings get to doing ProPer actions
i bow to the only One who really gnos

veena iyengar said...

very true..
the only action here is to bow to the higher and divine..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

Thankyou so much PT for knocking some sense of consequence in me.

Your meaningful acTions are always PerfecTly coherent and in accordance with naTural laws.

The sense of consequence makes one more conscious of one's own actions; furthermore, it makes one act in a more resPonsible way.

The only action and work that one has to do is PBS towards you because you are the one and only higher and divine PresenT on this PlaneT and how one resPonds to you is the only acTion that will decide one's PhuTure.

i bow to you🙇🙏

nicolas said...

BeauTiPhul I love how you clarify things with such ease! You are amazing! i bow

ankita said...

You are so kind to show beings a way out of doing insequential actions
most beautiPhul ePic words
so all imPorTant You are! the One with all the answers...the One and only absolute treasure
Your Divine intelligence reveals the truth
Your observations are the most ground breakingly ePic observations
i bow

Naina said...

Actions have consequences. Right actions should be repeated and should be done a whole. PT you are wonderful with your phacts.

ankita said...

Your words are suPremely kind and caring
so kind of You to helP beings see the pitfalls of a bratty way of being ...brattiness leads to continuously being in the cycle of birth death torture disease and the dumbness to not even gno why one is in it or have any urge to break out ...You are so eye oPening kind of You to show a way out ..this does look like an emergency situation ...all the reason to correct ones action and get to continuity and sensible way of being
You are the gnoing One
You are the saviour
one bows to You

ankita said...

right action is the right action when it is continuous , and only when one does the right action can one get out of here You make all the sense and You are so clariPhying 🙏 You are the saviour cannot be Praising higher and divine one minute and another minute whatching tele tubbies for no rhyme or reason
You are so coherent !
only action that comes out of ProPer intent , coherence and gnoing of real PurPose is right action !You are suPremely clariPhying
You are ePic !
all was lost without You
now what was lost is being found !
and there is not time to waste because You are all that is good eternal and nourishing !
only You take beings towards real haPPiness
You are the answer !
You are the legend !
You are the One and only real Guru 🙏
You are so PowerPhul !
You are magnanimous !
You are a kind heart of gold
You are amazingly comPassionaTe and kind hearted !
Your heart is bigger than any being can imagine !
Your love is encomPassing !
Your mercy is huge !
Your mercy is the hugest thing here !
You are absolutely the real light !
one wants to surrender to You ...You are so kind to show the way to get to that
one bows

ankita said...

Your writings are so sacred

You are the only One who has clariPhied what action really means

You are suPremely imPorTant

one bows