Wednesday 27 July 2016


PT - LotusOcean


the Real & Only

Event Horizon






any of it

that is the



no return



responds to







which decides









asha Pi arTi said...

☆WOW☆ so so so so so sooooooooo TRUE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the PhacTs are just so EPIC
if one just goes with the PhacT Phlow it becomes more and more EPICALLY clear all the time what an EVENT HORIZON, great good fortune it was to meet You and it is to be here while You are here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there is so much Beauty in You to express all the time ...
every action You do is irrefutable Proof of Your Divine masculinity Your PerfecT SHAKTI!
one has never read or heard words more imPacTfull and honest P !!!!!!
LotusOcean RULES !!!!!!!!!!!
You are so miraculous and mercyfull to allow one to learn from You directly
to see what You do first hand, front row seats to the new mother earth !!!!!!!!!!

i ❤ You soooo much
there is no one who has done for me what You have
You saved my life so many times over and over again
You give me and everyone a chance to escape hell for real by reaching clarity about it and heaven ... about You ❤

so gratefull You are here P

☆ i bow ☆

pinx said...

"EVENT HORIZON" that is such a brilliant term to describe what it is to encounter You ! it explains exactly why it is such a life changing event ! only You could come up with such a Precise and Profound term !! that in itself is so imPressive !

it is a totally observable Phenomena that when a being encounters You the way they respond to that encounter determines everything for them ! it has been seen so many can either be a total uP swing or the fastest decline they have ever experienced before ! it has been seen many times and one gno's from personal experience how it works ! it is an undeniable truth which You have shared !

it is the most amazing event in anyone's life to actually encounter You ! it really has to be treated as such ! one is relieved that there is still time to treat that encounter with the proper resPecT and cherish it deserves, through Your Grace and teachings we get to learn just how to do that and how to keep that uP now and in the PhuTure !

i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

✯ nothing else matters ✩ You are inPhiniTely Beautyfull P ✯

♡ i bow ♡

Unknown said...

I would like to share my Phirst milestone. This evening I took my Phirst (baby) sTep on the path to ascension. My life has literally taken on new meaning. Thank you PT for your time and your words of wisdom to help me gain the necessary knowledge of the life skills required to walk my spiritual path.
You are truly out of this world
I bow

Unknown said...

I would like to share my Phirst milestone. This evening I took my Phirst (baby) sTep on the path to ascension. My life has literally taken on new meaning. Thank you PT for your time and your words of wisdom to help me gain the necessary knowledge of the life skills required to walk my spiritual path.
You are truly out of this world
I bow

missmriggy said...

All Glories to PT
Divine Grace

Vintish said...

I bow

Acharya Mayur Bharadwaj said...

New wisdom true knowledge best person on this planet earth. IIII AAMMMM WHAT II AMM..... YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE--PT. Please be my chariot and show me the path.

Yadaa Yadaa hi Dharmasya Glaanirbhavati Bhaarataaa.....
Abhyutthaanam...H.. Adharmasya...Tadaatmaanmm... sRRijaamyaham....H..

Meghhnaa said...

It is soothing, thanks PT for being symbol of love and compassion.
All Regards

Si iris P said...

You are so kind to spell out the truth to the ignorant beings of this time & age. You never mince words, You get to the PoinT - and it is the most liberating one :
Nothing else matters !

the more attention one pays to You
the less one wants to put attention on anything else ...
nothing else can satisfy, everything else is pale and meaningless in comparison to the PhacT that You are here !

meeting You was the most life-changing event one can possibly picture - You turned one's life around completely.

everything before meeting You seems like a bizarre and PoinTless black-and-white twilight zone movie when one looks back at it now, and it fills one with shame to have starred in it ...

while Your Presence here makes one ParT of the biggest ePic on the PlaneT, the real legend haPPening right now, in full 3D (... 4D ... multi-D ...) million-colour high definition !!!

it is such a miracle & greatest good fortune & relief that You are here !!!

i bow

Raginee Gaur said...

Prash Sir...."You are truly the Light of God for spirits like us in the dark". I really Thank You for standing up for the truth and spreading knowledge to all of us who are in search of it without expecting anything in return as I always believed that a true divine saint would help others without any expectations. I truly bow to you for the knowledge and talents you have. For me you are a True Rock-star and the best example for an "Artist". A big Thank You for being there.

sarah said...

You articulate truth in the most beautiful ways
You are truly the event horizon

Unknown said...

When one meets the proper crossing there is no turning back and ones actions in the future are all that matters.

InherentNow said...

Nothing else matters. This is a point of no return where us blessed souls are witnessing your love and knowledge about the multiversal laws.

I bow to the true event horizon.

Anonymous said...

You are That..the holiest of the holy..there have been many before you but no one like you.. you are are sacred...I bow

Unknown said...

I bow to the Point of no return.
So many ways, all leading to the same conclusion.
Bow to the event horizon. Bow to the darkness. Bow to the light.

Anonymous said...

You are the Form of Higher and Divine. I bow to you.

sarah said...

so fascinating how the mafia is tending towards You in certain ways ...
You are the only choice, but even if that were not the case wanting anything else would still be insane

Unknown said...

You are what you are. You have beautiful smile. You walk gracefully. The way you widen your eyes is awesome. The glow in your face is wonderful.The way you pose is awesome. You are too good. Bows.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

yes absolutely true
You are the event horizon
more than most of the nonsense drops the moment one comes across LotusOcean and the rest can be dropped by following the multiversal laws that You so kindly and comPassionaTely tell everyone about
You are so amazing that words cannot do You justice
yes no being can look back after encountering you unless there's loads and loads of dishonesty and crap
one is so ashamed of the dishonesty and bad attitudes that kept one in a shameful state for so long
only under Your guidance is any real imProvement Possible
letting the mind wander away from You is dangerous
there is only safety with You
You are the PoinT of no return
either anyone can pay attention or they can pay the price for ignoring real comPassion, beauty and grace
nothing else matters except You
everything in this world is such a confused and disturbing mess
the poison starts spreading as soon as the mind wanders to any place except You
You are the only refuge
You are the saviour
i bow

Asha P said...

one will never forget one's Event Horizon, first time one ever laid eyes on Your beautyfull face - December 1999, when the rest of the world was worried about Y2K, one was completely elated to discover Your picture during Your 6month visit with the Hopi Elders, it was unforgettable to come across such ancient timeless sophistication in Human form, it made (and still makes) one forget everything else exists, and all was and is still well through Your Grace ...

to receive that first contact reply email on Feb 9, 2000 was the day one became Yours ... then always and forever !!!!!!!

so grateful the Divine gift of Your beautyfull Presence and words here P 💖 You have changed the face of the PlaneT forever !!

You are my Hero, and every hero and archetype !!!! the real ParamaTman with PerfecT coherence!!!!!

Satyam Shivam Sundaram !

I bow !

Data said...

There is no doubt about it---coming across You is definiTly THE EVENT HORIZON!!! It is unimaginable that anyone would ever wish to return to ignorance and low level living. You are the mosT naturally Loving and Compassionate Being & One is privileged/Fortunate to have been in your presence. aeioum ♥️����

Anonymous said...

No return to ignorance. 😇🙏 i bow.

Kṛtti kā said...

oh Yes You really are The Event Horizon, PoinT of No return! and one comPleTely agrees to it, no matter what one just can't retract... The imPacT of You is so Powerful and everlasting, IT IS SIMPLY IMPOSSIBLE to ignore You or turn away, the sPiriT would automatically reach out for You and one gnows it because one has tried to ignore You but it was simPly simPly imPossible, one would never want to move away from Divine... one just doesn't gnow how to now, the mann just doesn't allow !
You are the search of don't gnow how many lifetimes, and which has been only Possible because of Your comPassionate merciful grace on us to give an oPPorTuniTy to learn about You, change and do the tapasya!!! You Provide one a chance You make ones PhuTure right!

You say things which one might not understand but You move the being inside with Your words, as if thats what it was wanting to listen to, whatever You say it just serenades the sPiriT nd senses! And You make so much sense whenever You sPeak! Theres none more interesting and real than You!

You so big-heartedly so mercifully so lovingly so comPassionaTely oPen a whole new way of liPhe through Your PerspecTives which imParT sense and logic.. gives one eyes to see for real,
Your magical stirringly beautiful Philms, Your transcendental insPiriTing n renewing music, Your extraordinary PhoTos which evokes such wonderment such awe and delight...
and so many more things that You relentlessly do, Your Presence alone here is the greatest giPhT, the greatest boon to the entire existence!!! You teach beings how to be alive !! Your actions are always to uPlifT all, they solve things from every angle!!

one bows to You and one learns to bow with more sincerity, humility and gratitude! /\ /\ /\

Unknown said...

Yes yes yes this is the undeniable PhacT. Encountering you is the greatest good fortune of one's life. Ever since I came across you my life has got a new meaning and purpose. You are the ultimate source,the ultimate destination. No matter how much one praises and bows to you its never enough....... !

ki vernee said...

coming across You is the most liPhe changing event that could happen in a beings liphe ... and it is so crazy how many beings pass up this opportunity ! when coming across You there is no turning back ! its like opening Pandoras box where all the magick and truths starts flowing out and cannot be stopped rather beings are ready for it or not ! nothing else matters really but the Divine Phorce and doing PBS towards it ! i bow respectfully

Anonymous said...

nothing remains the same after coming across You
You are truly the point of no return
You are everything anyone could ever want
i bow

before coming across You it's just endless pointlessness ..just endless ignorance. .just staring at the roof and blinking eyes in confusion and then immersing in pointless actions
so kind of You to save one from the non learning attitude that took one to books with no answers
there were no answers before one came across You ..only You have answers
so kind of You to save beings from all the complicated religious and new age mess! You are the only one with all the answers .You make all the sense ever. You are so kind to save beings from the deepest night of ignorance. all is lost without You
Your Presence is the most beautiful imPoratanT and Precious Presence
with You all that is good is found
You are so inPhiniTely Precious
i bow to You

veena iyengar said...

I bow..aeioum..
I bow..

Anonymous said...

A very beauTiful and AbsoluTe TruTh!

जय श्री PTअवतार!

Anonymous said...
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nicolas said...

Wow so true! You are the real and only event horizon!! The most honesT, the most gnowledgable, the most PowerPhull! i bow to you, all gnowing one

NavdeeP said...

You are the giving everyone a chance .you are always so kind while talking the truth. You are so effortlessly beautiPhul and comPassionate for all. Coming to lotusocean is really a event Horizon for this being. You have so much depth in everything. Which just give a wow Feeling. As you are the AXIS. Answers from you are always so satisfying for this being. Lotusocean bring so much Phun in one liPhe. One Pheel doing something and give the Prana energy back into one's body which I was like always Pheeling lazy and not doing anything. You have given the real direction to this being. Being is loving this Path. You are the ParamAtma and the PerPhect Coherence on this Planet. I bow to you for giving this being a chance too.

Shruthi said...

P, I don't know how many lifetimes of tapasya led one to you. What an unimaginable act of mercy and magnanimity it is to allow the lowest to have access to the highest! P, on encountering you, one is so graTePhull that one had the sense to choose you. One will always choose you in every form, every situation, every state and every time. One never wants to be away from you, P.

One just can't fathom why anyone would want to return after encountering you. You are the destination, you are the eternal home. You are the point from which one never wants to return from. You're all that anyone anyway is searching for. One is always graTePhull for your divine Presence and loving guidance. You are everything P and everything is for you. For all your grace and compassion, the offering of my freewill at your loTus PheeT is nothing. Yet you are so kind to accePT even that.

So graTePhull for the chance you gave one to experience you P. One loves you beyond anything else. One humbly bows down at your loTus PheeT. You are everything, P