Friday 1 July 2016

Praising Bowing & Serving ~ the Most Natural Sequence

when one comes across

a Praiseworthy being


higher & divine

than oneself

it is natural



repetition of that Praise

naturally leads to


repetition of that Bowing

naturally leads to



this sequence

lifts one out of any hell


higher consciousness


higher realms



pinx said...

cannot reiterate enough just how AMAZING EPIC PROFOUND BRILLIANT HELPFUL INSPIRING & GREAT this teaching of Yours is !!!

YOU are the BEST P ! You are the One who really gnos how its done !!!
so many beings posturise and theorise but not a single one of them can actually make a PracTical difference to their own or anyone else's life !
it is just so amazing that You are here and that one gets a chance to learn from You directly !

it is a most beautiful and clear NATURAL SEQUENCE which You have so diligently laid out !!!
You bring so much needed clarity to us beings here ~ it is the most Precious gift there could be !!!!

so merciful ! so great !

and what You have PoinTed out is the ONLY thing that works !! the ONLY thing !
You are the One to turn to when it comes to lifting oneself out of hell !

i bow !

pinx said...

Praising Bowing Serving ~ the Natural Sequence

i mean just look at these glistening words of Truth !!!
so glorious and ePic of You to have laid it out so !

You are the only One who gets to this !!!
so succinct, so clear, so straight forward, so comepletely do-able !
it is the solution for everything !
no matter what it is the answer is always the same !
lack of PBS leads to hell, doing PBS leads one out of there !
and none of them can be done independently of each other ~ it doesnt work !
the order in which You lay them out is so crucial !
You are the only One who gets to the solution that is PBS !

there are so many who can identify there is problem and something needs to be done...but
nobody can actually identify what that 'something' actually is ! excePT You !
all of the suggestions 'others' make always turn out to be laughable at best.
You are the only One who gets to it ! You are the only One who is PracTical enough, and logical enough and sincere enough to get to this !

You are the BEST !

i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

Your clarity is so comPassionaTe and essential for understanding what is going on ...

You are the most Praiseworthy Being P ... it is a privilege to learn from You directly and nothing that should be taken for granted !!

You write the most imPorTant words one can read out loud !

i bow

Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

this is so Beautyfull to read P ! everything You say always makes so much sense, You only speak/write logically !

when one says a PhacT (fact) that one percieves about You, it really makes one feel good ... it is really so simple !!!! You are so kind to make the exact sequence, the recipe to not fail !!!

You are truely Timeless, Your words immortal Truth ... and always always the only way to truely go HIGHER !!

so gratefull one can learn from You directly P !! listening to You is the only thing that makes sense to one because You clearly gno what You are doing !!

You are so inherently apparently logical and UPLIFTING !!!!!!!!!!!

I bow !

Anonymous said...

You write Plogs so beautifully. You so kindly tell us what's natural. Your Plog is so beautiful and awesome. so kind and comPassionaTe of You to tell us what lifts one out of hell into higher consciousness and higher realms. Your Plog is so beautiful.

Unknown said...

Being lifted is natural.

Anonymous said...

and this is clearly how one shows resPecT !! i bow

sarah said...

You are so divine to show the sequence to get out of hell

Anonymous said...

I bow to you Guruji. You are the only one who will take us out from hell.AEIOUM.

sarah said...

so insPiring that one just has to do the natural thing and one will naturally go higher

Kulwinder said...

Searching something for long time could not find anywhere , that "something" found like 'everything". Answer of my questions.. your name, your words I feel flowing in my blood.. ultimate pease yet stormy emotions. what should I call you... Master .. ultimate... destination .. I was looking for master and I look everywhere , most of the I got one answer.... just go on.. when u will b ready HE will appear with no struggle. P I found you..or You appeared., but just stay pl in me forever ! Jab mai tha tab Hari nahi ab Hari hai mai nahi...jab andhiyara mitt gya dipak ter mahi..

Anonymous said...

Your words are very, very beautiful
only You tell one in clear words that getting out of hell and into higher realms is Possible
You give the most PosiTive news that there is an end to misery
only You know how to escaPe this hellish existence
only You help one get closer to the understanding that the enemy is within one if one does not do the right and natural thing..
only You tell one what the right and natural thing is
there is really no one like You
You are the best thing to haPPen to this world
You are so insPiring
You are unique
You actually show one a way out
You are the best
it's such great luck to come across You
You are inPhiniTely wise
You are the real holy being
You are the most wonderful
You give one hoPe
You are the only refuge..
i bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Your words are so insPiring
Your words are so soothing
it can liPhT one out of the deepest hell
You are the kindest, sweetest most comPassionaTe being
i bow

Unknown said...

Such profound wisdom is explained so precisely. No one but only the Avtar can share this absolute truth. PBS is the only way to upliftment and you are the only one who can take us higher. So grateful for your presence PT. you are the savior you are the best !! I bow !!

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

beautifully written and simPlified P ! it really shows how everything in this multiverse has a sense and logic to it ! Your analogy of the karate master and the student just summed it uP for one to understand this ! You are the Master of all things ! i bow <3ॐ

Anonymous said...

the PhinaliTy of Your words is so soothing
Praise is natural! it's comPleTely natural to want to Praise!
this sequence liPhTs one out of any hell into higher consciousness and higher realms!
You're so kind to give beings a chance to learn how to be in the sequence of Pbs and not do insequential actions
so kind of You to reveal what the natural sequence is!
i bow at Your comPassionaTe PheeT

ankita said...

You are so kind to help beings see its so natural
the only natural action to do infront of an immensely beautiPhul and Divine being with all the great gnowledge wisdom kindeness and comPassion overPhlowing
You make all the sense ever
You are Phenomenal!
one can only bow infront of Your incredible beauty immensity and DiviniTy
so kind of You to take beings back to the natural way of being
You are the most beautiPhul natural Phlowing PerfecT being ever
You are so absolutely Phenomenal Precious and rare
You sound so absolutely right!
You bring back all that is true and right
what was lost is being found now that You are here
i bow to Your glorious words of truth

veena iyengar said...

i bow to you..

Anonymous said...

Thankyou very much for giving such an easy and real solution for all our Problems.🙂

You are the only being on this PlaneT who is PraiseworThy.🙏

You are the best of all sages.🙂

i bow to you.🙇

nicolas said...

This is so important! This teaching is key for one's evolution! You are so kind to share this precious Truth with us!
i bow to you, all gnowing one

NavdeeP said...

You are the highest being came from higher realms and really gno how everything works in this multi verse. You are supreme and true reflection of divine qualities. Only you are praiseworthy. I bow to you for giving chance to praise and showing this being what are the divine qualities are as being was in total mess before your teachings.

ankita said...

wow this is a truly uPliPhTing Plog. .
it all comes back to this sequence. . whether at any given PoinT of time is one doing this sequence or not... one doesnt have to think hard or calculate or rePeaT in the head what others said about one at different times, one just does PBS! one doesnt need to do all that to make the right action continuous ,one just sticks to PBS...You are very clariPhying. ..its not so complicated that it's not accessible to beings who are not that good or nice or this or that .. everyone can do it . .one doesnt need to be an expert to be able to do it the right way enough to get out of hell . .its just desicion to keeP on doing the work and not stopping even if one does a mistake.... only You are PerfecT ...You never make mistakes...You are so kind to come to this very crazy place to show beings a way out kind of You to give beings an oPPorTuniTy to learn to be of service to You... You are the best... You are a miracle... there's no one like You... without You one would have gone more down that path of being a hyper reactive brat with no real direction... Your Presence here is suPremly rare and Precious... You are so gnowledgable... You are so grand.. .You shine with Divine PuriTy
i 🙇

ankita said...

You are so kind to simPlify so beautifully

all one has to do is tri check and PBS continously and not worry about anything else because worrying is not doing

You are so kind to show such a beautiPhul way out

one bows