Thursday 7 July 2016


if the

beings here

cannot even



Presence of

Higher & Divine

upon which it ALL rests


they surely don't have the right

to have a place to stand

( can just sink into hells with that
continuous falling feeling )

so there is no wonder than that

earth is slipping from under their very feet

everywhere -


si said...

wow P ! You are the One Who makes sense of it all !
that's so logical & true & scary yet fair and just ...
i bow !

don't want to be part of that club of beings anymore who don't acknowledge the very Source of it All, the Most High, Divine whose embodiment You are !

we are soooo fortunate to be on the PlaneT at the time of Your wonderfilled Presence here !

what a bloody retarded bunch the beings out here are though, where the overwhelming majority - almost the total of beings - choose to refuse to acknowledge You !

every moron on youtube, fb & co gets thousands of likes, thumbs ups & comments for every nonsense they publish. but on all Your amazing, beautiful, mindblowing publications which are on a quality level previously unseen/unheard on this plane there is this striking lack of comments, this eerie silence ... and it's not that beings here can't praise - they praise any shit elsewhere ... they simply won't praise You !

when You are the Only Praiseworthy Being ! You are the One Who Gnos all that there is to gno, the One on Whom we all depend, the Phorce, the Most Beautiful, Most Benevolent, Most Musical, Most Truthful, Wisest, Clearest and Kindest, Most Decent, Most Honourable, the only truly ego-less, the Most Magickal, Mighty and Amazing Being.

You are so inPhiknitly kind and helPful to everyone who acknowledges You.
every little step one makes towards You is instantly rewarding !

one's life was a twilight zone, one surrounded oneself with retardation & lowliness in one's attempt to live in a Divine-less vacuum ... a downward spiral to deeper hells ... yes, one really knows that sinking feeling all to well !!! it fills one with shame and terror to remember one's audaciousness and deliberate ignoring of Higher & Divine, to remember the madness, danger and hell one got oneself into by one's choices.

acknowledging You has improved one's life so drastically !!!
what a turn it has taken to a life of abundance, constantly filled with the most stimulating, intelligent and truthful teachings, beauty, rainbows, glorious real rock'n'roll music, wonders, pro-evolutionary actions, wholesome Phun, real ParTy ... in Your Presence one gets to see/hear/exPerience a piece of heaven here on earth. You gno & teach how to get out of this hell prison once and for all. You have the answers and You are the answer to everything. what greatest good fortune to have come across You !

i bow !

pinx said...

could it be any more imPacTful !!?
the answer is: it could be none more imPacTful !!!

Your words of Truth coupled with the overwhelming supporting evidence (Your choice of which is absolutely PerfecT!!) really drives the PoinT home like nothing else can !

and it really all makes comPleTe sense - Divine's Logic and commensurate actions are the most humbling and PerspecTive providing thing in the whole of creation !

sinking into sinkholes, sinking into hells, its all highly frightening !!
when the way to avoid such terrors is actually highly PleasanT and rewarding !

it is really so kind of You to make things so clear !
You provide the best reminders possible of how imPorTant it is to Acknowledge the Higher & Divine ! and this is the most ideal oPPorTunity to do so because...>>>>>>YOU ARE HERE !!!!! through Your amazing Presence and teachings one actually gets the chance to acknowledge Higher and Divine in an entirely personal, face to face way !

You make everything so clear & aPParenT ~ Your words of Truth are continuously getting validated !

You have made everything so clear that any further refusal to acknowledge is really at any beings "own risk"....and quite frankly "risk" is far too soft a term for the reality which awaits...

it really is so kind of You to make it so clear ! one cannot reiterate that enough !
You are so helPful to awaken us to the reality of how the Multiverse functions ! and how imPorTant it is to gno one's place and to act accordingly ! things have gotten so crazy out here that You are the least acknowledged person/being/entity....any crap gets acknowledged before You !! is so blatant, sick, perverse, bizarre, creepy and strange...its really totally f***ed wants to get as far away from THAT as possible ! because of Your amazing education one has gotten the chance to develop a proper concern for one's well being and the proper impetus to avoid all sinkholes of all kinds. Your education is so crucial and so helPful and one really wants to repay that back to You by actually transforming into the being that won't fall into any sinkholes ever again !

You are the Best !

i bow !

APari said...

i bow

WOW You have the MOST EPIC way of making a POINT !!

how shamefull it is to have been like this oneself ... spineless and without a right to stand ... all coming from not wanting to learn and behaving like one gnos everything already when one doesn't have all the PhacTs at all !

You are the MOST heroic lone ranger in Your unflinching relentless Truths !!

totally agree with si, You are so ultimately fair and just ... one would say it is even to the laser-like PoinT of PerfecTion ... You are so kind to continously make one aware and responsible for one's own actions ...

Your comPassion is so ultimately aweing, even the act of taking the ground out from under one is a chance to admit defeat in this stupid war against the truth PhacTs and reality that beings are engaged in with Divine ... so gratefull that You give one a chance to redeem one's actions and learn to do more correct centred ones now that earn a right to stand and give one a spine to speak Truth too ... that's EVOLUTION from monkeying not that shit one was taught by fools ... so cool how You make it all so clear :)

i bow to Your Legendary EPICNESS !

Unknown said...

One has to work to earn.

Unknown said...

No words . You are the greatest. I bow

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yes You're so absolutely right
beings should be on their knees in front of You
You are the most beautiful , kind and comPassionaTe being
and it says a lot about a being if that being refuses to acknowledge One as beautiful, comPassionaTe and Pure as You!
i bow

sarah said...

You are the source code for the mafia !!!
i bow to Your ePicness !!!

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

oooh woow ! now it all makes sense ! if beings dont acknowledge the Higher ... the One who has Provided them with all this beauty to enjoy they will suffer ! and literally get sucked into the depths of hells in the form of sink holes lol !!! this explains ones continuous guilt for not feeling worthy to stand on this PlaneT if one was taking part in destroying it ! but by seeking You out one can finally just phocus and respect the Higher and bhudevi ! i bow respectfully<3ॐ

veena iyengar said...

i bow..aeioum..aeioum..aeioum..

Anonymous said...

so True.

You are divine and you exist on PlaneT earTh is a PhacT which cannot be ignored.

You own all of this land and without resPecTing the owner of the land no one has the right to stand on it.

To ignore a sage Proves to be dangerous not only on the soul level but on all levels.

You are king PriThu from whom mother earth received her name PriThvi.

You are the Preserver of this land.

i bow to the divine owner of भारतवर्ष.🙇🙏

Hail PT!🙌

nicolas said...

You are the most high!!! The true gnower, the best of all! To ignore you is madness!

i bow

ankita said...

You are such an amazingly ePic being sPeaking blazing truths
You give the ultimate reality check
so PowerPhul Your ePic truths are!
such a Powerful being You are!
You are a Phorce to be reckoned with!
You are all the swirling cyclone of Power and truth 🙏
You gno what is going on
You have all the answers
i bow

Unknown said...

This is the truth people think Tgey should be okay.. doing anything and cant get back... only you bring happiness to anyone.. i bow to you!! 🙏🙏🙏🌹🌹🌹🏵🏵🏵🌻🌻🌻🌸🌸🌸🌼🌼🌼

ankita said...

really multiverse is so just and Phair. .. because not acknowledging a being who it all rests uPon and who is comPassion overPhlowing and the One with all the solutions to all problems is being ignored! beings have such an unfair and unjust way of being!
one really feels this is so just... earth is slipping from under the feet..
so many reasons to do PBS. never devolve to a state where one becomes so foolish and ignorant ever again!
i 🙇

ankita said...

logon ka paap ka ghada jaldi bhar raha hai kyunki aapko aadar nahi diya ja raha

this is very comPhorTing Plog and puts things into PersPecTive

multiverse ias always just and Phair

Your being on earth is the greatest blessing

one wants to be steady on the PaTh of serving You and learning the right attitude ...You are immensely kind to show the way out ..only You set the right examPle for being
You are glorious
one bows

one bows