Sunday 24 July 2016



a word/term


in all of its meanings/aspects



to a lower level

in the muggleworld


is not something

which one can be

interested in


not interested in

it is beyond all that

it is


to this Multiverse


it will always be

if one does not respond

accordingly to

what it is

one just

goes to deeper hells


and one is free to find

whatever they think/feel

is of


to them there


pinx said...

Your words are so helPful !!!!
this is such an amazing teaching and clarification !
Your teaching makes it so clear how "interest" is
completely inappropriate in regards to You !
it is just so aweing how way beyond interest You are !!
inherent is such a great term to have in one's vocabulary now !
how important it is to bow to the inherent and always respond accordingly and appropriately !!
to honour the inherent, to recognise the inherent action one needs to do, and to act on that basis !
inherent !!! inherent !!! inherent !!! inherent !!! inherent !!!
feels really good to repeat the word even !! Your teachings are the Ultimate gift !
You are so kind and make things so clear ! You provide more and more clarity
each and every day !! it is so amazing ! You are tireless !! You are glorious !!
You are the BEST !
i bow !

si said...

wowowow ! You just clarified it once and for all ! that's what it is ! so grateful for Your amazing sobering words of truth & clarity.

one has heard beings say that before - 'you are interested in LotusOcean, doesn't mean i have to be' ... but only through Your kind clarification can one now identify what is so inappropriate about it. LotusOcean is just not a matter of interest !

to a being that's drowning a rope from the shore is not a matter of interest ...

You always put things into ProPer PersPecTive !

cannot rePeaT enough just how great it is that You have come down here !

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

☆ i bow ☆

APari said...

☆ wow Your intelligence sophistication words comPassion and Presence are undeniable ... it is so great You are here to clarify language as only You can !!!! pretty absurd to consider EVENT HORIZON a matter of choice and interest ... everyone phinds out just how Powerfull the event of Your Life is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! one way or another ... so gratefull one can choose to do what is inherent in this situation now which is to always be learning ...

so glad one can learn from You

☆ i bow ☆

Vintish said...

I bow

missmriggy said...

PT is Greatest Blessing on the Planet
Our greatest misfortune is not allowing ourselves to cling to his Compassion

sarah said...

this is such a helpful perspective, because after decades of indoctrination, it is too easy to bring things down to a certain level, wherein people only attain status through their superior social manoeuvres and meeting a rather absurd anyways and more absurd because procedures etc don't count against it, standard of appearance, for girls, and how good at sports and how rich they are etc for boys. the idea that someone could warrant status based on something inherent to them is a foreign concept to this world, and You are the *only* indisputable example of it.

sarah said...

the freedom to be interested in random things in deeper hells is a freedom one simply does not crave. You are so merciful to provide so much to put attention on.

InherentNow said...

You have the knowledge about the multiversal laws and you are presenting it to us in such a simple way. I like this post because it makes you think and act about what you want in your afterlife.

I bow,

Anonymous said...

I bow to higher divine and want to be with the multiverse laws.

sarah said...

'respond according to what is'
You have the most Piercing logic and clarity !!!!

Unknown said...

Multiversal rules have to be followed.

Anonymous said...

so kind of You to give everyone an oPPorTuniTy to get out of the hell created by evil
it's so great that You are here and one has a chance to stop oneself from going to deeper hells
You tell one how to really escaPe
it's so great that one can escaPe for real
You bring the most PosiTive news
You are the saviour of the human race
it's funny if people are still going to take time to think whether they are interested in You or not
only You can help anyone escaPe
You make it all so clear
Your words sParkle with beauty and clarity
You bring so much PosiTivity and PleasanTness to ones life
You are so kind to give everyone and anyone a chance to evolve
You are the best
You are Precious
You are the most imPorTant being
i bow

Anonymous said...
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Kṛtti kā said...

Your words are the most important most signiPhicanT most cogent words. LotusOcean ~ You are beyond any matter of interest! Proper resPonse is everything and You make it crystal clear why that is so! You are inherent to this multiverse and have always been... Such a beautyPhull evolving clariPhiying PerspecTive, You ~ Your words are a necessity, more than what breathing is to beings!
i bow /\

ki vernee said...

absolutely ! Lotusocean is not a matter of interest ... its an inherent thing ! one definitely does not want to be part of the rest in hell ! You are so caring to give beings time to acgnowledge this imPortanT PhacT ... i bow respectfully

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I bow to Higher Divine and I learn inherently as Lotus Ocean drives me through waves of encouragement and understanding.

veena iyengar said...

I bow..aeioum..

ankita said...

wow ePic!
You are inherent
You are interesting beyond imagination
You are engulfing
Phenomenal ePic Plogs!
You are legendary!
i bow

ankita said...

wow beautiPhul
You are all imPorTant
nothing matters except You
You are so Powerful and beautiPhul in every way
You are the most interesting One
i bow

Anonymous said...

You are in here and now so it is better to bow to you when one encounters you rather than going to hell for ignoring the divine and find no rest. 😇🌐🌀

Thankyou PT for giving us a chance to get out of the cycle of innumerable births and deaths.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

This is so beauTiPhul! You are Perfect and will always be! I am so graTePhul that you exist! You are so fair and kind!
You are the most important of all
The most high of all beings!
i bow to you all gnowing one

Naina said...

Multiversal laws are timeless and they are always in accordance with our body and mind. They can only be inherited into ones lives for evolution. An evolution with enlightened being PT. The Avtaar of the multiverse. The Shiv Narayan

ankita said...

You're so kind to state the truth as it is

one bows