Saturday 16 July 2016

Camelot PT


Vintish said...

I bow

pinx said...

wow P that video came out soooo good !!!

it is PerfecT !

the way all the amazing imagery of You just flows one after another is so ePic and beautiful !

Your suPeriority is always shown in the most fascinating and delightful ways !

really love the effects You put on the visuals too :) Your fingers look like dainty deer hooves !

and that is just the coolest timing ever when You say "what nonsense" just when the "desperati" gates are shown.

and THAT camelot theme song that You instantly created on the keys is AMAZING ! it is the Ultimate soundtrack to any such thing ! You are always showing how You are the Source Code of Music ! everything You do You do it better than anyone !
You are suPreme in all things !
very delighful guitar play also !
one is just so imPressed with Your effortless creativity ! having spent years playing the keys myself one is just left in total awe and MUST bow to You in that amazement !

so good !

You are the Best !

i bow !

APari said...

i bow

ARCADIA said...

Wasnt the Grail legend and Arthurian romances about the love of a man for a woman? Thats what has enchanted the world about these stories for centuries. Lovely pictures but nothing to do with what Camelot means in the hearts of people and why it is an enigma to so many still today ie a romance.

ARCADIA said...

A womans heart is the portal to Camelot. Thats what its all about.

PT the Axis said...
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PT the Axis said...

This Hero has many woman(s) hearts. So multiple portals even by your theory. Thought some of them were featured in this Philm itself. Anyways read the other answer to really understand what Camelot is all about.

PT the Axis said...

love of a man for a woman ... well the left side inside any being is woman (female principle) and right side the man (male principle). the proper uniting of those creates the opening in the center for the kundalini (sword) to rise from the stone ( muladahr chakra ). thats what its all about. Aeioum.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ❤❤❤

Beautyfull clarifications as always !!

pinx said...

that is the most eloquent & ultimate revelation about what the story is all about P !

You always elevate things to their proper level and provide clarity through Your suPerior gnowledge, wisdom and overstanding !

it really gives one a tingle to read Your words of Truth !

i bow !

Si iris P said...

wow P, Your answer is soooo profound.

You really really gno what You're talking about.
there is absolute truth and real reality, and that's what You deal with continuously, coherently and always.
thus all Your words, actions, interactions are grounded in that ultimate reality and happening on the highest level of universal truth.

it is such a relief that You are here, the one Being Who really gnos what He's talking about.

such greatest good fortune to be here while You are incarnated on this Plane, and to have come across You !

i bow

missmriggy said...

All Glories to PT!! Om Guruveh Namaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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ki vernee said...

You truly capture the hearts of many beings ! Your comments are always so interesting to read ! there is sooo much to learn from You ! it is so clear that You are the handsome/beautiful Hero in every movie ! i bow respectfully

Anonymous said...

Yes you are the real emPeror.
i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

The real emperor! The real hero! The real Avatar! i bow