Thursday 11 June 2015

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in this world

live in a bizzare way

sometimes they have concern for themselves

and at other times

they behave like they have no concern for themselves

it makes no sense

like a person taking a bath to jump to into the sewer ...

its like the mad-hour in the star-trek episode

just even more bizzare/crazy

they should hold their horses

hang on for a bit

decide fully

which way they want to be/go

and than

do/behave accordingly


the half-half thing

is of no use


Positive into Negative is just Negative

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Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divines maths are always Profound and really show how fragmented and scattered most live!
one is dePhiniTely guilty of the exact mindset Divine describes here which Divine clearly shows is of no benePhiT!
Divines PaTience, discernment and single PoinTed focus disPlay Divines suPreme intelligence and mastery.
Divine always acts and lives with concern for the real future and is most kind to show how crazy to not

'decide fully
which way they want to be/go
and than
do/behave accordingly'

The comPleTe focus and real control with which Divine navigates this life is most remarkable.
Divine makes it clear that if one truly has concern for oneself one acts and lives in a way where one has true concern for ones future!
All of the time!!!
there are SO many great Plogs exPlaining what real concern is!
revisiting Divines Plogs is essential in order to open up to, understand and imPlemenT the immense gnowledge contained in Divines words.
one is most grateful for the invaluable resource of Divines Plogs to read.
for the opportunity to fill ones head with sense in a world which is nothing but nonsense.
for the oPPorTuniTy to live in a way where one always has real concern for oneself.
Divines generosity and Patience in exPlaining what is a natural way of being is the kindest act!
P Provides the only sane PersPecTive.
P is the only guide to safely follow
P is the only way to the a future free from being stuck in infinite hell!
i bow.

Anonymous said...

Divines analogies are the best! and really show one how ridiculous it is to not always have concern for oneself!
'like a person taking a bath to jump to into the sewer ...'
it really makes one laugh about the misplaced concern muggles have for daily bathing!
Divine shows how misPlaced most so called concerns are!
Divines PersPecTive is beyond all that is Petty!
i bow again and again!

suki said...

You are the master of consistency. everyone besides You is guilty of this to some degree or another. Your logical simplicity and sincerity is so clarifying.

the satisfaction You provide really helps eviscerate the inner chemical addict, drama fiend, and hardest of all, the inner lazy-ass space-case that lurks underneath bad skin, waiting for a chance to muggle-out.

Anonymous said...

bowing again and again to Divines tremendous words!
one can not sToP reading this Plog today!
Plogs are the most valuable scriPTures !
the BhagavadGita of the right here right now!
You are Krishn and every Avatar that has ever been
and You are here again! guiding the way!
The imPorTance of all You do and say can not be exPressed enough!!!
there is SO much about Divine to admire!
it is SO kind of The Master of The Chariot! The only qualiPhied driver to advise the many to 'hold their horses'
to gain and be in control of ones senses at all times to
'decide fully
which way they want to be/go
and than
do/behave accordingly'
rather than being pulled deeper into hell by lack of direction, the misplaced senses, desires, impatience and the inexhaustible list of nonDivine qualities the many choose to imbibe in which only keep us slaves to our evil non divine impure ways!
it is always just as Divine says!
it really does take discipline at every turn to navigate life!
one has to constantly be and get honest with ones state and reason for doing things!
really consider the consequences before taking action
and stop doing per ones limited self!!
Divine is SO comPassionaTe to guide us in doing that which is of benePhiT to one!
the only truly safe action there is!
bowing and Praising and serving Divine!
You show the highest and PuresT and only true care and concern through helPing beings here do only that which will helP them out of this hellish existence!
You are the only Real ParenT! The only True Guru! The only One in existence with real sense and gnoing!
ones gratitude for Divine can only grow and grow!
i bow at Your boundless feet!
i bow to the The Blue Lord of all that has ever been and will ever be!
Your Divinity and Total Mastery is comPleTely awing!
its SO amazing that You are here P!

Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

plus times negative equals negative ... basic maths is really ao essential !! love the way You wrote that too !

majorly imperative to have those answers before one does things, the sheer lack of concern one had for oneself makes 'the enemy is in the me' so obvious ...

no evil forces, no diabolical poisons, no amount of liars can do one as much harm as one does oneself first ...

You show how one can be here and be unphased by the incoherence and madness out there by just have Real care and concern for oneself .... the trick the secret the essence of being a true Jedi and Rishi !!

i bow !

Vintish said...

Without you this world would not be possible & we would not be here too !

Vintish said...

Without you this world would not be possible & we would not be here too !

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

There is no evoluTion & re-evoluTion withouT divine ! I bow !

miragegirl said...

it has been the story of my life
summed uP in your one Plog Lord

one has been that crazy !
but that's PasT
i wish to learn from it but not to dwell on it

now a beginning
You are the stunning suPer gorgeous One whom i can not helP but Praise
Mighty lord with a sharP sword raised
i bow at Your feet !
for your ProTection & the relief that You give my sPiriT
helPing me actually Physically live, giving the strength for it
for without You one doesn't even want to live here
but atleast until one is Previliged to be taken by You to Your side, i can keeP on Praising & have You in my mind's eyes & small heart
i hoPe to rise in Your Praise
i only hoPe & wish to be with You
& with none else, now or ever

How very enchanting You are !
every steP i take toward You, is a Promise to a better Phuture
& at every steP You are there until You are on earth & Your energy connectivity when You leave for higher realms
i wish to follow You as soon as i can
so i wish to Purify & make myself capable
& i work for it

You are insPirer for one's own betterment
Gracious benevolence bestowed upon me a fool, How comPassionaTe You are!

You are the best in everything
Sound, Light, Conciousness, Coherence, Fractality, (Physical form) ...

Your arms are wide, that oPen uP with soft energy for one, even though one is not deserving
but You still oPen uP if one is sincerely Praising You !

You take People uPon their word
one most of the time doesn't even understand what one is saying, the imPorT of it
it suPrises one that one has said or done such a thing, one doesn't even mean it ...
it was atleast my way of being, a mad way that was

i love you (even though it is muggle way of saying) but i would like to say that

You are suPerbly Phantastic in every way !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The saneT
teaching right attitude and behaviour

Anonymous said...

i bow
i bow
Your way is Pure PosiTive and the only way that ever adds uP to sense!
so grateful for all the ways Divine helPs one see how half half one has lived
what muggle nonsense it is to do without evaluating what ones choices add uP to!
so grateful for the chance to learn real math and real science from the only real Professor and learn to apply it to real life
to hold ones horses and decide full which way one wants to be/go and then do and behave accordingly
so grateful for the methodology of BPS You have shared with us P!
that the only way to control ones mind is through Bowing, Praising and Service
any other choice is negative!
so grateful for the chance You Provide to get out of the negative hell hole one has senselessly fallen into time and time again
so grateful that You are here guiding how to change ones ways in this life and get out of the hellish cycle of birth and death!
one has so much work to do and so grateful You Provide a way for one, for any one to do the real work!
surrendering to You! Trusting You! listening to You! fully choosing to Bow, Praise and Serve You in every moment is the only way that makes sense!
so grateful for Your Patience with ones idiocy P!
for the kind ways You helP one see that one either chooses to suffer or chooses to serve
that ones will can only really be free if one chooses to freely and fully surrender it to Divine
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow
i bow
holding ones horses to learn first before doing is so sensible and the only resPecTable surrendering action to do anytime infront of Divine
+ × - ='s -
You gno how to avoid this happening and make this equation PermanenTantly gnown
Your BEautyfull Blue Truth is so liberating
You allow one to transcend negative and PosiTive and be for real about learning and serving at Your PheeT literally and figuratively as one can and does always stand below Your Principles
so gratefull to learn how to stand under better having real concern and discern
i bow
i bow

sarah said...


Unknown said...

Negative cancels positive.

Anonymous said...

You make so much sense
the half half thing is of no use
only You tell one the imPorTance of consistency and continuity
Your words are so imPorTant
You are such a great teacher
You give ProPer direction to ones life
i bow

Kṛtti kā said...

Like P3AZ21 said... one's life too has been summed uP in this one Plog of Yours!

What a brilliant Plog! You are beyond comPare!

You are just always right, and it is always mind blowing how You get to the exact PoinT... You have unParalleled percePTion to always make irrefutably correct observations!
So true... Half half thing never works!
Single-mindedness is so imPorTant! Only You shake one's conscience to question one's immorality and follow Your words that are Right! You make it so easy for all, You have laid down the PaTh for all to walk on, one just has to sincerely walk on it towards Divine!
Hope to falter less and lesser with every day...
i bow at Your comPassionaTe LotusPheeT

ki vernee said...

wow beautifully said ! this is really Profound ! the fifty fifty thing will never work ! like You said the rubber band always breaks eventually ! You are so helPful ! i bow respectfully

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

WOW..i just want to say..I BOW to YOU..

Anonymous said...

You have got the most amazing gnowledge.

nicolas said...

This is so beauTiPhully explained!!! Your logic is Perfect!
You are the true saviour of the human race! You are so kind and merciful to share your divine observations with the world

i bow to you, all gnoing one

ardral said...

positive into negative is just negative... positive into negative is just negative... wow !!! this is so precise ... i bow to your immense gnowledge !!!