Monday 15 June 2015


people of this planet

send their children to

schools and universities

for education

the thinking is that

they would learn something

they are (like all else) totally oblivious to the fact

those places exist

for making sure

beings don't come to gno anything

while instilling the false idea

that they gno a lot



miragegirl said...

You are our real Guru my Lord !

our Hero, the One Great Multiversal entity who has actually taken time to come down to instill PrecePTs to be followed for the Phuture

'P is the Pole i sPin around
what was lost is now being found'

You have given a great mantr to rePeaT

& great many more mantrs as well, all as Powerful & PoTenT

LotusOcean Manifestations & concentration on You & Praise of You teaches one a lot

those schools/ uni didn't have any interesting things to say, may be curious sometimes but nothing that was real, nothing that one would hold on, that was it & was left there

not something that could helP one for a really bright Phuture

lol ! they say education is for bright Phuture, from schools/ uni, its a Bright Phuture indeed, in Hell ! in Bright Neon Lights they must mean (lol !)

You 'inflitrate' ones consciousness so much that one starts to concetrate on the Real in life

there are so many ways of Pure intensities one can want & actually make it to higher realm

You Provide it all, show it all

to some it may be Your Pure unlimited Energy & Time, Your benevolence itself that charms & rises one uP

to some others it may be Your Physical attraction

to some what all 'success' You have achieved in terms of Physical comforts for life

to some that You are The Enlightened One

My sweet, sweet, sweet Lord, All You are in itself is a great teaching !

and All You do & say is Precious beyond what a mortal may Percieve or Praise fully

not everyone is born onto Divine's side, most almost are not & infact start taking on evil side from soon after birth

so then it is shameful that even after seeing You, You are not oPenly accePTed as a Guru by individuals (!) or by MASses

hoPe PT sPeaks oPens more eyes & ears out to Multiversal constructive music that is Your Voice of Truth
instead of destructive music, music of the consequences of not concentrating on Truth !

You have comPlete Passion, are Practical, are alive (Truly so my Lord, How beautiful !)

You show us what is PracTical, Physical reality & what in PracTice would helP one ascend

You are 'The All Gnoing One'

One with Crystal Clear sweet mind full of Coherent Energy waves that flood One & wash ones imPuriTies not just once but again & again

given an abundance of chances to be touched so, How benevolent You are !

and How ultimately charming !

whose energy is sPread all over the multiverse, the entity that resides outside of it all, it has to be the greatest teacher Providing Best education in all ways & always !

ever grateful to You ! Great Guru of the Multiversal existences !

How charming You are !

Vintish said...

I bow ! The best place one can get education is here at "Lotus Ocean"/ PT mahavidyalaya !

Vintish said...

I bow

miragegirl said...

You are a magical, most charming being !

in the magic "Milky Lake of PT's Mind", sols that take a dip, never return ...

magic starts to envelope me in Your Praise & Promises to take me to another world if i hold True

oh ! how i long for the magic dip !

Your Powerful entrancing beautiful voice & sounds You cause start to awaken one to the suPreme sounds in the Multiverse, calling one toward the beginning of creation, the Sound of Aeioummm, The Pure sound

Your Physical charms show the scantity of the Physical existent Multiverse teaching that in virtue One should rise toward PuriTy

You are what You are, so it is that You have the most suPerb charming form

there may be maya on 3D (even so), in all Multiverse is Magic of You ! its PosiTive

there was a thought always, why should i even exist, what is it, why not nothing !
But that is because one wants to run way from that which one sees, evil, evil outside in almost all, evil in oneself

i do not think that way anymore, its a beautiful creation, a sPace for evolution, all a ocean infact but one to transend

education is what You Provide me as i Phind You charming & can not but listen to You

i wish to imPlement all You say, learn & evolve

so that one day "You take one home with You and keep one close to You"

You are too charming to want anything else or anyone else !

Anonymous said...
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pinx said...

You are the REAL EDUCATOR !!
You are never oblivious to reality !
You always call things out for what they are !
You never install falsehoods in people, You in fact shatter them ALL !
This world is filled with delusional truth phobic beings and everyone except YOU has been part of the malady to varying degrees
so it is the greatest relief and good fortune and the most utterly comPassionaTe act of You, that You have come to this realm to help us who are trapped in this physical dimension and all the hell/ignorance/anti-reality/anti-Force madness that comes along with it !
You are the kindest most diligent teacher ! never giving up on us !

asha Pi arTi said...

*❤* APPLAUSE *❤* BRILLIANT POINT!! they only learn a whole lot of nonsense (myself included) that gratefully gets undone by Your words of simplicity and Truth !

You say it like it is P ... You live everyday science ... You always saw thru the bullshit of these institutions by their lack of answers to real questions abt reality !!

You are THE LOTUS amongst the muck of this world !

one has learned more from Your music than all the years in school/university/lectures/seminars/museums/tv/conversations etc etc

❤ i bow !! so glad You are here ❤

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Yes P! Yes! it is Only You who can state the facts! The Truth! You who can see what all in this world are oblivious to!
Your PerfecT observations and objectivity have always seen through the fraud of the system, the institutions, this Plane(T)!!!
it is You who see that so called education is really instilling false gnoing through and through!!!
one has never come to learn anything in ones life through these means excePT how to lie to oneself and others, regurgitate text book answers, scape by and pretend one gnos things!
these places bread brattiness and baseless ego and prepare one to be part of the mindless evil system just as You say!
they keep one from opening ones eyes to the hell that this place really is!
You are the only source to turn to!
the only Place on this PlaneT which Provides a REAL education!
the only ONE who one can safely not question!
the only ONE who can guide one too see what life is really for and how to really learn! how to evolve!
You are the only hoPe to escaPe! to truly graduate!
You are the ultimate rebel! the ONE who has always been too kool for skool!!!
at Your feet is the only Place in this world to be!
the only Place to unlearn so one can oPen uP to the truth!
it is SO amazing You are here P! there there is ONE who is free!
i bow to the Avatar PT!

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Guru
You show existential truths
You helP one face the reality of death and afterlife
You are The Real Highlander

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You are so generous P!
SO inexPlicably generous to have created a Place a PlaTform for real learning to take Place.
a Place in this hellish world where beings can sPeak the unadultered words of Divine!
the only Place where all those who are truly searching for Truth, for You can Phind it.
a Place where ones mind, ones consiousness, ones heart, ones being, ones sPiriT, ones intentions, all of one can
with PaTience, dilligence, diciPline, devotion and time become PuriPhied.
You and Your scriPTures are nothing but the Truth!
it is really touching to read the Praises here of those who are devoted to You!
there is nothing more comPhorTing than gnoing that through Your guidance one can reach a state to be able to be in Your Divine Presence and serve Divine.
that through this service and devotion one may grow close to You
that one has the chance in this life to be raised from ones dead state and follow You to higher realms.
It is YOU who are DIVINE incarnate on this Earth!
The ParamaTman! PT! The Avatar!
Your life gives meaning to being here! gives PurPose!
a life not sPenT in Praise and service and devotion to You is no life at all!
it is a wasted life!
one is so ashamed to have wasted so much time caught up in petty selfishness and delussional mindsets trying to figure this mad world out with ones mad mind!
without You! without P! without the only One who gnos!
one is so ashamed to have allowed oneself to become so removed from Divine.
for all the stupidity one has inculcated and the many shameful behaviors and actions throughout ones life.
You are so gracious and kind to helP guide one in how to surrender ones little mind and meanigless ego.
to helP one develoP ProPer humility and resPecT and recePTivity.
It is mindblowingly amazing ALL You do for this world P!
how available You are for all the beings trapped here who have intent to serve You.
and so generous to helP PuriPhy that intent so that one can become able to.
so that ones attention can remain always steadfastly focused on You!
You are alive in Your every PicTure, every Philm, every word You have scriPTed, in every song You have transmitted.
You are the One and only hoPe for a real PhuTure.
All You do and all You have done, the legacy of Your ePic life which You have documented and share is the greatest treasure!
all in this world are lost without You!
so grateful You are here to bow down to P!
i bow.

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow . love Your Revelations... no says it so clear and direct like You ! i bow .

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow . love Your Revelations... no one can say it so clear and direct like You ! i bow .

Unknown said...

False ideas can be instilled in masses.
One should find on its own.

sarah said...

You lay out the situation clearly, simply, point by point.
You are the suPreme educator, the only Professor.

sarah said...

You describe insufferable sanctimonious uni graduates with laser Precision despite the good fortune of minimal if any interaction with them. Your clarity of vision and of descriPTion is mesmersing.

Norlha said...

Yes ,So true Guru! Going to school and university doesn't mean gaining knowledge and education at all ; "knowledge is power" l personally have never felt" the power"; instead we are left with more confusion and were given piles of books to learn the facts and theories to mugup for the sake of good grades , so that in future we will be approved of becoming a good slaves for some company; (we are living in hell)
O Avatar , the libierater of confusion and illusion, we thank you! your knowledge are worth more millions paris,I bow to you 🙇!

ki vernee said...

You are absolutely right ! if school taught beings anything truthful and PracTical we wouldnt be in this hellish situation ! school for one was just a place for socialising art and sports and even that was not fulfilling ! You are where the real gnowledge is at ! i bow respectfully

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

so very true..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

You are always correct.

You simPly gno it all.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

So true! You are the real Guru!
Your honesty and kindness is so insPiring! You are divine for real!
i bow to you, all gnoing one