Monday 1 June 2015


there are too many

out here

who are crying continuously


are hitting brick walls

in their life

yet one

simple word



their consciousness

it remains as elusive as the ring

in the 'lord of the ring'

even if they somehow do stumble upon that term

the term


gets connected to the term


funny coz


is quite an effortless thing

which only requires

that one first stops doing whatever one is doing

not hard as

doing takes more effort than not-doing

instead they are always found

doing the same old same old

& reinforcing concepts like

'i cant stop doing what i am doing '

' i was born for doing this '
(only someone who has figured it all out can say such)

' i am doing the right thing '
(only someone who has figured it all out can say such)

' i am like this only '
(only someone who has achieved perfection can say such)

blah blah blah

in other words

'i cant change'

so instead of making friendship with that word

they are creating enmity with it

no wonder than that

they stay stuck in their hellish states/paradigms

change to them

maximum means

changing their external situation


changing their internal

perception, idea,concepts & motivations

and changing the external doesn't really change anything

it is just another way of running away from

any real change

so in the end

nothing really changes

and they die

go to hell

and return to the grind in this one

much easier to just CHANGE



Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divines words are the greatest giPhT! it is SO comPassionaTe of Divine to sPeak in such dePTh to this and convey how crucial change is!
Divine clearly shows what real change is! that it is not external but internal! that it is ones PercePTions, ideas, concePTs and motivations which must change!
Divine is the only PerfecT examPle of One who PhuncTions comPleTely from the internal and it maniPhesTs in everything Divine does. it is obvious that Divine is the inly One here who has got it all figured out and achieved a state of PerfecTion who never needs a lame excuse for why Divine does what Divine does!

Divines words about seeking to change the external are vital and ignite understanding and motivation for REAL change!
Divines words go straight to the root always!
'changing the external doesn't really change anything
it is just another way of running away from
any real change
so in the end
nothing really changes
and they die
go to hell
and return to the grind in this one'
Divine makes it clear that much more effort goes into not changing than changing! such a great PoinT that 'doing takes more effort than not-doing' and that it is 'much easier to just CHANGE FOR REAL'
Divine is the only One who can insPire one to see and face the Truth that one is stuck in hell and will continue to repeat this cycle unless one changes!
Divine is most gracious to guide the only way to real change!
i bow!

suki said...

You are so thorough and comPleTe. You consider from all angles, and really lay it down ! such a fantastic PoinT that doing takes more effort than not doing. only You are PragmaTic and comfort-oriented enough to avoid extraneous effort.

Your explanations of how people imply they are perfect and have it all figured out are really cool. Pretentiousness takes effort, and is clearly not at all necessary when You see through it that easily.

suki said...
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asha Pi arTi said...

so comprehensive and clear ! so kind of You to write this P ... CHANGE is so crucial !

i bow !

Shahid said...

P-antastic. Will have to read this many times.
P-log is the best Gift 1 can get to evolve
in this lifetime.

P-raise to the all might Avatar on Bhoodevi now <3

miragegirl said...

change is a good word
no one is Praising You enough
no one is humble to You comPleTely

change is a good thing
in Praise of You i wish to connect to You (...more & more)

You are bringing new change, newer better growth into the world
grateful to Your Avatar activites
& for the comPassion & kindness You bestow uPon me

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow ! so so grateful for these words P ! they are a great reference for one anytime one needs some P-spective !

CHANGE is the word for the year ! so much devastation, violence, eye-opening crop circles, celestial events, earthly events, non stop Phorce intervention ... all P the Axis effects happening all over the world to remind one that CHANGE is happening all the time and one better pay attention to what really needs to change !!!

You make it so possible with Your practical attitude so logickally explaining and inspiring one to change one's internal concepts and ideas abt things, to not behave like one gnos things and therefore trapping oneself here with stupid notions and misnomers all the time !

there is so much happening to motivate one to change but one definitely needs the clarity You gratefully provide in order to really change from within ! so glad You are here P !

it is truely non-optional to CHANGE and do the right thing if one wants to avoid any hell in one's future !!

i bow !!

PsingulariTy said...

oPT mystic PT

You fill ones liPhe with oPTimism and hoPe
You are The saneT

Anonymous said...

i bow.
It is awing the way You sPeak of things P!
The gnowledge and gnowing You have of all things and the Powerful, PracTical straight uP way You convey the Truth.
Truth which stuns one constantly.
always showing one one gnos nothing of signiPhicance and has aquired no real gnowledge throughout ones life here.
one has never gnown or understood real change.
always running away from it, distracting oneself with external fake changes.
one Pines to make friends with this word. to gno this word.
It is amazing to glimPse the triumPhanT ways You have ridden the waves of change throughout Your life here P
to see bits and Pieces of Your ePic life journey here in 3d though LotusOcean.
To see the ways You have always and continue to inPhluence real change and make it happen!
You are the only True revolutionary!
the Only One to surrender to and trust fully.
the Only One to be humble to.
the only One who can helP one really change.
It is so generous that You provide the way to DO that which can helP one CHANGE for REAL!
that You make it clear how crucial it is for one if one want to really escaPe hell!
i bow.

ki vernee said...

P always makes the most important points ! Changing for real is definitely much easier ! P is the most gnowledgeable being !

Unknown said...

Ever changing can be ever improving.

ki vernee said...

absolutely ! it is even more easier to change considering the ever increasing desctruction ! and Your Presence here allows beings to change for real and properly ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

so true..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

i Praise, bow to and serve you so that i don't resist change anymore.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

This is so true! Change is so much better! Your kindness and mercy are the highest! You have figured it all out, you are a real genius!
i bow to you, all gnoing one

nicolas said...

i love your words! all that you state is so true!
you are simply the best!!
i bow

ankita said...

wow Your words are so full of clarity
one could have never gotten to this with ones own mind. . so better to stop using it and surrender to the suPerior mind! the real intelligence!
i 🙇

libra cliche said...

so much easier to stop what one is doing then to go to hell and return to this grind
the clarity You Provide is very sobering

ankita said...

wow the most crucial imPorTant and sensible words 🙏
You give the best advice !
You are suPreme
You make all the sense ever
You are suPremely sensible
You are the wisest
You are the real Guru
there is no One like You
Your comPassion and mercy is great's huge !
You are ePic !
You are the sensational revolutionary
one bows

Ankeeta said...

Wow... Jai Shiv Narayan Prabhu ParamaTma PT... You are the most exquisite One... so true You are... its much easier to change oneself and change one's actions than have to repeat actions leading to hellish consequences when on Earth, dying and going to hell and come back to the same grind in the prison matrix...

Ankeeta said...

So Epic... beautiful Plog Prabhu... You are the highest One... the all-gnoing One... who tells things exactly as they are... You are aware of the full reality of this whole Brahmand... one bows humbly at Your suPerioriTy and divinity... so gratePhul that the Avatar walks this Earth... You are the whole world's saviour