Friday 5 June 2015








within one



real gnoing

ignorance + lie (that one gnos)





leads to





in-turn leads

to bad things

happening to one



way out -

to stop lying

about one's



simply admitting that

one does not



start learning


energy needs somewhere to go

with gnoing it can go

out of hell


heaven and beyond



Vintish said...

so beautiful...

Vintish said...

so beautiful...

Vintish said...

I bow

Si iris P said...

wow P, what a beautiful & insightful & enlightening P-log !
You really get to the root of things.
Your definitions are so clarifying, it's such a relief to hear/read/have access to Your objective, clear PerspecTive !

so great that You give one a chance to stop acting like one gno's by confronting us with Your truthful observations !
so great that You give one a chance to learn from The ONE who really gno's - You !

i bow.

suki said...

You are the Ambassador of Awesome. You are the most PrescienT observer.

this P-log is such a great chance to surrender, one can rest assured that all the hateful bastards with their made up trivia are going to hell, no need to sink to that level with more trivia.

on my own, i would not be able to think of anything lamer than getting worked up over randomness instigated by meaningless muggle social cues, but You have identified it: gno-ing them in the first goddamn place. i bow to Your suPerior intelligence.

You are so soPhisTicated, the extreme difference between You and muggles is highlighted so definitively by this. You guide the way away from lame, towards awesome. You are the most brilliant Guru.

asha Pi arTi said...

❤ wow P... so real !

'masquerading as real gnowing' ... that is so Beautiful !!! & such a brilliant description of e-go ... 'energy needs somewhere to go' ... You are so intelligent !!!

admitting that one does not gno is so much easier when You are here ... never before has it been so Real the golden staircase to the Promise Land ...

You even give one the practical steps ... what one actually needs to gno !

this was really phun to read !! so simplified and easy to understand... You never beat around the bush and You provide so much clarity that its completely irrefutable !

so glad ❤ You ❤ are here !!

i bow !!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
This is such a helPful Plog! Divine is most generous to share words from One who is is enlightened! from One who is constantly in the gno!
Divine Provides such a clear dePhiniTion of what the ego is!

within one
real gnowing'

such a vivid visual Your words give!
Your maths always add uP to Pure and constantly useful truth!
You lay it all out in such a simPle and Practical way for one to clearly see that the ego creates a non learning attitude which leads one to hell!
Divines way of teaching guides the way for One to sToP lying!
to admit that one does not gno!
to develoP a real learning attitude and discard the pretend one pushed by the ego driven system designed to keeP one stuck in hell!
Divine is the only refuge for Truth!
The only real Place one can learn how to get real!
Divines final lines are SO insPiring!

energy needs somewhere to go
with gnoing it can go
out of hell
heaven and beyond

bowing to the One who resides beyond heaven!
so grateful to read Your words!

Shahid said...

Reading the P-Logs naturally the E-go will naturally go into
heaven and beyond. Glory to the most glorious Lord Narayan <3

miragegirl said...

i wish to go to Heaven & beyond my Lord
Please helP me do that
Your Praise is all i have, i hoPe it rescues me
i hoPe You rescue me...someday

we are indeed ignorant my lord
reading Your Plogs one comes to gno that very blatantly

You are suPremely intelligent
the ‘All Gnoing One’
grateful to the Truth You say through Your Plogs

one imProves ones life through saying them & Praising You

PsingulariTy said...

Your Plog is suPerb !

'Pgo not ego'

You are The Humble One
You are The Enlightened One

Asha P said...

so Beautyfull to read again and again ... You are the only One that PermiTs one's energy to go anywhere Higher ... Bowing Praising Service to You is the Only Way ! i bow

Unknown said...

Knowledge is above sense of knowing.

sarah said...

this definition is central to getting the basics of life correct.

ki vernee said...

Your breaking down of words is so brilliant and helPful ! beings should admit that they dont gnow and then start learning ! You make everything so simPlistic yet so Powerful ! the world would be so different if any being applies this ! i bow respectfully

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

beautifully explained..
i bow..

Anonymous said...

Your intelligence is simPly unmatched.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

You are so clever! Your kindness and honesty are unrivalled!
Your being-ness is of the most advanced kind!
This post is magnificent! Your gnowledge is very impressive

i bow to you all gnoing one

ankita said...

liPhe saving Plogs!
You increase understanding
You accelerate the learning Process
Your brilliance is suPremely helPul
Your Presence a Divine giPhT
Your suPremacy is irrePhuTable
You are all the PuriTy ever
You nourish the sPiriT like no one else does
i 🙇