Friday 19 June 2015


recently a muggle

said to me

'there is no

room for dissenters

in your set-up'

this muggle has published books

relating to ancient vedic texts

so the question has to be asked

which rishi's scene

was open to dissenters

rishi's had disciples not dissenters

and disciple's intent is to learn not dissent

for dissent

one has to gno

gno more than who one is dissenting for sure


in case of avatars

like krishn

the texts are very clear about what happened

to dissenters like shishupaal

time for some lotusocean fact -

the judgement i am doing on this planet

is way beyond




Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

wow ! i bow !

great point about the dissenters needing to gno more than the one whom they are dissenting... You are so logickal !

ppl who read the vedic texts should learn abt the behaviour towards Higher which is the main theme of them ... even a non vedic scholar like oneself can glean that ... let alone someone who is publishing books, they should be total vedic scholars not dissenters of You of all ppl !!!

truely glad You are so patient and compassionate in Your Judgement !

i bow ❤

Anonymous said...

i bow!
SO kind of the Avatar to continue to make it clear how imPortanT Your role is! to continue to helP clear uP any confusion about who You are and why You are here! You are the only One who's oPinion is valid, Pure and rooted in Divine gnoing!
it is You who are the authority on ALL things! for very logical, PracTical and scienTiPhic reasons! YOU ARE THE AVATAR! the only One who gnos the Truth! The only One who gnos the real story PasT, PresenT and PhuTure! The One who is in charge of this entire multiverse weather or not beings agree with it, with YOU!
the many warnings and reminders Divine gives about those who objected to Divines ways and did not resPecT Divine in Previous incarnations and the way You give beings the chance to recognize their stupidity, to align with Divine, is really magnanimous and generous!!
As stated so beautifully by Divine Your judgement here is WAY beyond consent and dissent!
Divine's recent videos give a glimPse at the Power of Divines judgement!
one is SO grateful for all the ways Divine reminds one how useless the ego is and has no Place in ones interactions with Divine! for the oPPorTuniTY to see for oneself how unatural it is to go against Divine!
You are the most serious and Powerful Phorce and SO kind to have come here and to share ALL that Divine does!
i bow!

suki said...

even though You are the only One in the world who has enough gravity that the act of You sPeaking something makes it true, You still provide more facts and evidence than muggles do. there is nothing more Phun than hearing the brilliant logic with which You exPlain things.

miragegirl said...

if one PuTs ego aside, all dissent would disaPPear
Praise of Divine is the way to go
in whatever way one can, as much as one can

Your judgement is on an individual & the collective as well

You are The Elder, The Enlightened One

Your judgement is in the best interests of beings, earth & multiverse !

asha Pi arTi said...

the phacts about You are shuddering/thrilling and so Real ... so much proof of Your presence being seen on the PlaneT right now with nature's retaliation, the cropcircle responses to Your sonics, the awakening of so many to real facts and research, the epic documentation of all of the elements responding to You, prooving once and for all that Divine is on earth, the sheer number of rainbows and lightning bolts alone are more than all of hollywood's attempts ...

surely anyone trying to dissent is not paying attention to any of these facts !

i bow !

miragegirl said...

its too Phunny
the reason anyone would come to LotusOcean is because they gno its better, better than what the outside hell is ! You are Divine ! Your refuge is true ProTecTion !

You have PerfecT coherence, PerfecT PhracTality !
You have a crystal clear mind, You are the 'All gnoing One'

one must not be humble, must not be honest so they must think they are caPable of dissenting ! its very daring actually ! & harmful to one's own sPiriT !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Vedic Man
setting things right

You are Kalki, destroying evil here

You are ShivNarayan heralding the Aquarian Age in grandeur

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow . holy shit someone clearly doesn't care abt their PhuTure saying that to You ! i bow to Your Judgement and what all Truth You reveal . i bow .

Unknown said...

A wrong action can't escape judgement.

Norlha said...

I bow !

ki vernee said...

Your PerspecTives are always so enlightening ! one loves how You always have a Higher and logical PerspecTive on how things are supposed to be !

" rishi's had disciples not dissenters

and disciple's intent is to learn not dissent "

love this line ! disciple's intent is to learn not dissent ! very true ! i bow respectfully <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

you are the AVATAAR..
i bow to you..

Anonymous said...


There can only be one.

You have always made it as clear as day that opinions can be formed only by you because only you have your 3rd eye opened.

One can only learn from you by acknowledging, Praising, bowing to and serving you.

You are the ultimate Guru of this world and other beings are clearly lower than u.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

You are the greatest! You are beyond all nonsense, you are beyond consent-dissent, you are divine
You are so kind and merciful
i bow to you, all gnoing one

Gita said...

wow sPoken like a true Hero, the Real Hero of all times... so glad one got this opportunity to come across someone who is soooooo very huge big and everything Nice

Rashmi said...

Your gnowledge about the multiversal law in its entirety makes You the only authority to Pronounce Judgement !

You are so Powerphul