Sunday 31 May 2015

gone to the moon ...

majority of people


don't face the fact

on a personal level

that they are stuck here

so its no wonder than

that lies are rampant

on a collective level

continuous lies like

they have gone to the moon

are going to mars ...

when they don't have a single real proper photograph

(only madeup composites, paintings ...)

of earth to show

from all their purported space travels

planet of the apes ten times over ...


suki said...

Your sorting capacity and intellect are so desperately needed. You are so comPassionaTe and merciful to provide access to them. You see right to the root of the problem. You are always so honest with Yourself that manipulation is not possible.

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divines PsPecTive is most logical and Truly scienTiPhic!
Divine clearly shows how not facing facts Personally contributes to the massive collective lies!
Divine makes it clear how ridiculous it is for people to believe in notions that they are going to other PlaneTs! and how truly dangerous it is to not face the fact that they are stuck here!
Divines helPs one see how imPortanT it is to focus on the real escaPe and not buy into sci fi fantasies!
Divine is the only One who can challenge the widesPread lies with Truth!
Divine is the only One with eyes to see!
it is amazing that there is One PoinTing out the foolishness of this world!
One to turn to that sees and gnos the truth!
bowing to the only One who gnos the real way out!

Vintish said...

"they don't have a single real proper photograph

of earth to show" what a sPeech... (*__*)

Vintish said...

I bow

Si iris P said...

wow P, what a PerspecTive !

not only do You see through the lies (which majority of people on the PlaneT buys without second thought) by looking at facts with unfailing objectivity, logic & clarity - You also understand what's at the root of the deception !

i bow !

asha Pi arTi said...

the truth is so much more fascinating then the bullshit one is fed out there !!!!

You are so witty P ... planet of the apes ten times over ... that is just so intelligent and true !

Your words are the height of compassion... all the truth that is not acgnowledged or shared can be found here for everyone to learn, no social hierarchy excuses ... its all here for anyone who chooses to phind out the truth abt where we live right now !!

so glad You are here... the real rainbow bridge !

i bow !!

miragegirl said...

wow ! its such a dangerous world
with so many lies

world is full of fools & lies & ignorance

glad an Enlightened being is here
You are ultimate in Virtue & PuriTy, so only could You become The Enlightened

i would bow to such a Man
i bow to You my Lord !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Real Scientific Man
full of logic
You are absolute intelligence

You are Awing !

Unknown said...

Basics come first.

ki vernee said...

You are so Phunny it really is like planet of the apes ! You were never fooled by desperati ! You are very aware and discerning! i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Vaishali thaker said...

This phact you have explained in simple plain words so easily!
If there was some other person he would have, given up his whole life, written thesis on it but still would not have been able to make people understand..
No one went or is going to Moon or Mars is a shocking news for those science illusionists.
Everybody on this plane is in illusion & misdirected.. Your information is always to the point. You present such eyeopening phacts and make people aware about it. Only you are the awakening phorce on this earth plane..
You are so straightforward, powerphul & conphident in whatever you do or say. Your words have magical effects.
No one can dare to deny your words as that person may not have enough reasons or proofs of denial but you speak or act with all the proofs..
Your gnoledge is incomparable & incredible. You are so centered in your actions. You are so complete, aware & conscious about yourself and the ones around you.
you are always in state of bliss & make the surroundings blissphul too wherever you go!
you are the supreme being with supreme qualities.. i bow 🙏

Unknown said...

Very true, no one (I have known) has even seen the entire earth let alone ....

Most of all these seems fraud .... and one must concentrate on oneself before trying to figure all these stuff ...

Most people including myself dont understand most things about taking care of oneself ... no wonder evil forces have been able to control most of the people with their useless work...

Very grateful for PT to create this awareness .... aeioum...

Anonymous said...

Yes! You are the only one who is always TruthPhull.

i bow.🙇🙏