Saturday 13 June 2015



words in this world

used only in muggle contexts like

applying for a job

or application

for some stupid bureaucratic nonsense

but the Real context




very different

it is


one self fully


figure out/gno the consequences

(short-term, mid-term, long-term )

of any action

before (not after, not during)

doing the action



apposite (opposite)



that one's actions have no con-sequences


Anonymous said...

i bow! Divine is SO kind to share the real context of words beyond the muggle meaning!
to dePhine what it really means to apply one self!
one self fully
figure out/gno the consequences
(short-term, mid-term, long-term )
of any action
before (not after, not during)
doing the action'

one is grateful for Divines candor! to recognize that one has never really, never fully applied one self to anything!
to learn that applying is opposite of lying! You break it down in the most sensical way!
You helP one see how essential it is to fully recognize that every action has consequences and that it is ones responsibility to gno what those consequences are BEFORE doing the action!
one has fallen over and over and over again into only seeing the consequences during or after! it is so generous of Divine to helP one see in such simPle terms the sheer stupidity of acting in such a way! the insanity that doing for the sake of doing is!
You Provide the only sensical and logical way of doing.
This is another beautiful examPle of what a suPerior being You are and it is really kind of Divine to guide the way for one to learn to see what one should or should not do BEFORE one does!
The focus and disciPline and foresight with which Divine navigates through life is imPeccable!
It is You who gnows how to apply oneself fully to the ultimate goal!
so grateful to have the chance in this life to bow down to the grace of Your Divinity. to learn to follow the PaTh to P!
i bow!

asha Pi arTi said...

❤ i bow ! Your words are the Real saving Grace !!

so kind of You to write this for referencing anytime one needs reminding of how to have real care and concern for oneself !!

everything was a lie before You P ❤ ❤

i bow !!

miragegirl said...

what an amazing great Plog !

one to always keeP in mind
to act restrained & always listen to higher & Divine

You teach us a suPerior way of being
a way that will helP us in ultimately getting out of the matrix
& leading a Proper life while we are here

You are always Proactive, years in advance
(& eons, smile)

You are intelligent & have 'shaped Your Phuture' the way You have wanted
You being so Pure in thought & intent & having untained ultimate Virtue in every Possible way
You are comPleTely Coherent
What a high class being You are !
it's a Joy to see someone like You
to see You Avatar Divine

i will Practice trying to aPPly myself fully to thoughts i think, decisions i make & acts i Peform so i ultimately reach a level of consciousness & PuriTy that will allow me to be with You
that is one fully cherished desire of mine
& i want it
& as soon as that can haPPen !!!

its an oPPorTuniTy that Your Plog gives me
so i can imProve
i am grateful to You for Your relentless comPassion
i wish to become relentless in Your Praise
its exhilarating, real Phun, joy n enjoy to be on the sPiriTual PaTh !
You helP us Phind Bliss
lovely Lord of the Multiverse, so ultimately sweet You are !
no wonder from ages PasT sol/sPiriTs have gottened entraced in Your Praise, truly so !!!

Vintish said...

I bow

PsingulariTy said...

You are the All gnoing One
You are P the Axis
You are The Real Highlander

Anonymous said...

i bow
Your overstanding of words and total embodiment and True aPplicaTion of them is amazing P!
Your comPleTe mastery is SO humbling!
Every Plog, every Philm, every sonic, everything You do is the most beautiful disPlay of Your comPleTe gnoing!
You are the only ONE on this Earth to learn from!
Your life is the most gorgeous examPle of ONE who has REALly aPplied their whole self!
You have achieved the ultimate goal!
the PerfecT PhracTal unfolding of the ONE who lives by Divines law with Divines gnowledge is the most PhascinaTing thing!
so grateful You came here to show the worlds how it's done!!!
the system here and the all the lost experts in it with all their nonsensical workshops and self help books are such a joke!
Your words are the only words to read!
You are the only ONE to turn to and bow to!
You are the only ONE who can be and should be treated with resPecT and taken seriously!
the biggest lie and scariest consequence one could imagine is pretending there are no consequences of ignoring YOU!
so grateful for the ways You helP one see the short, mid and long term consequences of right actions of DOing the DO!
of always Paying ProPer attention to You!
it is SO kind the ways You helP one collect oneself so one can aPPly oneself fully to DOing it!
You are the greatest Professor ever and SO much more! <3
You are above and beyond ones wildest dreams P!
so glad You are outside of every label or box or construct
Divine is simPly the best ;) in every way, shaPe and form! <3
i bow at Your beautiful PerfecT Lotus feet
You are the the Truth to hold on to and never let go!
i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow to 'gno the consequences of any action before doing the action' this has shamefully not been apparent to do before through presumptions or if attempted just became very perplexing ... so gratefull one can learn under You for the PhuTure . appreciate You clarifying all perplextions and making everything more simple ! i bow .

Unknown said...

End result of words and actions should be visualised before doing.

Anonymous said...

wow Your scriPTures are great. You are awesome! You are Phenomenal. You are great! You are awesomely great. You teach one how to be PracTical and in such an awesome way! You and Your words are incredible. You are beyond awesome. You bring the real uPrising through Your words, creative brilliance and clear PercePTion.
no one shows the way like You do. You are glorious.

sarah said...

it is so helPful how You reiterate the PoinT regarding actions having consequences.

ki vernee said...

You always give the best advice ! one should consider the consequences before ... not during or after doing an action ! what a world it would be if beings did this ! everything You teach any being can aPply ... i bow respectfully

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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veena iyengar said...

so true..

Anonymous said...

What an amazing revelation!

You are so kind to constantly remind one that actions have consequences.

one will always have to face the consequences of one's own actions.

i bow to you.🙇🙏

Anonymous said...

Actions will have its consequences.

nicolas said...

Wow this is so logical! This Plog takes one from the muggle world to the real world! This is magnificent!
You are so kind! i bow to you, all gnowing one