Monday 4 May 2015

the scales

this world

is a simple set of scales

on one scale is

7 billion people and 100 trillion things

on the other is

yours truly


one has to weigh properly


decide accordingly ...



Vintish said...

"one has to weigh properly


decide accordingly ...
just beautiful

Vintish said...

I bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !

You make it so effortless to weigh it out ... so many objective scientifically observant facts abt this world and You ❤ here beautifully laid out for one to learn !!

love the imagery it so clear and memorable !!!

so Beautiful how You simplify everything ... none of those 7 billion ppl or 100 trillion options are You so the decision is quite simple !!

i bow !!! ❤

Anonymous said...

i bow!
You are the very REAL, Powerful and intense living symbolism of Divine Justice.
it is overwhelming to envision the billions and trillions of people and things weighing against Divine! all of which Divine can do away with in an instant! Your words dePhiniTely PorTray how imPortanT it is to be on Divines side! You are the only ProPer decision!
i bow!

suki said...

the classic quality vs quantity conundrum, but with implications on a scale i can't wrap my head around.

it's almost too good to be true, to be informed that it is not my job to be a masochist and pay attention to lame, depressingly stupid things all the time. You are doing the sorting and the judging, and everyone else can pay attention to Your genius, or not...

You make things so easy and clear.

Shahid said...

Without the blink of an eye the decision is to go for the Lord.

Aapkey charan mein sharan di jiyay
MahaPrabhuji <3

miragegirl said...

You Divine lord are the one to Praise
only one for all to Praise

People have no understanding or rather chose not to have an understanding of who You are
You are the most imPorTant being in the Multiverse
How very consequential to ignore You !
& how also very consequential to chose You !

You have a sParkling golden body that shines energies unseen by eye & rejuvenates one

You are very sensitive to ones energies, both good & bad, You exhibit unlimited PaTience in PuTing us on the right track & so sweetly so

every steP You take, every gesture You make is changing energies around You, making them move, making them dance
How wonderful Your dance , Your Play with beings
You are a Playboy in more ways than one

just like Divine Durga’s glimPse can make an entity burn, similarly can Your gaze make an entity burn

when You walk, there are deities that are following You, unseen by us
when You are seated in bed looking at the world, they are bowing down & listening to You from the sky
they celebrate Your birthday more grandly than anyone on earth does, it is a real festival, real celebration for them
infact at Your command, they ride their chariots to any sPoT You choose & exhibit the immense grandeur, might, magic & majesticness of the Divine realm, also of them & most imPorTantly of You

so Phun, so wonderful, magical are You times & PasTimes here

if there was vegetarian food & i develoP inner strength enough, for next life i so hoPe to be in a Northern arctic region cutoff from civilization & just Praise You on & on ...
such is the state of my thoughts now, i understand the world better through Your Plogs & i would hate to be born back here, to be amongst People

lord, save me, Please be connected to me even when You are in a different realm
i will feel ProTected under Your wings
i hoPe that even after all the unhumbleness, my Praises of You & sincerity that i hoPe to show will reduce Your anger & make me eligible for Your generous comPassion

PsingulariTy said...

gravity is towards You
You are The golden sPiral to which everything gravitates
You are The golden radiant beautiful Phi NewSun
PT the Axis
the 6th element

Unknown said...

one does not want those 7 billion people and 100 trillion things... one only wants YOU and Your Divinity !!!! the former are the most boring unnatural twisted beings who are trapped in this hell themselves and You are the most triumphant, glorious, fascinating being who overstands it all !!! its clear which one will make one go higher- YOU !!! You are so compassionate to lay it out so clearly through the scale and give one the opportunity to develop some sense through Your Plogs !!! i bow

Unknown said...

Pure principles are always well calculated.

sarah said...

legendary PerspecTive !
the contrast could not be more stark !

Anonymous said...

legendary Plog
You are a true hero
You are the saviour
You are way more Powerful than all those 7 billion people altogether
they are really nothing in front of You
not one of those 7 billon people has Your intelligence, gnowledge or beauty
there's no one like You
You are the only One
You are really amazing
You are the rare One
You are the One who is true
You are the most beautiful and sacred being
i bow

ki vernee said...

simPle ... to the PoinT... and a very Powerful way at looking at things P ! its either 7 billion beings and everything else or You ! would choose You every time without hesitation ! this matrix offers nothing and You offer everything ! You are very kind and gracious to be here ! i bow respectfully ! i bow <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You are the most signiPhicanT so the decision is clear as day and obvious.

nicolas said...

BeauTiPhul words! so simple and so clarifying! i am so graTePhul for your presence on this PlaneT!
You are a Perfect bright light in this dark world
When one sees that light, one can only smile with relief
you are the real helP, the real avatar

i bow to you, all gnoing one

ankita said...

You are the most Precious beingness
Your enlightening words of wisdom are so Precious... on one scale is You ...and on the other scale are the ignorant many pretending to be happy or this or that... whatever their capabilities or skills, they don't make any sense if those beings a re living and doing things in ignorance

ankita said...

You are so beautiPhul and sParkling and above all the seven billion or so people so effortlessly ...You are the only One who gnos... most people here just have boring set of skills that help them get by in prison, which they do not use in service of higher and Divine to get out of the prison. Divine is from higher realms so logically Divine doesnt have any use of their skills here... Divine is just showing a way out to all the people everywhere in this trapped matrix kind of You to show the right way! You're all that matters ....what a wonderPhully cool Plog! You are so above it all!!! You are such an amazing Presence..You are the greatest and the best Presence.. it's the greatest good PhorTune to have come across You... You are the light and the truth... the giver of hoPe.. the real PosiTiviTy... You are so gnkwledable... You weigh tremendously more than all millions billions of beings here... and that's so clear! Your Presence is suPremely Precious
one bows