Wednesday 27 May 2015







Vintish said...


suki said...

You are so succinct !!!!!!!! the amount of thought and words on this subject is hard to overstate, but You do it better and more precisely in 3. Your intellect is unrivalled. in a world where the only difference between most females and precious's mom is degree of self/social restriction, Your supportiveness of femininity is so refreshing. You also have infinitely more feminine grace than all the creatures here put together. You are insPiring in every way.

Anonymous said...

i bow.
three very PoignanT words which bring one to ones knees. It is simPly amazing the way Divine is able to condense such Powerful Truth. Divine is the only One who is offering anything of real worth to females. Divine has scriPTed SO many beautiful and much needed Plogs for and about females. Here Divine offers such Profound and simple truth which can not be denied! Feminism and feminists are
void of femininity! one in the western feminist world doesnt even have a clue what femininity means we have become so far removed and masculine. it is shameful. one is grateful for Divine making one aware of the truths and guiding one to turn to real examples of feminity like mira.
i bow.

Vintish said...

I bow

miragegirl said...

feminism without femininity can not be

You have comPleTe gnowledge, only You can & does make us aware of all things True

PsingulariTy said...

You are HermaPhrodiTe

You are intensely Masculine
You are intensely feminine

Your charms are oh so wonderful !

Asha P said...

i bow ! You are so correct as always... stating the obvious like no one else does ! its absurd and shame inducing to have been doing such non Shakti Principle actions for so long ! i bow so gratefull for the chance to change !

Unknown said...

Words are treasure.

Unknown said...

:) You are ultimate!
You state it in 3 words! Your ParamounT PerspecTives are a must read for every one! So much done and fought for when the basic thing is missing!

I bow in gratitude for your ever enlightening and golden words.
I bow at your beautiful lotus feet.

sarah said...

only You can summarise such a pivotal movement for muggles in 3 words. You are a true master

ki vernee said...

wow ! very short yet to the PoinT and sPeaks so many levels ! You are so right ! there's nothing feminine about the feminism movement ! nothing gained but many things lost ! i bow <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So True!
Nowadays girls act so mannish which is so uncool.
They PuT so much effort to look and behave feminine when the truth is that no such effort is needed.

i bow.🙇🙏

nicolas said...

lol this is so true!! so short and yet so profound!
you are so great, your words are precious!

i bow to you, all gnoing one