Monday 25 May 2015

science to scientism


on this planet

has been reduced to

just another religion (scientism)

by its governing institutions ( fraudstitutions more-like )

everything they have shoved down

people's throat

in last 500 years

including -

who people are

what earth is

where it is

what universe is

what space is

what phorce is

what sun is

what stars are ...

is all based on


rather than any



ALL of it is of course FALSE

because the agenda is to keep people from asking

real questions

rather than answering their questions


in a ego-driven populace

which likes to go around like gno-ers

without gno-ing anything firsthand

its quite easy to

create/maintain a paradigm of LIES

and call it


its worse than the

'planet of the apes' scenario

only now a few are waking up

because of the

Presence of you-gno-who ...


Anonymous said...

i bow!
ones jaw has hit the floor with this Plog! such ePic words! words only the Avatar can sPeak!
Divines Plogs are real history in the making!
History which can not be changed by the institutions You have so aptly renamed for all the fraud they have been disseminating which You decimate with Your Powerful words! words which make ones heart rate increase with uncontrollable anticiPaTion and excitement! everything Divine does and says is more imPacTful than anyone can ever fully grasP!
Divine is the real scientist calling out 'ALL' that is 'FALSE'!
Divine is the One PoinTing out the agenda of lies fueled by egos!
Your final lines leave an air of such intense susPense!
more than any silly book or fake movie!
the very real Presence of you-gno-who can not be ignored!
Divine is the Phorce which can not be stoPPed!
the only oPTion is to Pay humble attention and bow down!
i bow!

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

There so call Scientism has not even power like divine. I bow. aeioum

Vintish said...

so call science teach students in schools, college & university, it's all nonsense and mind programming. Absolute nonsense activities.

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

muggledom scientism

suki said...

for someOne too PrisTine to have an ego, the lies are transparent. all the sheeple are at the mercy of their ego (and that's being polite, id rather), and their robot overlords. You are the liberator, the example of how to be. You are free, pure, logical, and circumspect. the AXIS effect is amazing too. You are a total miracle.

missmriggy said...

Amazing how much brainwashing there is in the name of science. Excellent Plog.
Real Science found in this Plog.

asha Pi arTi said...

You always exhibit such logical, objective honesty !! You show what real science = Vedic is !

so glad You write what You speak to us about, so that others out there can learn abt this too ...

its the most important gnowledge in the multiverse !!

i bow !!

asha Pi arTi said...

You're just so witty P ... 'fraudstitutions' ... love it !!!

miragegirl said...

All You show is real gnowledge
very glad that You are comPleTely shattering the buliding of lies

go on & on P ! we enjoy the show !

i do not gno who people are, who i am in fact !

i do not gno what earth is, i think of her as a PlaneT in PhysicaliTy
i gno she is very soft in her emotion, i had felt it before, only becasue of Your grace !
she suPPorTs us

i am not sure that earth revolves arouns Sun anymore

i do not gno where earth

i do not gnow what universe is or what sPace is (seems to be a force field of some sort)

what phorce is, i gno that it is You who has charge, its Perfect Coherence & FractaliTy related
although i can not comPrehend these attributes much)

Sun is a God, do not gno more than that

do not gno what stars are

You make one's view of the Multiverse more oPTimistic, its alive not just Physical !
all stars, sun, other PlaneTs, earth, they are all alive beings !

would like to gno more about the reality of Multiverse

will be waiting for You to tell it to us (if You think that would be helPful to us)

all Wictory to the 'All Gnoing One' !

PsingulariTy said...

You are P the Axis
The SaneT
the All Gnoing One

You are The Real Guru, The Real Scientist, The Real Astronomer, The Real Mathemagician... You are The Real everything

You are Divine
multifarious Your forms
multifaceted Your beautiful 'unlimited exalted qualities'

Unknown said...

The ones who are unaware, spread the unawareness.

sarah said...

You are so miraculously generous !!!
so wonderful to educate and wake people uP !!!

Unknown said...

Khud pe hi hassi aati hai!!!
It's shameful and frustrating one didn't/doesn't try enough to gnow!
But it's truly compassionate of you to write down your brilliant PerspecTives for the beings here!
And the ending is bang on! You are the all gnowing! You are the most coherent! You are the only Guru!
I bow in gratitude to your unbounded gnowledge and wisdom!
I bow at your beautiful compassionate lotus feet!

ki vernee said...

it is all because of You that beings even question anything at all ! when You entered this world thats when desperati's game was over ! no being can cry that they did not gnow ... because You are here showing them very openly what is truth and what is lies ! i bow respectfully !

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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NavdeeP said...

So true!!! Only through you O higher being!! I have started seeing how science is an another religion.

You have opened my eyes.

This has become a big religion all over the world. Which is forcing the beings just to cram every crap they told without even real pnowing.

Everything is theoratical nothing which shows the real amazing things which this whole universe is holding.

Even they have polluted the space with so called rocket and other things and they consider themselves as higher in society.

You are the true higher being who has the power to show how things work in this universe. I bow down my head into your lotus pheet.

Anonymous said...

What an Amazing Truth!👍

Your biting wit is simPly amusing.😀

i bow to you.🙇🙏

sarah said...

You make things so clear !!!
Your Presence lifts the veil of illusion and exPoses the truth !!!
You always deal with factual reality !!!

nicolas said...

Your words make the world! All the evolution on this planeT has been happening only because you are here! You are truly ePic! a real legend! No one can be like you are!

i bow to you, all gnoing one

ankita said...

You are the PuresT most beautiful 🙏