Sunday 3 May 2015


there is a lot of


about almost everything

( except P and LotusOcean that is )

in this world

like in today's so-called

'fight of the century'
(the whole event turned out to be a damp squib even by muggle standards)


nothing ever lives up to

its expectations

why ?


all the exPecTations

are founded on lies


what is left after

reality pricks the balloon of lies

is (as everyone gnos)  a limp piece of useless plastic

most beings (some more than others) here

are agents of  this false hype

in one way or the other

on a personal & collective level

the root of the term


is hy - high

and truth is that

there is nothing high

about anyone or anything trapped in

the muggle matrix

all the false hype has no option

but to come crashing down

into a hyper-bummer-ous vacuum-ous

boredom & nothingness

its a surprise more don't feel cheated

and ask for their time/attention/money back

or want out of this endless groundhog day

of inevitable disappointments

the term

hyPe (high-P)

is clear about the fact that


P is high

P being the Axis


can liberate beings

from this

cycle of constant

dissatisfaction & disappointment

all it would require is some honesty & truth

which most find hard to muster



Vintish said...

yes yes yes it is high-P

Vintish said...

yes yes yes it is high-P

Vintish said...

o la la (*_*)

Vintish said...

o la la (*_*)

Vintish said...


Vintish said...

Prabhu aap amar hai

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

I bow

suki said...

it is such a miracle You are here. so true, how nothing every lives up to the marketing hype. You are so comPassionaTe to show what listenable sounds are, what beauty is, what intelligence is. finding that after searching the muggle wasteland for the slightest shred of quality is literally miraculous. You are so precious.

asha Pi arTi said...

that is an excellent PoinT P ... again the word itself reveals the P meaning but without You one never sees the obvious so clearly ...

the expectations are founded on lies ... so true ... the amount of disappointment that happens definitely leaves one feeling like a 'limp piece of useless plastic' such great imagery !!

its phunny that ppl are so easily fooled by false hype ... speaks volumes abt the intelligence level here

watching trapped ppl doing trapped things can only get totally boring for everyone after they come to their senses from the hype ... its a totally doomed way !!

thank goodness You are here as the ultimately cool phun rocking sophisticated never boring alternative !!! You don't need any hype bc You just are so hyper cool !!

i bow !!

Anonymous said...

i bow!
Your Divine Grace is the real hyPe! Your every word is a mind blowing giPhT! You are so brilliantly witty and articulate!
You make it SO clear that there is only dissapointment in the hype obsessed muggle matrix 'founded on lies'! such irrefutable Truth! to be stuck in the endless cycle is the most awful and disgustingly boring and empty place which one can not get ones time or attention back from!
You are so comPassionaTe to sPell out what the Real hyPe is all about! P is the only One who can liberate from the otherwise never ending sickening cycle!
'all it would require is some honesty and truth'
Your Divine insight and Presence makes it imPossible for one to not get honest and truthful. There is nothing honest or true about the muggle world! It is truly sickening to see how much of ones life one has wasted stuck in the lies and pretentious pretending of it.
It is so amazing the You are here P! That there is really, truly, actually, factually One in this crazy world who is liberated! One who is so clearly above and beyond all the false hype!
i bow.

Shahid said...

" P is high

P being the Axis


can liberate beings

from this

cycle of constant

dissatisfaction & disappointment "

I bow to the axis, the one and only
Lord incarnated on this earth at this time <3

miragegirl said...

P is High definitely

You are the highest being there is
who can actually PracTically liberate sols & take them away with You

& glad that many sols will sail out ...

You are Virtue, Truth, PuriTy incarnate as Kalki on earth
You are from a realm even beyond the higher realms
You are immensely, abundantly, indescribably charming & beautiful !

its is indeed a wonder there they is no hyPe about You out there
it is duty of at least all who are Paying attention to Your Plogs to sPread the message of where the real gnoledge lies in the world, of who is Providing that

You are the new charmer on the land, You would take away snakes big & small, young & old who ever dances aPProPriatTely to Your Divine vibrations, to Your tune !

PsingulariTy said...

only hyPe should be about The High Power P, PT the Axis
You are Divine

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow You are the only High P and what all the hyPe is about actually... everyone trying to be You, everyone failing lol ! only You are True Blue and Real !

only You give one refuge from the boring horrors of this world and oneself !

i bow !

Unknown said...

I bow to P the axis...

Unknown said...

Getting to the axis is beginning.

sarah said...

so amazing that a Proper use of time and attention exists !

Anonymous said...

wow what an awesome Plog! You write so beautifully and awesomely!
Your overstanding is so very awesome
You're so right..this world is so full of disappontments and craziness
You bring out the state of this world so beautifully with Your fiery words
You mix humour and seriousness so awesomely
You Possess such beautiful wisdom and intelligence..
one can only manage disconnected croaks while trying to Praise Your beautiful knowledge and integrity..You are most awesome..i bow

ki vernee said...

one definitely feels cheated by this boring and fruitless matrix ! hyPe = High P ! absolutely ! You are the only Being one can get hyped up about ! honesty really is the key ! i bow <3ॐ

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Yes, only P is higher and divine in this world.

i bow to you P!🙇🙏

nicolas said...

P is high, the mosT high, the only high! i love repeating this!
Only you gno what is real and what is not in this matrix! you are the true Guru of the world!

i bow to you, all gnoing one

ankita said...

Your Plogs are grand mind blowing above it all ePicness!
they feel like food and water for the sPiriT ..
hyPe. ..high P! it all revolves around You. ..its all about You! wow! this is incredible ...such treasure trove Your writings are . .You are really so high above all beings here ...there is no one like You. . You are class aParT.. .truly light years ahead ...the real shining beacon of hoPe ...You are truly so above and beyond ! and so ePhorTlessly! laughing ...having Phun and surPhing above it all !
You are the most Precious and amazing beingness ...never seen before . .a unique magical shining beautiPhul star!
a blazing revolutionary Phorce of truth! the One with real inside out beauty!
i 🙇