Thursday 14 May 2015


its P's observation


people of this world


people of effort


people who simply align with the Phorce

which is an

effortless natural process

the effort

it is taking to ignore P (Phorce)

is increasing with each passing



the strain is tremendous


all rubberbands do snap

after a PoinT


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

i bow!
Divines PerspecTive is Paradigm shifting!
You are the suPreme examPle of the One who is effortless and natural! comPleTely aligned with the Phorce at all times!
You are the Phorce!
You make it clear how natural it is to align with P!
one dePhiniTely does not want to be a Person of this world, constantly making efforts to waste ones time, life and energy on pointless and meaningless distractions! ob, money, relationships, self, etc etc etc... all things that only keep one stuck in never ending hell and lead on to snap!
what Powerful and visceral words You share! A life without P is a life of insanity!

'the effort
it is taking to ignore P (Phorce)
is increasing with each passing
the strain is tremendous
all rubberbands do snap

after a PoinT'

You are so gracious to Provide one the opportunity to bow rather than snap! to guide one to surrender and rejoice! to align with Divine!

i bow to the One who can not be ignored!

Vintish said...

I bow

Vintish said...

I bow

suki said...

You make the most compelling, ProvocaTive, PoinTs ! great analogy as well, every rubber band has a breaking PoinT. You have such straight-forward observations. You are so hilarious and cool !

Shahid said...

Plog is pure divine nectar.
Jai Sri Narayan <3

asha Pi arTi said...

very awesome PerspecTive P ... You make the best observations !

having undergone a few of these snappings myself it is easy to agree that the herculean efforts to be a muggle take much more effort than aligning with You, and You are so kind to repeatedly proove it in all ways !

i bow !

missmriggy said...

Excellent Plog. So to the point.

miragegirl said...

Praising You Divine is the most effortless thing
as You are so beautiful !

You are rocking & charming & brilliant !
You are True Guru, the PaTriarch, the 'All Gnoing One'
Your qualities & arttributes are unlimited & Pure
You are the multiversal connection from earth to higher realms

You are the best !

PsingulariTy said...

You are The Enlightened One
the All Gnoing One

so sweet You are
PeoPle can't keeP ignoring for long. good to gno.

You are Divine
You are absolute Power

sarah said...

such an imPortanT PerspecTive on what actually takes more effort. only Your logic is clear, only You can guide the way out of hell and towards naturality.

Unknown said...

Moving higher is effortless.

sarah said...

this is such an accurate descriPTion of what ignoring You is like

Unknown said...

:) Your writings are crisp and punchy!
"all rubberbands do snap
after a PoinT"
You are ultimately witty! And after coming across you anyone can't simply ignore you, it indeed takes huge efforts to ignore the only one!
I bow! I bow at your supreme feet!

ki vernee said...

it is so reassuring to gnow that connecting with the Phorce is not some strenuous thing ! takes more effort to live in this matrix ... lol beings have been handed the wrong deal ! You are so PosiTive ! i bow respectfully

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Your TruthPhull PersPecTives are simPly so insPiring, amazing, and PoTent.

You awaken one so effortlessly.

i myself have exPerienced the snaPPing after deliberately ignoring you, then feeling regretPhull which led to snapping. Thankyou so much for forgiving me so effortlessly.
i am sorry again for all my nonsensical acts.

You are the kindest and the most comPassionaTe of all gods and sages.

i bow to you.🙏🙇

sarah said...

wow ! so great to learn how to make less effort and get far better results ! You are the suPreme Being, and ignoring that is a herculean effort.

nicolas said...

Your PerspecTive is divine! i love this ! you are the real Phorce! No one should ignore your presence on this PlaneT

i bow to you, all gnoing one

sarah said...

You effortlessly command all attention.
You are infinitely caPTivating !

ankita said...

yes so much effort is put into competitive intentions , intentions to gain things here one earth and call it succes and then gloat about it ...all this effort to go deeper into the world of mental physical hell ...a world of jealousy comparision greed's all a loss and no gain here !
Your words of wisdom are the most soothing amrut ...You are so gnowledgable kind of You to helP beings out of the frustration that comes from ignorance ...ignorance is never bliss ! You are so enlightening !
all this effort to create more pain for ones own self amd all because of ignorance !
You are so eye oPening
You are real
You are the best
You are amazingly clariPhying 🙏
You are a beautiPhul soul 🙏
one bows

ankita said...

You sPeak such beautiful words of wisdom
one bows

Gita said...

You make evolution so easy & simple, Your ways are always the Best!
so Grateful that You are here, You are a True Savior!