Wednesday 5 December 2012

show off ?


people are calling

yours truly

a showoff

the reality however

is simple as always

they simply dont have anything to show


the same old bad attitude

which has kept them

crawling on earth plane

& hells

comes up again -


instead of getting happy about

someone on this plane who can

walk the walk


follow them


squirm in jealousy

benefit ?


but goal-less beings

do not care

they are ready for deeper hells ...



Vintish said...

Pure - wisdom !!! I bow ;)

Vintish said...

I bow !!!

Vintish said...

Beautiful wording / sizzling ~ very factal ~ I bow !!!

missmriggy said...

You are the most humble person on the planet, your qualities can never be praised enough, they are outstanding.. There should be documentaries of you, major motion film pictures of you.. You are the only person who deserves to show off. Many others however should stay hidden away behind closed doors.

miragegirl said...

showoff nahi, show of One hai

Aap sache Highlander hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

Profound & Powerful words !

You expose the lowly attitudes of the goaless in all their absurdity. what an age in which we live where Divine incarnate is accused of being a show off !!!

Your retort is brilliant and highly educational ! You understand the functionings of beings so well, so great how You pinpoint the exact origins of these types of negative attitudes -how it lies in jealousy and goalessness !

am very pleased to be part of the prestigious club that actually gets happy to behold all the wonderous & amazing & magical sights that are what encompass PT's world !

You are great P ! and the only One with anything to "show" ! with You the show is truly 'on' not 'off' !

I Bow !

miragegirl said...

sundar chitr hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

Asha said...

if You show Your life as it is ... without any falsehood ... which is exactly what LotusOcean does, that's not showing off :) that's sharing, and only scrooges are not happy about Beautifulness and real joy and purity and all other good things !!

why would we not show what You are about ?!? its real and its happening and ppl who deal with that and wish to applaud You instead of hiding behind negativity ... that's honest, besides its a superphun fact to face !!!

i bow !

Asha said...

which 'show off' turns down million dollar offers from the music industry bc You don't compromise the way You do things and what You have to say !?!?!

its infuriating what ppl say bc they have no idea about You !! they just make fools of themselves.

You are not doing things for the limelight, but to show what is actually going on this PlaneT ... what it is for & why we are here... what all is possible thru the right actions !!

so glad You are here P ! Your like the real news medium, no beating around the bush just proper facts truth and pure principles !

i bow !

Anonymous said...

You show what real wisdom is and how Profound it can be
You are the Point of no return
i bow

Unknown said...

i bow

Anonymous said...

so awesome of You to share Your beauty and knowledge with the people of this world..You do everything with so much style..You are so beautifully PraiseworThy and so very interesting and PhascinaTing..You are so unique and amazingly knowledgeable..You are One who has real beauty and knowledge to share..people are so dumb and used to low vibration crap that You have to help them to Praise You by revealing who You are..You are so considerate..You are such a beautiful soul..You are such a blossoming of a being..You are like the blossoming of a lotus awesome and wonderful of You to share Your beautiful wholistic life with the world..You are so unique and wonderful..i bow

ki vernee said...

You have so much to show off ! phunny that muggles say You are showing off but You are just being Yourself ! finally someone who walks the walk ! You are really a Savior! i bow

ki vernee said...

You are so Pure and righteous ! that makes so much sense ... beings have nothing to show off ! i bow 🙏💛🕉

Anonymous said...

So True. i bow to the divine.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

wow so beautiphull! you are the coolest of all! no one is more real than you are! you are purity

i bow to you supreme lord

ardral said...

wow !! you give so much clarity to everything ! they dont have anything to show rather than the bad attitude which keePs them trapped ! that is an awesome PoinT ! you have an ability to deciPher everything! i bow (/\) (/\) (/\)