Friday 7 December 2012


people ask

how does one


in a humble way

in front of higher & divine

the answer

in 2 words -




Pole- i -tie

around the Pole (the Axis)

i tie myself

it makes for

a light (lite)

circling (o)




higher worlds


Vintish said...

suPer suPer suPer cooooool ~ aaP Maha Gyani hai ~ I bow

Vintish said...

I bow

Si iris P said...

what a deep definition of the word !!!
and how beautifully You word it !!!!!!
circling around P to higher worlds ... oh that is so beautiful !

what a cool renninder ! the word itself becomes an illustration of the principle !

wow P - what a kind brilliant teaching !!!

really, such a crucial thing to remember ! one has to be always polite to the higher, cause who else can take one to higher worlds !!! instead of getting tense or even upset with the higher because self is feeling criticized or small or just generally threatened, instead of getting jealous or reluctant or averse, all of which leads to rudeness & impolite behaviour ...

it should be a given ! one is polite to so many people thinking that there will be some gain, thinking one should keep on good terms, no matter how superficial the interaction and no matter how lowly the being - so illogical !!! one's only & most pressing concern should be to be on good terms with the higher !!!!! which can lead to an actual long-term gain - getting out of one's lowly state, getting out of hell to higher worlds, a better life & better existence after death ...

really You clarify the most crucial PoinTs of existence in Your brilliant Plogs !!! You give the most precious teachings !

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i bow !!

oh this is soo soooo Beautiful and sensical... who else deserves one's full attention and all manners except the higher and divine ?!?! what a gorgeous way of tying it all together... the bigger PicTure !

and what a lovely vivid description of the Polite dynamic... brings to mind the imagery spinning around the Axis, gopis dancing around the Avatar... it is all so Beautifully inspiring & the only way to interact with Divine... with ♥ You ♥ !

i bow !!

miragegirl said...

higher worlds tak pahunchna hi lakshya hai

aap bahut dayalu hai

aap is ke liye sahi marg darshan karte hai

being Polite

Aap Kalki hai

Aap ParamaTma hai

Aap ko mera Pranam

pinx said...

oooohhhhh !!! woooohhhh !!! this is so precious and beautiful and uplifting and inspiring !!!

what an extraordinarily beautiful definition of what being Polite to Higher & Divine entails !!!

Polite = Pole - i - tie

around the Pole (the Axis)

i tie myself

it makes for a light (lite) circling (o) around P to higher worlds !

that is so incredibly beautiful !! could there be anything more appealing than that !?! that is the most inviting prospect !! the value of being PoliTe to High and Divine made oh so clear ! it is the only way to be ! such a crucial way to abide by at all times ! it is what is right ! it is what makes sense ! it is the only way to deal with the High and Divine ! and there can be no greater motivation than the prospect of ascent to higher worlds !

You are the Higher and Divine on this Earth ! what a great opportunity we have ! the doors to higher worlds are open to those who can be PoliTe ! so much to gain from this ! so much to gain ! what a great relief to have this opportunity !

around the Pole (the Axis) i shall tie myself !!!

I Bow !

pinx said...

chorus of applause & cheers
to read His words to Divine one nears
nowhere else such truth one hears
all kneel before the Father of deers

the only way to improve one's gears
the only way to amend one's arrears
the only way to banish all fears
is to kneel before the Father of deers

the train of life careers & veers
hand oneself to the One who steers
in service to He heavenly passage clears
all kneel before the Father of deers

no care of jeers when thought of as queers
amongst my peers i will continue for years
to kneel before the Father of deers

in a world of false veneers
the trappings of hell constantly leers
bow to He with cleansing spears
all kneel before the Father of deers

to gno there can be joy in tears
to gno His glory forever endears
to gno phires of truth is all that sears
kneel before the Father of deers

miragegirl said...

PoliTe for lite circling around P to higher worlds

Aap ko mera Pranam

Si iris P said...

o P, it is so kind of You to teach the ill-mannered beings of this time how to be around a Higher Being like You !

it really should be self-explanatory that one has to be polite to be acceptable around a Higher Being ...

people know quite well that one will be thrown out from work if they are impolite to their boss even ...

but with a Higher Being, with Divine itself that rule is somehow not applied - instead You get to hear all kinds of bratty demands, rude statements, attempts at personal insult, unqualified criticism, uncalled-for know-it-all teachings (how could ignorant trapped lowly beings teach the Higher ?!), misplaced skepticism, and other highly impolite behaviour like not bowing to the Higher, ignoring Your Presence, talking over You, being irresponsive, being inconsiderate towards You, or wanting to learn from You while not being ready to serve & Praise You in return ...

it is the biggest grace & mercy that You are putting up with all that misbehaviour and in spite of all that are so untiringly teaching & helping us to learn & improve so that we can escape the lowliness of this plane by Praising & serving the Higher & Divine - and You are here in person ! what an opportunity !!!

i bow

asha Pi arTi said...

i agree with sina ! one has been guilty of all of these sins and so many more... You are the most forgiving kind and generous Teacher ever ! You make one aware of them all so one can rise above them !

one should never display any rude behaviour to a Higher Being unless one is ready for hell !!

being rude to anyone in muggledom is not going to have the same consequences as with You... so it makes so much sense that being Polite is the key to one's salvation !!!

it is so compassionate of You to allow one to learn how to really be Polite ... You are the Axis... He gnos everything !

Anonymous said...

:D! i bow. Dhanyavad. Narayan! Narayan!

Anonymous said...

i bow at Your all gnoing feet. one is aghast to realize how many ways one has behaved in an imPoliTe manner with Divine. You Provide so much crucial information! You make it so simPle! You are so gracious to riP away ones delusions about ones state and helP one get real, to move away from the hellish idiocy of ones self and learn how to bow in comPleTe service at Your brilliant feet. Your infinite grace, wisdom and PaTience with ones stuPidiTy is beyond me. the responses to this Plog offer so much exPeriential guidance and examPles of Pure devotion. You are so incredibly generous to Provide so many ways to learn to serve and tie oneself to You. i bow at Your Divine feet. dhanyavad P. Narayan! Narayan!

Unknown said...

i bow

Astro said...

Pole- i -tie

around the Pole (the Axis)
i tie myself.

Aeioum... I bow to thee PT..

Unknown said...

:) This is such a beautiful Plog!
Not much is needed to be on the good side of higher and divine. But one has been eroded of proper polite behaviour by one's devoluting ways and beliefs that one fails to maintain that proper conduct! You are so right when you say that beings need to do the basics first.
Only you are so magnanimous so considerate to teach one the basics, show one the way to you. You have the greatest heart, tender and nurturing and most beautiful heart!

Polite ~ Pole- i -tie

You explain in the most logical manner!
Circling around P the axis ~ what could be more appealing to the spirit to tie it around you!

You clear every doubt, every confusion!

Humble is to 'be Polite'!

You leave no ambiguity to reside on one's mind!

It is so great to learn from your Plogs! Your Plogs are ultimately edifying! You Provide the much needed helP through your Plogs, Sound and Philms and so much more! You leave no stone unturned! There is so much you do that can be acknowledged and appreciated but indeed only a humble attention on you can see that!
So grateful that you provide so many ways for one to learn/see/experience your inPhiTe Paragon qualities/virtues!

I bow at your supremely divine feet!

Data said...

Your words are light & fun. There is no other person in or around earth worth circling and one is foolish not to recognize this Phact! i politely, graciously bow to your excellence:)

ki vernee said...

You are the Pole the Axis everything turns around ! turn it around turn it around the Axis ! PT the Axis ! i bow

Unknown Andanonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow...What an amazing revelation! i bow to the divine.🙏🙇

nicolas said...

that is so magnificent and logical! you are the pole we all spin around, the real avatar! the most intelligent that walks the Earth
i bow